I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 309 - A Chance Encounter in the Mall

Chapter 309: A Chance Encounter in the Mall

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Lu Gan could not be bothered to talk with Lu Hongyong anymore and hung up the phone.

Lu Hongyong was furious. He immediately called Lu Gan again.

This time, Lu Gan did not pick up.

Lu Suo was wearing a panda suit, looking very fluffy. Song Ci pulled the hood over his head and the ears stood up.

“You’re so cute!”

Song Ci could not help but pat Lu Suo’s head.

Lu Suo thought that he looked silly but since Song Ci liked it, he did not mind.

The little boy ran towards Lu Gan and said happily, “Daddy, do you think that I’m cute?”

Lu Gan almost melted. He smiled and nodded.

“Of course.”

Lu Suo was overjoyed.

Meanwhile, Song Ci asked Song Yujin in an eager tone, “Can you try on the suit too? ”

Song Yujin’s face was full of disdain.


“But it’s so cute. Look at Little Suo.”

Song Ci refused to give up.

Song Yujin thought to himself, ‘The suit looks silly. I don’t want to wear it.’

In the end, Song Ci could only buy normal clothes for Song Yujin.

Song Ci wanted to buy clothes for Lu Gan as well. While she was browsing through the racks, someone called out to her.

It was Song Peihan.

Song Ci had not seen Song Peihan for a long time. She could not be bothered with her and turned to leave.

Song Peihan was accompanied by her friend, Wang Yun. The latter also spotted Song Ci and said, “Isn’t that Song Ci? I heard you’re married to a cripple. Wow, a woman like you is willing to do anything for money. How pathetic.”

After saying that, Wang Yun saw Lu Gan. She continued, “Is he your crippled husband?”

Song Ci was enraged.

“I was wondering why Song Peihan’s IQ kept dropping. It turns out that she’s friends with you. Aren’t you miserable without a brain?”

“What? B*tch, say that again!”

Wang Yun was about to make a move. However, before she could reach Song Ci, Zhang Huan pressed her against the wall.

Lu Gan looked at Wang Yun coldly.

Song Peihan defended her friend anxiously, “Wang Yun didn’t say those words on purpose. She didn’t know any better.”

Song Ci said angrily, “Why are you pretending to be nice? You’re the one who talked behind my back and told her about my marriage, right?”

“Song Ci, are you done?”

Song Peihan was furious. She refused to be talked down by Song Ci.

“You’re in this position because I allowed it! You better thank me!”

Song Ci laughed.

“That’s right. Thank you, my dear sister. I’m so touched.”

Song Ci’s sarcasm made Song Peihan even angrier. She could not stand seeing her so well off.

In the end, Song Peihan could only grit her teeth and turned to leave.

Zhang Huan let go of Wang Yun and she quickly chased after Song Peihan.

This incident made Song Ci’s blood boil. It was rare for her family to spend time together. Yet, a killjoy came and ruined it. After thinking for a while, she decided to message Song He.

[ Dad, I won’t be returning home. Peihan is still antagonistic toward Lu Gan and me. We should enjoy our new year separately. ]

Song Ci was busy making things difficult for Song Peihan. She did not notice Lu Suo who was watching from behind.

Lu Suo’s eyes turned cold. He stared at Song Peihan and Wang Yun’s backs.

After sending the message, Song Ci quickly coaxed Lu Gan.

“Ignore them. They’re just single and jealous.”

Those words made Zhang Huan speechless.

Lu Gan laughed.

“Not all single people are like them. Look at Zhang Huan.”

Upon hearing that, Song Ci shifted her attention to Zhang Huan.

‘Zhang Huan really deserves someone…’

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