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Chapter 400 - Find A Way To Get Them Married As Soon As Possible

Chapter 400: Find A Way To Get Them Married As Soon As Possible

The indescribable feeling in the prison in her dream almost made Gu Yan think that she had returned to the moment before she was reborn!

The blood-red light seemed like it was caused by the pain and resentment she had when she hit her head against the iron railing.

Gu Yan quickly looked to her side. Lu Ye was looking at her worriedly.

“Yan Yan, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Gu Yan lowered her head and saw that the two people’s hands were still tightly clasped together. The heat from Lu Ye’s fingertips made Gu Yan slowly calm down.

Fortunately, fortunately, Lu Ye was still by her side.

She did not go back…

Gu Yan calmed down and carefully recalled the prison cell in her dream. For some reason, she suddenly realized that it did not seem to be the scene of her death in her previous life.

Because the fragmented pieces in the dream indicated that… it seemed to be men’s prison.

In her previous life, who else had a bad ending in prison?

Gu Yan thought hard. Lu Ye handed her a glass of water and said softly, “Maybe your sleeping posture isn’t very comfortable. Here, drink some water.”


“Yan Yan, actually you can rest first. I’ll rush back alone first. After all, you just finished the Galactic Alliance exam. You need to relax. Changle also said a while ago that after Bai Weiyang and Lin Haoran’s wedding is confirmed, he would like to go out with us…”

Gu Yan’s eyes paused. She raised her head and looked at Lu Ye. “Bai Weiyang and Lin Haoran’s marriage is still not confirmed?”

“Yes, when I called auntie Xie just now, I asked around. She said that it’s still not confirmed. Grandpa Bai doesn’t seem to approve.” Lu Ye actually didn’t care about the two people’s wedding, so his tone was very casual.

However, Gu Yan frowned slightly.

She clearly remembered that in her previous life, Bai Weiyang didn’t climb into Lin Haoran’s bed in order to marry him.

Perhaps it was because of her rebirth that changed some things, resulting in the butterfly effect.

And Bai Weiyang and Lin Haoran had clearly already done that, but they still didn’t get married.

The point was that the problem occurred in the Bai family… didn’t elder Bai Dote on Bai Weiyang the most? Was it because he doted on her that he was dissatisfied with the drunken incident? ! Did he think that Lin Haoran had done it? !

But this time, it was clearly Bai Weiyang who did it. Lin Haoran must have known about it and had a grudge against her.

In that case, the two of them would have quite the fight in the future.

Although Gu Yan really wanted to watch the two of them fight, the premise was that they had to get married.

It seemed that they had to think of a way to get the two of them married as soon as possible!

Lu Ye saw Gu Yan frowning, so he reached out his hand and gently rubbed the space between her eyebrows. He said, “Yan Yan, what are you worried about?”

“I’m worried about why the two of them aren’t married yet.” Gu Yan sighed and said softly, “If only there was a love rival that could make one of them feel a sense of crisis.”

Lu Ye was a bit confused. Why was his little wife so determined to get Bai Weiyang and Lin Haoran to get married soon?

It was as if Gu Yan had always been hostile to the two of them.

At the same time, Lu Ye also remembered what Bai Changle had said earlier, as well as the information his cousin Su Lina had found out…

On the other side, Gu Yan called out.

When she mentioned the love rival, she finally remembered who was the one who had a bad ending in prison in her previous life!

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