I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

Chapter 9 - Superpower to the Rescue

Gu Yan looked at Lu Ye, who could only breathe in but had difficulties breathing out. There were a few bloody scratches on his young face. Those handsome eyes and the tall and straight nose made him look breathtaking despite being in a coma. 

She could not waste time; what mattered the most was saving his life!

She layed Lu Ye flat on his back and checked his wounds.

Even though there were plenty of scratches on his body, none of them were lethal. There were two major wounds.

One was a gunshot wound on his shoulder. The bullet went through his shoulder, and blood was gushing out from the would. What she needed to do right now was to disinfect the wound and stop the bleeding. That wasn't too big of an issue. 

Lu Ye's camouflage uniform was sliced through in a few places, but the pockets were intact. Gu Yan deftly took out the small first-aid kit used for emergencies from one pocket. There was gauze and antibiotic cream inside, and Gu Yan quickly used them to temporarily stop the bleeding and bandage the wound. 

The other wound was a stab wound in Lu Ye's abdomen left by a sharp object. 

The flesh underneath the skin flipped out of the scarlet wound. The wound was so deep that blood couldn't even flow out. Perhaps his organs were damaged.

This could be the fatal injury that sent Lu Ye into a coma and could kill him!

This time, Lu Ye was hurt much more compared to Gu Yan's previous life!

In her previous life, Lu Ye only got shot and lost a lot of blood, but he did not go into a coma. 

Gu Ye followed his instructions and bandaged his wounds easily, then she went back to the village to get help. 

But this time...

Gu Yan paused a little bit, then she quickly took out the jade pendant through her collar. 

Lu Ye's wounds changed after her rebirth. If she didn't have this magical jade pendant, then she probably wouldn't be able to save Lu Ye!

Because this time, Lu Ye's injuries were way too severe. His pupils started to dilate, and his pulse began to slow down!

Gu Yan began to summon the green light in the jade pendant to heal Lu Ye. 

Time flew by second by second, minute by minute. The sun above her head slowly started to slide to the west.

Gu Yan's forehead was drenched in sweat, and her entire body was a little lethargic. The jade pendant changed from emerald green to milky white, and the verdant little seedling inside it was looking wilted with droopy leaves.

Gu Yan finally stopped when there was no more green light coming out. 

She felt Lu Ye's pulse; it had become steady. 

The wound on Lu Ye's abdomen magically became much smaller. It didn't take a scientist to know that the damaged muscle tissues had healed. 

Once again, Gu Yan was shocked by the healing power of the green light in the jade pendant. 

But when she healed her leg and the scrapes on her arm, she didn't feel as exhausted. 

Now, Gu Yan finally experienced what it meant by having the entire body emptied out. 

Gu Yan used the last bit of her energy to disinfect the wound in Lu Ye's abdomen and stop the wound from bleeding. Once she finished bandaging him up, her vision turned pitch black as she fell into Lu Ye's arms. 

The sun fell to the west side of the mountains and spilled golden light onto the earth. 

Smoke rose from kitchen chimneys. One by one, those working in the field carried their hoes and farming tools on their shoulders and headed home.

Gu Dagang brought his food and water bottle with him and ate right at the field at noon. 

When he went through the door in the afternoon, he heard Zhang Lan cursing blatantly. 

"This damn girl; who does she think she is? She didn't make lunch and isn't going to make dinner either. If her leg wasn't broken, she'd fly away with a pair of wings!"

A big bok choy flew toward Gu Dagang and almost smacked him in the face. 

Gu Dagang parked the bike immediately and stepped into the room. He saw the livid look on his wife Zhang Lan's face, and he was confused.

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