I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: How Narcissistic

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“Of course,” said Song Ci with conviction. “You’re my fiancé and she likes you. Isn’t she coveting my private property? It’s fine if you don’t want to talk about it but if you do, I’m all ears.”

Lu Gan chuckled.

“What else do you want to know about?”

“Who was the man who tried to hit me? What’s their relationship?”

“Ma Lei. He likes Su Ru Ling.”

Song Ci nodded. As expected.

Ma Hei liked Su Ru Lin, but she liked Lu Gan. They were just not made for each other.

Lu Gan continued, “If Ma Lei dares to make a move on you, tell him that I’ll make Su Ru Ling pay double the price.”

Song Ci raised her head in surprise and asked him with some uncertainty, “Really?”

“Of course. After all, I’m the person you love the most,” said Lu Gan with a smile.


“Wait, that’s not right,” said Lu Gan again.


He continued, “I’m not only the person you love the most, but also your husband. How fortunate. You fell in love with such a perfect person ever since you were a student. In the end, we somehow ended up together. I envy you.”


Is he a narcissist?!

After dinner, they were prepared to go home.

It was almost time for school to be over. Song Ci wanted to pick Song Yujin up.

“Send me to this primary school. I’m going to pick up my brother.”

When Lu Gan heard this, he remembered that Song Ci was also taking care of a child. He asked hesitantly, “Then I’ll be meeting him too?”

Song Ci immediately rejected that notion.

“I didn’t tell him that you guys would be meeting. He’s probably unprepared. Things would be a little awkward.”

“Did you tell him that you’re getting married?” asked Lu Gan.

“Of course. However, these are two different things. Maybe next time?”

“There’s no need to go through so much trouble. We’re about to get married and you’ve already met my family. You can just move in.”


That was too fast!

Lu Gan looked at the shock on her face and laughed.

“What? You’ve had a crush on me for so long. Don’t you want to move in with me as soon as possible?”

Song Ci could only put on a fake smile.

“Of course I do. I’m just taken aback by my happiness!”

Lu Gan smiled.

“Understandable. After all, I’m an outstanding person. I sympathize with your feelings of unrequited love.”

Song Ci felt that he was acting really narcissistic!

After Song Ci picked up Song Yujin, she talked to him about moving that very night.

Song Yujin paused for a moment while eating.

“Where are we moving to?”

“I’m getting married so obviously, we’re moving to my partner’s house.”

Song Ci put down her chopsticks and explained, “He was injured in a car accident. His legs are hurt so he’ll have a hard time if he’s living in our house. Let’s just accommodate him and go to his place, okay?”

Song Yujin blinked and asked, “What do you mean his legs are hurt?”

“He needs a wheelchair to move around. Do you know what that is?”

Song Yujin finally understood. His sister’s future husband was a disabled person. He lowered his head and continued eating. Then, he asked softly, “When will we move?”

“Tomorrow. I’ll clean up tonight. Once school is over, I’ll pick you up and we’ll head over.”

Song Yujin nodded and did not say anything else. He was as quiet as ever.

Song Ci felt that he was a really sensible and mature child. She raised her hand and picked up a piece of tenderloin. Then, she placed it in Song Yujin’s bowl.

“It’s sweet and sour. You like that, right?”

Upon hearing that, Song Yujin realized that Song Ci had specially made this sweet and sour pork tenderloin for him. He raised his head and looked at his sister. His eyes filled with confusion.

“Thank you,” said Song Yujin in a low voice. After that, he continued to eat obediently.

Once dinner was over, Song Yujin wanted to wash the dishes. However, Song Ci stopped him.

“Go read some books or pack up your things. I’ll handle this.”

Song Yujin looked at her with a complicated expression again. He could not understand what she was thinking, so he just went back to his room.

Song Ci cleaned the kitchen and started to pack her luggage. Suddenly, she heard the phone ring.

Apparently, someone named “Tao Mi” called. Based on her memories, this person was one of the original Song Ci’s good friends.

As soon as she picked up the phone, she heard Tao Mi say loudly, “Song Ci, what are you doing? Come to the night bar quickly. Young Master Di is here.”

Song Ci held the phone and her eyes twitched. Young Master Di?

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