I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Doesn’t Want to See You at All

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Lu Suo would never allow such a thing to happen. It was rare for his father to get up late. He definitely should sleep a little longer. No one was permitted to disturb him.

That was the reason Lu Suo took the initiative to push open Song Yujin’s door.

Song Yujin had a sensitive nature. Furthermore, he was in someone else’s territory, so it felt a little awkward to get food for himself. He was afraid of causing unnecessary trouble.

He was reading when he heard the sound of a door opening. A small head popped out and asked sweetly, “Little uncle, do you want to eat breakfast together?”

Song Yujin looked at Lu Suo and recalled what Song Ci told him last night. He could not help but feel a little sorry for him. Hence, he did not refuse and nodded.

“Thank you.”

Lu Suo immediately smiled and his beautiful eyes curved slightly.

“I’ll bring you to the dining room.”

Song Yujin stood up and followed him.

As they walked side by side, Lu Suo said in a light tone, “Dad and Auntie Song are still sleeping. We’re just going to eat first.”

“Okay,” replied Song Yujin calmly.

Lu Suo was surprised at his cold and indifferent attitude.

It was strange. Song Yujin and his sister did not seem to be close at all. The former treated him this way as well.

Did he not like him? Why?

Lu Suo was aware of his handsome appearance. He was also clean and pure. Anyone would easily like him.

However, Song Yujin was different.

Lu Suo turned to look at Song Yujin and began thinking of something.

Suddenly, Song Yujin reached out and grabbed his arm.

“Be careful.”

Only then did Lu Suo realize that he almost missed a step on the stairs.

He quickly retracted his foot and thought to himself, ‘What a close call.’

Song Yujin was puzzled.

“Why were you looking at me?”

“Little uncle, you’re good-looking.”

Lu Suo smiled.

Song Yujin was immune to compliments. After all, Song Ci had been praising him non-stop for the past few days. If flattery could be used as food, Song Yujin felt that he probably would be fed for life.

Hence, he just nodded and said calmly, “Thank you.”

Lu Suo felt that he was really strange. Song Yujin maintained the same expression even though he was praised. Besides, he should also praise him in return, right?

How could there only be a “thank you”?

After finishing their breakfast, Lu Suo sat on the sofa and chatted with Song Yujin while silently observing his expression.

No matter how he looked at it, Song Yujin was as calm as water.

Lu Suo felt helpless. He supported his chin with his hand while thinking, ‘This is tough.’

This person was totally apathetic.

In kindergarten, Lu Suo dominated the entire place. Countless boys and girls would fight for his attention. This was the first time someone was not paying attention to him. It was simply too abnormal!

“Looks like the two of you are getting along quite well,” said Song Ci.

“Yea,” replied Song Yujin.

Song Ci patted his head.

“That’s good.”

Song Yujin and Lu Suo had already eaten, so only Song Ci and Lu Gan were left in the dining room.

As Song Ci was eating, the doorbell suddenly rang.

The maid, Mary, said, “I’ll go and take a look.”

Lu Gan nodded.

Mary returned shortly after.

“It’s Miss Su.”

Song Ci instantly raised her head and looked at Lu Gan. Her eyes were lit up. Miss Su? Su Ru Ling? She had chased Lu Gan all the way to his house?

Lu Gan was speechless.

“Do you know who that is?”

“Someone who likes you.”

“Then do you know who you are?”

“Your fiancée who is about to get married to you.”

“So, is it appropriate for your eyes to be as bright as copper bells in this situation?”

Song Ci lowered her head and looked up again. Now, her eyes were filled with sorrow and resentment.

Lu Gan was satisfied.

“This is more suitable. A woman had chased me all the way to my home. Shouldn’t you go out and chastise her?”

“I’m eating.”

Song Ci pointed at her bowl of porridge.

“Then I’ll wait for you to finish. There’s no rush.”

Lu Gan was very calm.

Song Ci nodded and happily ate her meal.

Su Ru Ling waited for a long time. When the door was still not opened, she angrily rang the doorbell again.

After a short while, Mary came out again.

“The young master asked you to wait.”

“How long am I supposed to wait?”

Su Ru Ling said angrily.

“He’s still eating.”

Su Ru Ling laughed out of anger.

“Should I have made an appointment?”

“Of course not.”

Those words made Su Ru Ling feel better.

“It’s good that he knows. You…”

Mary interrupted, “It’s because he doesn’t want to see you at all.”


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