I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Serious Discrepancy

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Song Ci sat on the bed while thinking about the scene in her mind. She could not help but laugh.

Over the past few days, she had gotten used to bickering with Lu Gan. Hence, she began teasing him.

Who knew Lu Gan would start to tease her every day as well?

Song Ci scanned Lu Gan’s bedroom. Her gaze landed on the bathroom door. She listened quietly and only left after seeing no movements inside.

Then, Song Ci went down the stairs and casually walked around. She happened to see Lu Suo who was lying on his stomach. His little head was sticking out. Was he looking at her?

Song Ci’s heart felt a little conflicted. Lu Suo knew that he had been discovered. He said in a naive tone, “Auntie Song, are you looking at me?”

Song Ci replied with a “yes” and stared at him curiously.

“It’s just the two of us. Who else can I look at? Besides, you’re so good-looking. I can’t help but pay attention to you.”

Lu Suo gave her a shy smile.

Song Ci thought that he was too cute!

How could he be the crazy villain?

“You should go and rest early. I’m going to see your little uncle.”

Lu Suo nodded sweetly.

Song Ci suddenly became bold. She raised her hand and patted Lu Suo’s head. His hair was really soft.

“So obedient.”

Lu Suo was truly adorable and innocent.

Shortly after, Song Ci reluctantly withdrew her hand and said goodbye to Lu Suo.

Once she left, the smile on Lu Suo’s face disappeared. He thought about Song Ci’s expression just now.

‘She definitely likes me, right?’

It appeared that Song Ci liked both his father and him. Not bad. His efforts today were not in vain.

Song Ci went to Song Yujin’s room. The latter was reading a book. He was not surprised to see her.

“I’ve talked to your brother-in-law. From now on, his driver will send you to school.”

She added, “Of course, I will continue to pick you up.”

Song Yujin calmly replied, “Okay. Thank you.”

Song Ci raised her hand and pinched his face.

“Don’t be so polite with me!”


Song Ci looked at the little boy’s eyes. She did not know whether to laugh or cry. In the end, she pinched his face again.

After that, she leaned closer to Song Yujin and whispered, “Do you know why your brother-in-law’s legs are injured?”

Song Yujin shook his head.

Song Ci sighed softly and said, “He had an accident more than a month ago. Since his legs got wounded, he could not walk anymore.”

Song Yujin looked at her with a surprised expression and asked, “Forever?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps not. Medicine is so advanced nowadays. Furthermore, he’s rich.”

Song Ci said this because she felt that Lu Gan was in a rather good condition. If he was really permanently crippled, he would not be able to accept the fact so quickly, right? Looking at him now, it seemed like he had only sprained his ankle.

Hence, Song Ci wanted to believe that he could stand up again! Of course, this was only her assumption. Based on the original plot, Lu Gan died of illness less than a year after his car accident.

“Lu Suo’s parents were also involved in that accident. Unfortunately, they were not as lucky as your brother-in-law. They had left this world.”

Song Yujin did not expect to hear such a tragedy. He could not help but say, “Then Lu Suo…”

“He’s fine. Your brother-in-law protected him. Still, his parents are gone and his uncle was injured. If you’re willing, try talking and playing with him.”

After Song Ci said that, she added, “Of course, you don’t have to force yourself. I know that you have your own preferences. I’m just telling you the current situation. Feel free to do what you want.”

Song Yujin did not say anything. After a long while, he seemed to have thought of something. He suddenly looked at Song Ci with a playful expression and said, “What did you tell me before? Fierce? Is this what you mean by fierce? Him?”


Song Ci had no idea Lu Suo would be so cute when he was young. In the book, he was undoubtedly a ruthless villain.

In a helpless tone, Song Ci replied, “That was just a rumor that I’ve heard. It might or might not be true. Guess we’ll have to see for ourselves, don’t we?”


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