I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

Chapter 21 - She Is Your Stepmom, Right?

Gu Yan lowered her eyes a little bit and tightly squeezed the bag in her hand. Her tone was very depressed. "Mom, I know you always preferred Moli and never liked me. You said I was possessed, and then you said I am psychotic. You just want Moli to replace me… But no matter what, you are still my mom; I don't blame you."

Even though she said she didn't blame her, her voice sounded very upset and wronged. Her teardrops were about to roll down her face the next second. 

Zhang Lan was so angry that her eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets. 

This damn girl is acting again!

Chen Yuan, who hadn't said anything until now, suddenly chimed in at this moment, "We will do a physical examination prior to enrolment to see if she is suitable. The comrades who do not pass the physical examination will be sent home."

Chen Yuan walked to Gu Yan and said, "Comrade Gu Yan, let me carry your bag for you."

"Mhm, thank you."

Gu Yan looked at Zhang Lan and her daughter. She wanted to say something but hesitated in the end. She turned around and followed after Chen Yuan. 

Xu Wangshan could not believe that the family members of Comrade Gu Yan were like this. He shook his head, turned around, and stepped out. 

They came here in a minivan from the county town. They had to visit six villages today, and Wang Village was only their second destination. They still had four more villages to visit, so they didn't have time to waste. 

Gu Yan got into the minivan. There was a female comrade around her age in the minivan. Her eyes made her look very timid, but she was tall and stocky. Her name was Xu Miaomiao. 

Gu Yan nodded at her; that counted as a greeting. 

The three of them got into the van, and the driver started the minivan and drove off quickly. 

In the yard, Zhang Lan and her daughter were still a little numb from shock. 

They didn't know how Gu Yan, who always rolled with their punches, suddenly became so hard to deal with!

Also, how in the hell did her broken leg heal so fast!

Most importantly, wasn't she possessed before? She went crazy and murmured nonsense. How come she became normal all of a sudden?

At that moment, Gu Moli suddenly screamed, "Oh my God, Gu Yan took away my luggage!" 

In that luggage was five to six outfits that she carefully picked out and two pairs of shoes. One of the two was a pair of brand new white sneakers! 

The most crucial thing was that there was three hundred yuan that her mother gave her inside the bag!

She bolted out desperately, hoping to catch Gu Yan. 

But Gu Moli could not catch up with that minivan that had four wheels. 

Gu Moli's heart ached at the loss of her clothes and money. Zhang Lan, on the other hand, was completely stupefied. 

What was she going to do with Ironsmith Wang's marriage? 

And Gu Yan was going to the city… What was she going to say to her eldest biological daughter!

Of course, the creator of Zhang Lan and her daughter's headaches was leaning against her seat and pressing her face against the car window, staring at the scenery outside. 

The scenery of Wang Village kept moving back in front of her eyes, eventually disappearing from her sight. 

This was not her hometown; she had to leave eventually. 

She left this place in her previous life. But at that time, Gu Yan had been terribly abused by Ironsmith Wang and escaped hurriedly. No one knew about the hardships that she had to go through. 

Because of an experience like that, Gu Yan developed an inferiority complex later on. 

But it was different this time. 

She walked out of there with dignity and purity all by herself. 

From now on, her life would only get better and better!

She would appear in front of Lu Ye again with a perfect image!

But, there was a little bit of regret. 

Gu Yan realized that she didn't say goodbye to Gu Dagang and Gu Qiang yet. Even though they had their own issues, they still provided her with brief bits of kinship. 

There was also Auntie Sun; Auntie Sun was genuinely nice to Gu Yan.

If there was another chance for her to come back, then she would definitely give Auntie Sun a thorough physical checkup so that Auntie Sun could live a long and healthy life. 

Just as Gu Yan was contemplating, Chen Yuan, who sat next to her, suddenly asked with curiosity, "She is your stepmom, right?"

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