I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 319 - Song Ci Is Overly Kind

Chapter 319: Song Ci Is Overly Kind

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“What do you think we should do about this?”

Song He said helplessly, “I told you, I’ll teach her a lesson tonight.”

Lu Gan asked, “Uncle Song, what kind of lesson will leave a painful and deep impression on her?”


“You must drill into her mind that she’s nothing compared to her sister.”

“I will.”

Song He nodded.

Lu Gan continued, “If you really care about Song Ci, give her half of the Song company’s shares.”


Song Ci only knew how to take money from Song He bit by bit. Lu Gan was much more ruthless.

Upon hearing that, Pang Xiaohui almost choked on her rice. She immediately retorted, “No!”

Lu Gan said in a surprised tone, “No? Auntie, do you think I’m joking?”

Pang Xiaohui was too anxious to say anything else. However, as a scheming woman, she composed herself and said, “Lu Gan, those shares are a big deal. We can’t just decide such matters on the spot.”

“She’s right.”

Song He quickly agreed.

Lu Gan sneered, “Song Ci and Song Peihan are both your daughters, but only one had everything. Your favoritism is on full display.”

Song He was embarrassed.

Song Ci tried to mediate, “Forget it. Lu Gan, my father really cares about me. Besides, I don’t know anything about their business. The shares are useless to me.”

Lu Gan looked at Song He.

“Look. Even now, she’s defending you. How could you treat her so poorly?”

He sighed and continued, “I won’t let my lover suffer such grievances. We’ll be taking our leave. If you give Song Ci the shares, we can talk again. Otherwise, we’re cutting all ties.”

“Lu Gan, don’t be like this. He’s still my father.”

Song He hastily added, “Yeah, we’re a family, We have to keep in touch.”

Lu Gan sneered and pushed his wheelchair. He was ready to leave. Song Ci tried to stop him, but he pulled her into his arms and said affectionately, “Why are you so kind?”

Song Ci replied weakly, “That’s my father.”

Lu Gan gently caressed her face.

“Silly girl. As long as I’m here, no one can bully you.”


Lu Gan pressed his hand against Song Ci’s lips.

“Stop talking. You’re simply too kind.”

Pang Xiaohui wanted to vomit directly onto Lu Gan’s face.

‘Song Ci doesn’t deserve any shares!’

Meanwhile, Song He came to a realization.

‘Lu Gan had lost all rationality. His mind is only filled with Song Ci.’

Song He could only take a deep breath. He was speechless.

On the other hand, Lu Suo nodded in agreement with Lu Gan. His mother was too kind and gentle. She needed his father’s protection. Of course, he would protect her too.

Lu Suo jumped off his seat. He was ready to leave as well.

As for Song Yujin, he could barely take this drama anymore. He held his forehead and said coldly, “Shall we go?”

Song He finally found someone to take out his anger.

“You’re just a child. Don’t interrupt when adults are talking.”

Lu Suo asked innocently, “Grandpa, what are shares?”

Song He said with a smile, “You’ll understand when you grow up.”

Lu Suo nodded and asked again, “Are they good or bad?”

Song He replied, “Without a doubt, they’re good.”

“Then why won’t you give them to my mother? My father always gives me good things.”

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