I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: You Must Tell Me if You’re Bullied

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Lu Suo nodded.

“That’s good.”

Lu Gan heaved a sigh of relief, but then he immediately asked, “How are your parents?”

Lu Suo’s eyes instantly turned red. He hugged Lu Gan and cried miserably. It was too difficult for him to reiterate the truth.

Lu Gan still did not understand. He pulled out the needle from his hand and was about to get out of bed. Unexpectedly, he fell to the ground. His legs could not move.

The little boy struggled to help him up.

“You’re injured. When I grow up, I’ll take care of you, okay?”

Lu Gan turned to look at him. Lu Suo’s face was full of tears. He patted his head.

“Don’t worry. It’s not a big deal…”

Lu Gan did not have time to be shocked, angry or digest anything. Since Lu Suo was still young, he instinctively cared for him. In fact, Lu Gan pushed all his personal emotions away.

“From now on, I’m your father!”

Lu Suo nodded. At that time, he saw the change in Lu Gan’s eyes. The latter really felt like his father.

Lu Gan had hidden his original personality.

He was unable to be as happy as before either.

Therefore, Lu Suo only wished for his happiness.

As long as Lu Gan was happy, he would be too.

Song Ci sat in the car that Lu Gan had sent to pick her up. When she saw Song Yujin coming out of the school gate, she immediately got out and waved at him.


Song Yujin was already used to Song Ci picking him up after school.

He calmly walked towards Song Ci.

“This is Uncle Lu’s car.”

Song Ci explained.

Lu Gan was worried about the amount of their luggage, so he asked the driver to bring an SUV over. Song Ci pulled Song Yujin into the car and said, “I’ve already put your suitcase in the car’s boot. There’s nothing to be worried about.”

Song Yujin nodded and said calmly, “Thank you.”

Song Ci pinched his little face.

“Why are you being so polite with your sister?”

Anyway, the driver started the car and drove towards Lu Gan’s house.

The route taken was clearly different. Song Yujin began thinking to himself, ‘I don’t know if there’s a bus from Uncle Lu’s house to my school.’

Indeed, there were no bus stops outside of Lu Gan’s house. He lived in a villa area. There was not even a taxi, let alone a bus

Song Yujin was a little worried. Without a bus, how was he supposed to go to school? He turned to look at Song Ci and planned to tell her the issue later.

After dropping them at the front door, the driver drove to the garage.

Song Ci stood in front of the Lu family’s villa and took a deep breath. She lowered her head and looked at Song Yujin.

“Are you ready?”

Song Yujin was still as composed as ever. He replied coldly, “Yes.”

When Song Ci saw him like this, she could not help but feel worried. She bent down and looked straight into Song Yujin’s eyes.

“Tell me at once if Uncle Lu’s child bullies you. Don’t keep everything to yourself!”

Song Yujin blinked. He could not help but ask doubtfully, “Isn’t he younger than me?”

“Even a younger child can bully those who are older!”

Song Ci said helplessly.

After all, Lu Suo was the most ruthless and merciless character! He was also Song Yujin’s biggest rival in the future. The latter and his wife even ended up in a life-and-death situation!

Lu Suo must have grown up in an abnormal environment. Otherwise, how would he turn out that way?

“Even though he’s young, he might have a bad temper. If the two of you ever fought, you must tell me. No matter what, you’re still my younger brother. Moreover, I’m married to his uncle. He should respect you as you’re his little uncle.”

Song Yujin nodded.

However, he did not really care. If Lu Suo tried to pick a fight, he could just ignore him. One could not fight by themselves.

Besides, Song Yujin was confident in himself. As long as he won, the other party would be obedient.

Of course, he would not take the initiative to find trouble with Lu Suo. At the same time, he would not let Lu Suo bully him either.

Basically, Song Yujin did not take Lu Suo seriously. How fierce could a child younger than him be? Bully him? That did not sound possible.

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