I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 315 - A Familiar Feeling

Chapter 315: A Familiar Feeling

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Lu Suo handed the plate of fruits to Song Yujin.

“Eat some.”

“No thanks.”

Song Yujin remembered these people. They often humiliated his mother. He also knew they disliked him, although that did not really matter.

Lu Suo placed the plate on a nearby table.

“Then I won’t eat either.”

After saying that, he hugged Song Yujin’s arm in a clingy manner.

Song He and Pang Xiaohui were taken aback. They thought the two children would not get along.

‘What an innocent child. He doesn’t know anything.’

Pang Xiaohui was dissatisfied.

Upon seeing this, Song Ci could not help but laugh.

Anyway, Song He tried to strike up a conversation.

“Are you going to spend Chinese New Year with Lu Gan’s family?”

Before Song Ci could answer, Lu Gan intercepted coldly, “We still haven’t decided.”

“You shouldn’t hold a grudge against your father. Go and visit him. I’m sure the conflict will be resolved.”

Song He tried to persuade Lu Gan.

“I’m afraid that’s not possible.”

Lu Gan’s expression remained cold and indifferent.


Song He was confused.

Lu Gan held Song Ci’s hand and said casually, “A few days ago, I appointed Song Ci as the general manager of Sunlight Media. My father got angry again and he said he’ll never see me anymore.”


Song He was shocked by this news.

“You appointed Song Ci as the general manager?”

“Yes. She’s very capable. I want her to be Lu Corporation’s general manager as well, but my father refused.”

Lu Gan gently stroked Song Ci’s hand and continued, “I’m sorry. You deserve to shine on a massive stage. If only I was a more competent husband…”

Song Ci replied, “It’s alright. I only need your love.”

Lu Gan was touched.

“You’re too easy to be satisfied. You don’t think about yourself at all.”

Song Ci said affectionately, “That’s because I love you.”

Lu Gan and Song Ci looked at each other lovingly.

On the other hand, Song He and Pang Xiaohui felt a familiar nauseating sensation.

Pang Xiaohui quickly ate a grape to suppress her urge to vomit.

As for Song He, he stayed silent for a long time before finally accepting this reality. Lu Gan had lost his mind because of love. No wonder Lu Hongyong was so furious.

‘If I was his father, I would beat him to death! Song Ci is good for nothing. How could he appoint her as the general manager? Is he just messing around? What an idiot!’

Song He composed himself and advised, “Lu Gan, isn’t your decision too rash?”

“Of course not.”

Song He looked at Song Ci. What skill did she use to seduce Lu Gan? None of this made sense! He asked, “Is it true?”

Song Ci nodded happily.

“Yes. I’ve been the general manager for more than a month.”

Song He clutched his chest. At this rate, Lu Gan would never reconcile with Lu Hongyong.

‘Wait… I might be able to make use of Song Ci directly now.’

With that thought in mind, Song He’s mood instantly improved. He smiled and looked at Song Ci.

“You don’t have any experience as a general manager. I can help you. If we produce results, Lu Gan’s father won’t be mad anymore.”

Song Ci refused.

“No need. It’s just a small company. I can handle it.”


Song He was about to say something, but Lu Gan beat him to it.

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