I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

Chapter 309 - This Is For My Girlfriend

Chapter 309: This Is For My Girlfriend

Hearing the familiar voice, Lu Ye kept calm and maintained a slight smile.

“My home is close to this place. It shouldn’t be unusual for me to be here, right? But what about you? Yaqin, didn’t you go overseas?”

Song Yaqin wore a rice-colored fashionable long dress. She had a white knitted fleece on top. She was 1.65-meter tall with a seductive figure.

She possessed a classically beautiful face. However, after hearing Lu Ye’s response, her smile turned awkward.

In the next second, she looked as though she was wronged.

“Ye, I don’t mean it that way…” She bit her lips. There were tears welling up in her eyes.

The two of them hadn’t seen each other for some time.

To Song Yaqin, Lu Ye became more handsome and manlier. Her heart could not help but skip a beat.

After all these years, she realized she still couldn’t let go of Lu Ye.

Song Yaqin looked at the clothes and immediately found a topic to focus on. “Ye, are you buying clothes for your mother? It seems like Auntie likes red.”

“This is for my girlfriend.” Lu Ye recalled what his wife said before. He shouldn’t be ambiguous with other women. After all, he had a family now.

After making the response, Lu Ye continued, “I’m busy. I’ll get going.”

Song Yaqin was taken aback as she watched Lu Ye head off. Those words still echoed in her head.

‘This is for my girlfriend.’

Lu Ye really had a girlfriend?

And he was buying clothes for her?

Song Yaqin’s eyes immediately reddened. She bit her lips as she clenched her hands tightly to control herself from losing composure.

When she just got back, she also heard that Lu Ye had a girlfriend in the northern capital. However, Mrs. Lu seemed very unhappy.

According to hearsay, she was a bumpkin who had no family background nor any special talent.

Song Yaqin felt bad at the time, but she thought she still had a chance. Regardless, she should be a hundred times better than that bumpkin.

Although Lu Ye had been constantly rejecting her, she didn’t hear about any other girls getting together with him.

But today… she discovered that Lu Ye took that bumpkin very seriously.

Song Yaqin’s nails dug into her palm. The pain made her expression appear extremely forlorn.

At this moment, Lu Ye had ridden the tram once again. Calculating the time, he could stay home for three days. Afterwards, he would return to the Northern Star Region. He could still make it to the last day of vacation before his wife’s exam. He had to accompany her.

If he wasn’t on a mission, he would probably be buried by his longing for her.

Now that the mission was finished, all he could think about was her.

Is she eating well?

Is she resting well?

Is she studying well?

… Did she miss him?

Captain Lu went home with those thoughts. After pressing the doorbell, he realized he had keys.

When Lu Haiyang opened the door, he found that his son held the keys, which almost poked him in the arms.

His eyes became sharp as he reached out a hand to grab Lu Ye’s wrist.

Lu Ye reacted faster. He quickly broke free from the clasp and did a reverse-scissors-hand move. At the same time, the bag in his hand dropped to the ground.

Commander Lu shouted in fury, “Lu Ye, you bastard, what are you trying to do? How dare you attack your father?!”

Lu Ye grinned and released the grip while picking up the key and pouch, saying, “Dad, I know you’re testing my reaction speed. If I didn’t react and you subjugated me, you would say that I only became a cosmic soldier due to luck.”

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