I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

Chapter 27 - Fighting like Cats and Dogs

When Zhang Cuihua stopped talking, a pillow slapped on her face. 

That pillow traveled at a very high velocity and made a boom sound. Gu Yan heard that and could sense the pain. 

Not surprisingly, Zhang Cuihua started crying a second later. She cried and cursed at the same time, "Goddamnit! Who just hit me? Which f*cker hit me?"

"I did, wassup?" A rather gender-neutral voice sounded; this person was clearly angry to have been woken up. "This is the military, not your home! I dare you to curse one more time! Imma throw your *ss outside!" 

Now that the light turned on, Gu Yan finally saw what the other people in the room looked like. 

The short-haired girl who just hit Zhang Cuihua was named Guo Rou, who also came from a rich family in that courtyard. Gu Yan remembered that Guo Rou's biological big brother was named Guo Jiang; he really liked Bai Weiyang in Gu Yan's previous life!

He also helped Bai Weiyang to harm Gu Yan many times!

The long-haired girl who also got out of bed to help Guo Rou was shorter than Guo Rou by half a head. She looked nice and quiet, and her name was Lin Xiaoyu. 

Gu Yan dealt with Lin Xiaoyu quite a lot in her previous life, because she was Lin Haoran's biological little sister! She was also Bai Weiyang's super BFF!

So in Gu Yan's previous life, Guo Rou and Lin Xiaoyu were both Gu Moli's roommates. 

Therefore, even if what just happened today had happened in Gu Yan's previous life, they definitely all became friends after the fight with Bai Weiyang's help. 

But in this life, Gu Moli did not come! Therefore, she could not help Zhang Cuihua!

Gu Yan sneered in her mind.

So, you gals feel free to fight however you please.

Zhang Cuihua first got hit, then she got dissed, so she suddenly became furious. She always got her own way at home, and she was not the one to take a hit. She bared her teeth and charged towards Guo Rou. 

Xu Miaomiao, who was behind her, looked beyond awkward and tried to stop the fight. 

The last girl in the room also woke up, but she just tucked herself in her quilt and turned around; she did not wish to get involved in this. 

On this side, these two people were fighting like cats and dogs.

Gu Lan was too lazy to stop the fight. She did not have the best impression of either of them. 

She covered herself in her quilt and lied in her bed. She could not believe that the first day of her military life would start off like this. 

She must sleep for a little more. Because Gu Yan had expected that she wouldn't be able to sleep for very long. 

Sure enough, half an hour later, Han Jiao was standing in front of the six of them. She glanced at them and asked, "What exactly had happened?"

Zhang Cuihua looked terrible. There was a scratch mark on her face, and her clothes were ripped too. 

Now that she heard Han Jiao's question, she started crying and pointed at Guo Rou, "Platoon Leader Han, she started it! I fought back because I had no other choice." 

Gu Yan who stood in the back row chuckled. It seemed like Zhang Cuihua was not completely stupid; she knew that who first offends should first complain. 

Guo Rou sneered once Zhang Cuihua stopped talking and said, "Why don't you tell her why I hit you? You just came here and started yelling at everyone. Not only did you disrupt other comrades' sleep, you even demanded us to give you a bottom bunk. Are you here to join the military to train or are you here on vacation!?"

Han Jiao understood what happened from their words in a little while. She frowned and said, "Now that you have all joined the army, you must learn what cooperation and discipline means! Change all of your bad habits from before right now! If you can't change them, then just leave!" 

All six of them lowered their heads once they heard "just leave."

Han Jiao continued, "Zhang Cuihua and Guo Rou, as a punishment, you two will be responsible for cleaning up the public area for a month! And all six of you in this dorm room, run ten extra laps during our morning training later!"

Gu Yan and the other female comrade did not get involved in either the fight or trying to break apart the fight. Now that they heard what Han Jiao just said, that put them in a bad mood. 

So this kind of punishment could affect others as well?

But Gu Yan didn't say anything. The other female comrade hesitated and said, "Platoon Leader Han, I did not join the fight." 

"You're in the same squad. When other comrades are fighting, Shen Jiayi, you just stood there and watched, having no collective sense of honor at all. Is it wrong for me to punish you?"

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