I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 317 - Little Suo’s Complaint

Chapter 317: Little Suo’s Complaint

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Lu Suo pretended to be frightened. He asked in a timid voice, “Auntie, are you okay?”

Song Peihan glared at him.

“Mind your own business!”

Lu Suo quickly hid behind Song Yujin.

Song Peihan stood up angrily and washed her hands.

‘Why am I so unlucky?’

After Song Peihan had left, Song Yujin turned to look at Lu Suo. The latter had already returned to his usual demeanor.

In a satisfied tone, Lu Suo said, “Let’s go back too.”

“The floor hasn’t been cleaned up yet.”

“It’s fine.”

Lu Suo waved his hand nonchalantly.

“We’ll be discovered.”

Lu Suo blinked his eyes innocently.

“I’m just a harmless child. This has nothing to do with me.”


Song Yujin realized that Lu Suo was right. Who would suspect him? Even he had to witness everything before recognizing Lu Suo’s true colors.

“Come on. Otherwise, mommy and daddy will worry about us.”

Lu Suo pulled Song Yujin’s hand.

Song Yujin thought to himself, ‘He’s not wrong. If Song Ci discovers us, we won’t be able to explain ourselves.’

Hence, both children returned to the dining room.

Song Ci saw that Song Peihan was limping on the way back.

‘I think she screamed earlier…’

Song Ci was worried that something had happened to the children. She asked tentatively, “What happened to you?”

Song Peihan immediately retorted, “Why do you care?”

Lu Gan put down his chopsticks and stared at Song Peihan.

Song He promptly scolded, “How can you talk to your sister like that? Apologize right this instant!”

“Why should I?”

Song Peihan felt wronged.

Pang Xiaohui tried to smooth things over.

“We’re family. Peihan, what actually happened?”

Song Peihan clenched her fists tightly

“I fell.”

Pang Xiaohui said in a concerned tone, “Be careful next time. Come and sit down.”

Song Peihan sat down.

‘She had only fallen. I don’t think that’s Lu Suo’s doing. If he was involved, things would be much more severe.’

Song Ci was well-aware of Lu Suo’s style.

Shortly after, Lu Suo and Song Yujin entered the dining room while holding hands.

Lu Suo let go and showed his hands to Lu Gan.

“Look, they’re clean.”

Lu Gan patted Lu Suo’s head.

“Good boy.”

Without wasting any time, Song He put a piece of pork rib on Lu Suo’s plate and said, ” Here, try this. It’s delicious.

“Thank you, grandpa.”

Lu Suo smiled sweetly.

“You’re welcome.”

Song He smiled back.

“Grandpa, you’re so nice. However, auntie is different. She’s very fierce.”

After saying that, Lu Suo glanced at Song Peihan fearfully. Then, he quickly looked away.

Lu Gan’s eyes turned cold. He asked Lu Suo, “Did something happen?”

“She fell in the bathroom. I asked if she was okay, but she just yelled at me.”

Lu Gan looked at Song Peihan and sneered.

“You’re good at picking fights, aren’t you? How old do you think he is?”

Song Peihan wanted to flip the table! She did not expect the little brat to complain so openly!

“It wasn’t on purpose. I was merely in a bad mood after falling down.”

“So you took it out on a child? Amazing. Do you also think the sun revolves around you?”

Lu Gan looked at Song He and continued, “I came because Song Ci said we should spend more time together. Unfortunately, your daughter is a bully!”

Song He hastily said, “It’s Peihan’s fault. Don’t be angry. I’ll make her apologize.”

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