I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses

Chapter 1584 - 1584 Double Update, Hu Liaoxun's Crisis!

Chapter 1584 – 1584 Double Update, Hu Liaoxun’s Crisis!

1584 Double Update, Hu Liaoxun’s Crisis!

In the laboratory…

Everyone was still lying on the table dejectedly.

The voice at the door sounded coldly. “You’re like this in class. How can you do scientific research with such an attitude?”

Hearing this…

Gao Lixin and the others’ eyes lit up. When they saw Qu Huai’en walk into the laboratory with a serious expression, they became agitated.

Gao Lixin was incoherent. “Director Qu??”

Director Qu actually came to teach them?!

Qu Huai’en only calmly glanced at these Yun University students. “Stop talking nonsense. Let’s start class.”

Everyone immediately became excited. They suppressed their surging emotions and listened attentively to Qu Huai’en’s lecture.


This was just as Qu Huai’en had expected. The students of Yun University were far from having a better foundation than the students of Continent K. After half a lesson, almost all of them looked troubled.

Qu Huai’en sighed inwardly.

It was a pity that he even prepared for class this time.

“Pei’er, do you understand? What was Teacher talking about just now?”

Xu Xianing pushed Pei Yunge, who was half asleep beside her, and her tone was suppressed and gentle.

Pei Yunge glanced at her and sighed as well. She rubbed the space between her eyebrows with her palm.

Pei Yunge approached Xu Xianing and flipped open the materials from before. She lowered her voice and said hoarsely, “What I just said was the content of the materials I gave you.”

“Try to memorize this academic argument method and content and extend it to other projects in the experiment center.”

Hearing this, Xu Xianing flipped through the materials Pei Yunge had given her doubtfully.

However, not long after, Xu Xianing was also a little shocked. Why did she feel that this content seemed to be more detailed than Qu Huai’en’s…

Her eyes widened in disbelief. “Damn, so you’re not bragging to me?”

Pei Yunge was speechless.

Pei Yunge pretended to take the materials back expressionlessly, but Xu Xianing protected her tightly, as if she had obtained a treasure.

Xu Xianing smiled cheekily. “You’re wrong, Master Pei.”

After a while…

After Xu Xianing’s secret reminder, everyone opened Pei Yunge’s photocopied materials suspiciously.

Not long after, their muddled minds were finally drawn to the content of the materials.

Although this material could not allow them to fully understand these difficult knowledge, it helped them greatly to keep up with the rhythm of this class.

On the stage, Qu Huai’en also realized that these students, who were originally frowning and silent, seemed to have suddenly become energetic.

Xu Xianing and Gao Lixin were considered top-notch in Yun Cheng when it came to absorbing knowledge. They could even ask some valuable questions from time to time.

This surprised Qu Huai’en.

After the afternoon class ended.

Qu Huai’en was already prepared to leave.

The other students were silent, but Xu Xianing had always been bold. She asked directly, “Teacher, aren’t you going to assign us a mission?”

Qu Huai’en glanced at Xu Xianing and raised his eyebrows. “Your standards can’t meet my mission requirements.”

Xu Xianing pursed her lips. “You guys are looking down on our Yun University’s students, right?”

As soon as she said this, the others became nervous. They didn’t expect Xu Xianing to be so bold at the critical moment.

They were even more worried that Xu Xianing would be thrown out.

However, Qu Huai’en looked at the young girl in front of him who was barged in with her emotions and snorted. “She’s not capable, but her temper is really bad.”

Xu Xianing’s eyes were bright. “Teacher Qu, you can only see my level in an afternoon. You can’t see my ability and potential.”

Pei Yunge, who had not moved at all and had almost no presence, suddenly stopped lying on the table.

She lazily supported her chin with one hand and the corners of her lips seemed to curl into a faint smile.

Qu Huai’en was not in a hurry to leave. “The key laboratory members of the experiment center can complete a project alone as long as I teach for a week.

“However, I don’t have that much time to teach you guys. I can only teach you guys along for three days. The rest of the time, you can digest the materials yourself. If you guys are willing, I can continue to bring you guys along. However, in a week, the value of your project will exceed that of ordinary experimental classes.

How is it? Can you accept it?”

Qu Huai’en was undoubtedly giving the students of Yun University a difficult problem.

How could the knowledge gap exceed that of ordinary laboratories with just three days of lessons?

Xu Xianing said, “Sure.”

Xu Xianing turned around and asked everyone, “Do we have a problem?”

Gao Li Xin also stood up, his gaze resolute. “No, I agree.”

Chen Bin: “I agree too!”

“Me too!”

The youths of their age were reckless, but they never lacked the courage to risk it all.

[fuzzy]Qu Huai’en was stunned for a moment before he chuckled. “Aren’t you afraid? But I have to remind you that in the past years, there were more than 40,000 people who interviewed for our experimental center. In the end, only three people could successfully enter an ordinary laboratory.”

Even the ordinary laboratory in the experiment center was an existence that most people could only dream of.

Xu Xianing shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. Everyone can do whatever they want.”

Qu Huai’en looked at Xu Xianing for a long time before turning to leave.

He only said, “Tomorrow at seven. Don’t let me see anyone who’s late.”

The laboratory was silent for a long time.

Xu Xianing turned around and realized that the others were looking at her. She couldn’t help but feel strange. “What are you looking at me for?”

Gao Lixin could not help but sigh. “My Sister Xu is amazing.”

If Xu Xianing hadn’t spoken, they might still be hesitating.

Although this seemed like an impossible mission, it didn’t matter. It would be embarrassing to admit defeat without trying.

Xu Xianing sat back down and leaned closer to a certain someone, asking uneasily, “Pei Yunge, you’ll be coming to class these few days, right?”

Pei Yunge supported her head with one hand and looked at her for a while. She only reached out to brush Xu Xianing’s hair and said with a casual smile.

“If I don’t go, how can we watch our Sister Xu change her fate?”

Xu Xianing felt the other party’s focused gaze and inexplicably felt her face heat up.



Why was Pei Yunge suddenly so gentle and serious?!

Xu Xianing instantly bounced away. She stammered and was extremely arrogant. “I-I don’t need you to say that.”

In the laboratory…

Hickson pushed the door open and entered. He asked excitedly and loudly, “Old Qu, which one of them in Yun University hacked into our system?”

Qu Huai’en’s ears hurt from Hickson’s noise. “Can you keep your voice down? Be like me. Be elegant.”

Hickson snatched Qu Huai’en’s preparation materials, but he still couldn’t control his emotions. “Hurry up and tell me!”

Hickson had not encountered anyone who could hack his system in Continent K for so many years.

Moreover, it was actually a student?!

Wasn’t this shocking??

Hickson suddenly thought of something. “You’re not messing with me, are you, Qu Huai’en?”

Qu Huai’en chuckled. “In order to fool you, I changed the backend information so that I can teach a few more free classes?”

Hickson looked at the preparation materials in his hand and frowned. “Why are you so serious? No one will blame you.”

Qu Huai’en snatched the lesson preparation materials away. “I met a girl with the same temper as me. I think she’s still pleasing to the eye. I’m prepared to see her ability to withstand pressure.”

“Who knows, I might even have an heir.”

Hickson seemed to have caught on a piece of gossip and couldn’t suppress his excitement. “Really, Old Qu? You already have a potential heir, Hu Liaoxun. Two tigers can’t share one mountain.”

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