I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: My Heart Is Too Tired

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Song Ci smiled and said calmly, “I might be getting married soon…”


“Getting married?”

“Of course, you have a say in this matter. If you disagree, I won’t marry him.”

Getting married to Lu Gan was the solution to a disaster. However, Song Yujin could also determine her fate.

Song Ci tried to persuade Song Yujin to nod.

“I’m not young anymore. It’s about time I get married…”

“You’re only 23!”

“Yes, I should get married!”


Song Ci raised the corner of her lips and smiled awkwardly but politely. She continued to coax the little boy.

 “The person I’m marrying is not bad.”

Although the book mentioned that Lu Gan was unpredictable and temperamental, he was still well-educated. As long as he did not perform acts of violence, then everything else was acceptable for Song Ci.

“He also has a child who is about the same age as you. The two of you can play together.”

When Song Yujin heard this, he became a little interested.

“He has a child too?”

“Yeah, he’s a boy as well and he’s a little… Fierce!”

Song Yujin was puzzled.


Indeed, he was fierce. In fact, he was extremely fierce!

The original Song Ci had humiliated Lu Gan more than once but still, Lu Suo’s revenge was too much! He went out of his way to find a group of vagrants to kill her!

Lu Suo even wanted the original Song Ci’s family and friends to watch her suffer!

It was also broadcasted live!

How could someone go this far?

Compared to him, Song Yujin was basically an angel.

“I heard that he’s quite fierce and has a bad temper, but don’t worry. If he dares to bully you, I’ll get his father to teach him a lesson. In any case, I won’t let you suffer.”

Song Yujin did not believe that a child could be so fierce, nor did he trust Song Ci to defend him. So, today’s meal was basically his last?

Anyway, Song Ci nodded firmly.

“Yujin, you have to trust your sister.”

Song Yujin raised his eyebrows. He thought to himself, ‘Do you think you’re worthy of my trust?’

Song Ci raised her hand to wipe his little face and asked with uncertainty, “So, will you give me your blessings?”

In such a situation, it would be normal for Song Yujin to be unwilling. To begin with, his relationship with the original Song Ci was not good. If she were to get married and the other party’s child was dreadful, he would definitely be reluctant. As Song Ci thought about this, Song Yujin suddenly spoke in a calm voice.

“I don’t mind.”

Song Ci was really surprised.


Song Yujin nodded.

Song Ci was overjoyed. She hugged the little boy and started kissing his face.

“Yujin, you’re too kind. You’re the most considerate little brother in this world!”

Song Yujin tried to avoid her with all his might but to no avail. He was helpless as Song Ci hugged and kissed him. After that, Song Yujin felt that he was not clean anymore. The germs were stuck to him!

Nonetheless, he did not really care. They would be separated in the future, so whoever Song Ci married was of no concern to him. He would only stay with her for a while. Once he grew up, he would leave.

If he went out now, he would just be kidnapped. After all, he was still a child. Song Ci was the only option because he was slightly familiar with her.

In fact, he was astonished that someone was willing to marry Song Ci. Was it because she was good-looking? Her looks were all she had.

Since Song Yujin had no objections, Song Ci finally felt relaxed. She promised him, “Even if I’m married, you’re still the most important person to me. I will definitely take care of you.”

Song Yujin nodded once again apathetically.

Of course, Song Ci was aware that she would not be able to change Song Yujin’s perspective of her within half a day. The damage “Song Ci” had caused was immense.

Therefore, she was not in a hurry. She could slowly change Song Yujin’s mind and avoid ending up in the mental hospital.

After dinner, Song Ci watched as Song Yujin washed up and obediently went to bed. She could not help but sigh. This little boy was really mature. She had never raised a child before, but she knew children of his age were not so sensible.

Song Ci began thinking to herself for a moment. Since she was not going to take a bath, she might as well spend her time another way!

She said to Song Yujin, “I’ll tell bedtime stories and sleep with you tonight.”


The little boy was greatly shocked!

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