I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

Chapter 33 - Real or Fake Impostor

"I don't know her from before. If I really offended her… not giving her the bottom bunk, does that count?"

"Haha, if it's really because of this, Platoon Leader Han would definitely kick Zhang Cuihua's *ss. This is the military; did Zhang Cuihua really think that she was coming here to have fun." 

Gu Yan chuckled and didn't say anything. 

As expected, someone working for Platoon Leader Han called her to the office.

Everyone had come back to the dorm room already. With the exception of Lin Xiaoyu, who did not know what happened, everyone else looked at Gu Yan with concerned eyes. 

Gu Yan said to the female comrade, "Okay, I will go to the Platoon Leader's office right now with you." 

Once she entered Han Jiao's office, she immediately saw Zhang Cuihua standing there. She even snorted at Gu Yan complacently

Gu Yan didn't bother with her. She saluted and said, "Platoon Leader, what did you call me here for?"

They were the only three people in the office. 

Han Jiao didn't beat around the bush and said, "Comrade Gu Yan, someone reported that you took your little sister's spot and came to the military."

"Platoon Leader, everything was verified when we first enrolled in the military. The name Gu Yan was on the list, and I am Gu Yan. I would like to ask the comrade who reported me one thing - Does she know another Gu Yan?"

Gu Yan gave Zhang Cuihua a harsh look once she finished her sentence. 

She sneered in her mind. 

So Zhang Cuihua thought that I took Gu Moli's place to enroll in the military?

This misunderstanding is too ridiculous.

After all, that damn Gu Moli took the name Gu Yan and joined the military in Gu Yan's previous life. 

At first, Gu Moli used the name Gu Yan for over a year. Then, with the help from Bai Weiyang, she changed it back to Gu Moli. 

Of course, Gu Moli stole Gu Yan's personal identification card in advance. 

Zhang Cuihua was indeed brainless and still didn't understand. Now, after she listened to what Gu Yan said, she started to panic. 

However, she was still not willing to accept this and said immediately, "Maybe Moli's formal name is Gu Yan! A month ago, Moli told me that she is joining the army. Why would she lie to me?"

Gu Yan really did not wish to talk to this idiot anymore. She took out her ID card and gave it to Han Jiao. 

"Platoon Leader Han, this is my personal identification card. Please check it over. My name has always been Gu Yan since I was a little girl, and I never changed it. Also, Platoon Leader Han, may I ask something? If a comrade deliberately slanders another comrade, there would be a punishment, right?"

Zhang Cuihua was shaking. "I… Platoon Leader, what I said is true. Moli had been telling me that she would be joining the army a long time ago! I didn't lie about that!"

Han Jiao felt mentally tired. 

Gu Yan added at the right time, "Platoon Leader Han, Gu Moli, oh, the Moli that Zhang Cuihua had mentioned, is my little sister. I was ill a while ago, and someone else joked that I could no longer join the army and she could take my place. She actually believed that and told everyone about it. But joining the army is a big decision, so how could someone make it a joke? I actually don't know what my little sister told Zhang Cuihua, but we can verify everything with the registration information. And, the ones who picked me up at the Wang Village were Comrade Xu Wangshan and Comrade Chen Yuan; they can vouch for me. In terms of her…" 

Gu Yan glanced at Zhang Cuihua and smiled. "Comrade Zhang Cuihua, since the first day you arrived, you've gotten into a fight with your roommate, wanted to steal your roommate's bunk, and now you're slandering me. What exactly are you up to? Don't you know that we should be united and love one another?"

"I…" Zhang Cuihua never experienced anything like this. She thought she was fighting for justice for Gu Moli!

Gu Yan turned around and saluted Han Jiao again. She said, "Platoon Leader Han, Comrade Zhang Cuihua is unable to tell right from wrong, distorts facts, and has slandered me. I hope you can deal with this seriously." 

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