I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Man’s Instinct

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After Song Ci finished reading, she walked to the side and stood still.

Lu Gan quickly turned his head. His heart was filled with anticipation.

This time, he was not disappointed. Halfway through Song Ci’s performance, he felt the sensation of sleepiness again.

Lu Gan closed his eyes in satisfaction. He allowed himself to fall asleep in front of Song Ci.

After the performance, Song Ci heaved a sigh of relief and said, “This part is quite difficult. There are many different layers to it. You’ve picked an interesting…”

As Song Ci was talking, she noticed that Lu Gan was sitting on the bed with his head lowered. He did not utter a single word.


Did he fall asleep again? Just how impatient was he?!

Song Ci walked over carefully.





Song Ci was so angry that she looked like a fire-breathing dragon! He had really fallen asleep again!

She got closer and lowered her head to look at Lu Gan’s face. His eyelids were lowered and he was breathing steadily.

The man was sleeping soundly!

Song Ci could not understand what was going on! How did she manage to hypnotize him every time?

This was their first night together and Lu Gan was sleeping like this?

He even said that she needed to keep up with her appearances. What about him? At the moment, he was not acting like a man.

Song Ci snorted and put down the book on a table. Then, she tucked Lu Gan’s shoulder under the blanket.

Lu Gan continued to sleep.

Song Ci turned off the lights and closed her eyes in anger.

Outside the door, Lu Suo was leaning against the wall. He had been eavesdropping.

‘Were they asleep? There was no light shining through the door.’

Lu Suo thought about what he had overheard. His father must have liked Song Ci very much and vice versa. Shortly after, he tiptoed back to his room in satisfaction.

When Lu Gan woke up the next morning, he felt refreshed and full of energy. It was completely different from his usual drug-induced sleep. He did not have a headache, nor did he have nightmares. His sleep was very peaceful.

Lu Gan was overjoyed. It was a rare feeling. He thought of Song Ci, who made this all possible.

After looking at Song Ci, he tried to move. However, his waist was being tightly hugged.

Lu Gan moved his upper body, but Song Ci continued clinging to him. He did not know whether to laugh or cry.

After all, he was a man. His s*xual desires were stronger in the early mornings.

Anyway, he composed himself and carefully reached out to remove Song Ci’s hand from his waist. Unexpectedly, Song Ci grabbed onto him even tighter. She said unhappily, “Don’t move.”

Her voice was low with a hint of sleepiness. She acted coyly without even realizing it.

Lu Gan did not move anymore. He accepted his fate of becoming her human-shaped pillow.

She was his special sleeping drug and he was her human-shaped pillow. The exchange was fair and reasonable.

After some time, Song Ci finally let go and Lu Gan seized the chance to move.

He turned around and looked at the person on his bed.

Suddenly, Song Ci turned over and hugged her human-shaped pillow again.

Lu Gan dared not move.

Song Ci moved forward and snuggled into Lu Gan’s arms. She leaned against his chest in satisfaction and slept soundly.

Lu Gan could not help but laugh. The smile on his face grew deeper and deeper.

As he watched, his gaze unconsciously shifted downwards. It fell on her fair face and then on her bright lips. One of the buttons on her pajamas came undone due to her random movements. Her breasts were revealed…

Lu Gan’s heart instantly trembled. His surroundings were very quiet. He could vaguely hear Song Ci’s shallow breathing.

Lu Gan slowly raised his hand as if he was possessed. He gently caressed the side of Song Ci’s face.

Her skin was very soft and delicate. It was like an egg that had been peeled.

Lu Gan stared at her without blinking.

The room was silent. His heart gradually thumped louder and louder.

Things almost went out of control.

Just then, the door was suddenly pushed open. Lu Suo’s crisp voice could be heard.

“Dad, this morning…”

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