I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

Chapter 29 - How Come Gu Moli Didn’t Come

Zhang Cuihua's chest moved up and down rapidly from anger, almost bursting the buttons off of her red plaid shirt. It had to be mentioned that she was well-developed. 

Now, despite how unsatisfied she was, she did not dare to start anything. 

Forget about whether she would win or not, if she got an extra ten laps… she would die from running. 

Zhang Cuihua thought about it and gave Gu Yan a very dirty look, then she hauled her bag and walked to the top bunk above Shen Jiayi's bunk.

Xu Miaomiao was on Gu Yan's top bunk. Guo Rou and Lin Xiaoyu's top bunks were empty, but Zhang Cuihua did not dare to come anywhere close to them. She knew that those two weren't easy to mess around with. 

Despite Lin Xiaoyu's quiet appearance, she was really in the same clique as that tomboy Guo Rou. 

The disturbance came to a end like that. Everyone packed up their stuff and gradually left their dorm room to the drill ground. 

Guo Rou quickly caught up with Gu Yan; it was unclear whether she did it on purpose or not. She asked curiously, "If Zhang Cuihua hit you again earlier, what would you do?"

"Then I'd hit her back," Gu Yan said graciously. 

Guo Rou was surprised. "Aren't you afraid that you'll get punished for an extra ten laps?"

"Then I'll run." Gu Yan grinned. Her eyes were naturally pretty, and her grin made them extra bright. "I wouldn't be the first one to die from running anyway."

There was another sentence that Gu Yan didn't say, and that was, Everyone is going to run together: I still have partners.

But Guo Rou had thought of that, and she was a little shocked as well. 

Despite how skinny and frail Gu Yan looked, she was very fierce. Even if she didn't have a good idea on how to deal with her opponent, she wouldn't make her opponent think for one second that she was easy to be bullied. 

When worse comes to worst, she would also get punished, but to a lesser extent. 

Suddenly, Guo Rou began to like this roommate with such a savage personality. 

At this moment, Lin Xiaoyu caught up and asked curiously, "Guo Rou, what did you talk about with that Gu Yan?" 

"This Gu Yan is quite interesting. Come on, we're going to be late. Let's hurry up." 


Zhang Cuihua was the last person to leave the dorm room. She even dragged Xu Miaomiao to stay with her. 

On their way, Zhang Cuihua couldn't help but complain, "What kind of freaks are in our dorm room? This is crossing the line! I can't settle like this; I have to find Platoon Leader Han and ask her to switch me to a new dorm room!" 

Xu Miaomiao was a little scared. "It wouldn't be so easy to switch a dorm room like that."

Zhang Cuihua felt frustrated. She thought it over and knew it was true; Han Jiao looked really mean earlier. 

Suddenly, she asked, "Oh right, do you know who else is from Wang Village and came with us here in the same car?" 

Now, Zhang Cuihua finally had the energy to think carefully about why Gu Moli did not come. 

Gu Moli was from Wang Village, and she was really close with Zhang Cuihua. If she had this friend in the military, she wouldn't have to worry about being bullied by others. 

This was the idea that she got from Guo Rou and Lin Xiaoyu. 

But how come Gu Moli is not here?

Xu Miaomiao knew about this. She was the first comrade that Xu Wangshan picked up, and Xu Wangshan's second stop was Wang Village. 

"Gu Yan is from Wang Village." 

Zhang Cuihua was stunned. Just then, the bell rang, so the two of them did not have any time to talk and had to go to their team immediately. 

Everyone was extremely exhausted after the morning training, but everyone in their dorm room had to run ten extra laps. 

One lap was 400 meters. Ten laps later, they were almost exhausted to death. 

Especially Zhang Cuihua, she had been groaning during the morning training. By the time she ran the second extra lap, she was already on the ground. "I can't run anymore…" 

Guo Rou was already selected as their team leader. She just so happened to pass Zhang Cuihua and sneered, "If you don't continue to run, I will tell Platoon Leader Han about how you are slacking off. Deal with it yourself." 

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