I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Did Not Belong

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Based on how David was treating her, Song Ci knew that she would be sold off if she continued to stay in her current company. She should find another way out, but there were some hesitations.

“You really think that my acting is not bad?” asked Song Ci.

“If I did, I wouldn’t have made the offer.”

Lu Gan replied seriously.

“But you always fall asleep.”

Song Ci complained.

Lu Gan pressed the space between his brows.

“Because I’m really tired.”


“Why don’t we try again tonight? I’ve been fine for the past two days. I would probably stay awake.”

Lu Gan said gently.


Song Ci was very doubtful.

Lu Gan nodded.

“I… Will try my best.”

Song Ci curled her lips, but she did not refuse.

“What would you like to watch this time?”

“It’s up to you.”

Lu Gan really did not care.

Song Ci thought of another scene from the audition.

“Alright, I’ve made up my mind. Let’s begin!”

For some reason, Lu Gan moved his wheelchair toward his bed.

Then, he skillfully and quickly got onto the bed and leaned against it.

Song Ci was speechless.

“Are you just going to sleep directly?”

“Of course not.”

Lu Gan refused to admit it.

Song Ci chuckled.

“Why don’t you just lie down directly? Wouldn’t it be more comfortable when you fall asleep?”

Upon hearing this, Lu Gan nodded in agreement.

“You’re right.”


Song Ci could not help but curse in her heart!

‘Is he f*cking serious?!’

Lu Gan put his phone down and lay under the blanket. Once he was in a cozy position, he smiled at Song Ci and said, “I’m ready.”

Song Ci was rightfully annoyed!

Lu Gan asked, “Aren’t you going to start?”

What was the rush? Had he taken a sleeping pill?

Song Ci huffed angrily. Nonetheless, she picked up her phone helplessly and started her performance.

Lu Gan lay on the bed and watched. Song Ci was playing the role of a human trafficker. She sat calmly while she was being “interrogated by the police”. Her eyes were filled with disregard for life.

Lu Gan watched quietly until she finished her performance.

“Not bad. You acted well.”

“That’s true,” said Song Ci proudly.

Suddenly, she realized something.

“You didn’t fall asleep this time?”


Lu Gan was also a little puzzled.

Did it only work when Song Ci was personally performing in front of him?

He was perplexed, but the corners of his lips slowly curled up into a smile.

“I’ve already said that I’m not tired today.”

Song Ci smiled.

“Were you sleepy before because I acted poorly?”

“You have to be more confident in yourself.”

“It’s because you fall asleep whenever I perform. People might think that you’re taking sleeping pills!”

Lu Gan thought to himself, ‘You’re not that far off.’

He spoke a few more words with Song Ci before hanging up the video call. Then, Lu Gan turned off the lights and closed his eyes.

Two hours later, the lights in the bedroom lit up again. Lu Gan helplessly pulled open the drawer and took out a bottle of sleeping pills. He poured out a few pills and was about to swallow them.

However, he hesitated and put the pills back. He did not want to have nightmares anymore.

Lu Gan sighed. It would be great if Song Ci was by his side.

Fortunately, that was happening soon.

Lu Gan lay on the bed and closed his eyes again. All he could do was wait for morning to come.

The next morning, Song Ci pulled open the curtains. It was bright and sunny. The air was also fresh.

“I’ll pick you up in the afternoon. We won’t be going home. Instead, we’ll go to Uncle Lu’s house together,” said Song Ci to Song Yujin during breakfast.

Song Yujin was quiet for a few seconds before replying, “Okay.”

When he exited the door, he looked at the apartment that he had been living in for a few months.

Song Ci noticed the reluctance in his eyes. She bent down and patted his head, comforting him.

“Are you reluctant to leave? Don’t worry. We can come back in the future. If you really don’t like Uncle Lu’s house, I’ll discuss it with him. Perhaps he’ll be willing to move in with us instead. Let’s just try to accommodate him for now since he’s not in good health, okay?”

Song Yujin nodded and did not say anything. It was not that he could not bear to leave. He just felt a little bit sad

First, they moved from their mother’s house to this place. Now, they were moving again, It was a complicated feeling.

It was as if he could not stay in a place for long. There was no sense of belonging.

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