I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Go Take a Bath

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Song Ci looked at Lu Gan with a shocked expression. She cursed him in her head for being such a beast!

There had to be a reason why Lu Suo was so perverted. Lu Gan influenced him!

Have a deep conversation in bed? Learn more about each other? Who could say such things without any intentions to a beautiful girl?

Lu Gan smiled upon seeing the shock on Song Ci’s face.

“Didn’t you have a crush on me? I’ve invited you to explore my body, but why do you look unhappy?”

Song Ci slowly revealed a smile. She tried really hard to suppress her stiffness.

“Unhappy? I’m thrilled, but…”

As Song Ci spoke, she looked at the space between Lu Gan’s legs.

“Can this thing of yours still stand up?”

Lu Gan gritted his teeth and looked at her.

“Can it still stand up? Why don’t you give it a try?”

Song Ci could not believe what she was hearing. After the car accident, both of his legs were crippled. There was no way that little piece of meat survived.

None of this made sense.

Of course, Song Ci dared not utter her thoughts out loud.

“There’s no need to try. I believe you,” said Song Ci as she nodded her head firmly.

At this moment, she would do anything to get out of this situation!

Song Ci was still young. She did not want to end up as a miserable little villain, but she did not want to lose her virginity either!

Upon hearing her words, Lu Gan raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Really? So now you believe me.”

“I’ve always believed in you!”

Song Ci held the man’s hand while displaying a sincere expression.

Lu Gan looked at her mockingly and asked, “Even if I’m a cripple?”

Song Ci replied, “I love you. As long as it’s you, I don’t mind.”

“Aren’t I the toad that wants to eat swan meat?” said Lu Gan

Song Ci refuted, “That’s a metaphor for myself. I’ve always looked up to you.”

Lu Gan asked again, “Aren’t I shameless?”


Did he really have to repeat everything the original Song Ci had said?

Song Ci said with tears in her eyes, “I was still referring to myself. I’m shameless because I have a crush on you.”

“Shouldn’t I take a good look…”

However, before Lu Gan could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Song Ci.

“It’s me. Everything I’ve said was referring to myself. Don’t repeat them anymore. These are all my humble and deep feelings for you, an uncontrollable crush. I often chastise myself like this. Yet, I still could not help but continue loving you. These feelings have stayed intact throughout my entire youth. Now that I finally have a chance to be with you, my emotions went haywire. That’s why I went a little crazy for a moment. You have no idea how deep my love is for you…”

After Song Ci finished speaking, she silently lowered her head. It looked as if she was unable to suppress her sorrow.

Lu Gan felt that she was distorting the truth. There was nothing more than that, right? She was just acting!

“I’m really touched,” said Lu Gan as he sighed. “I never thought that someone would love me so much. Since that’s the case, I no longer have any hesitations. Go and take a shower in the guest room next door. I’ll come later.”

Song Ci was confused.

Take a shower? She had already showered before she came here. In fact, she did not want to take a shower at all!

Lu Gan looked at the confusion in her eyes and smiled slightly.

“Go ahead. It’s better this way. Maintaining hygiene is important when it comes to intimacy.”

Song Ci was frightened, but she dared not show it on the outside. She could only look at Lu Gan’s legs.

“Unwilling? Didn’t you love me so much that you lost control of your emotions? I thought you would be impatient.”

Lu Gan smiled meaningfully.


“Were you merely lying to me?”

Lu Gan raised his eyebrows and waited for Song Ci’s answer.

“Of course not! I just did not expect to experience such happiness so suddenly. I… I was too excited. For a moment, I could not believe it. Do you know how long I’ve waited for this day? I even saved my virginity for you.”

Song Ci made a prompt decision. Then, she shook Lu Gan’s hand with all her might and pretended to be excited as she walked toward the door.

It was just a s*x scene. Song Ci could handle it!

A good actress would never be afraid of any challenge!

There was always a first time for everything. It was no big deal. Compared to her life, this was nothing.

Lu Gan watched as Song Ci left the room in excitement. He was a little uncertain. No one could really act to such an extent, right? Did she really want to test her limits with him? Based on his current condition, she had to move him all by herself! What was she after?

Did she not mind it?

How could she endure such humiliation?

Lu Gan was pondering when he heard a knock on the door. Song Ci poked her head in from outside. The long-haired beauty had a shy expression on her face.

“Umm… can I borrow your clothes? I don’t have any.”


Lu Gan had a headache. Suddenly, his phone on the table rang.

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