I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

Chapter 2 - Rebirth

Gu Yan slowly opened her eyes. Her head was still messy and buzzing; she couldn't stand the cicada noises that came to her ears.

The cadent, annoying noises became extra appealing yet familiar in Gu Yan's mind at this time. 

She rubbed her eyes. The room was too dark, and she couldn't see anything. 

Only a few rays of moonlight spilled into the room through the cracked window and scattered on the floor, giving off a faint silvery light. 

She sniffed with her nose and realized that the air was no longer rotten and putrid like that in the prison. Instead, there was a familiar smell of leftover food. 

Where is this place?

Just as Gu Yan wanted to move, a sharp pain came from her left leg. Bean-sized droplets of sweat rolled down her forehead. 

"Ouch…" She groaned because she couldn't stand the pain. 

"Whatcha howling about? You're so annoying! Can't you just let me sleep? You only hurt your leg; it's not like you broke it!"

In the dark, a girl's grumpy voice came from the other side of the heatable brick bed, 

That girl rolled over and fell asleep again. 

Gu Yan was stunned by that voice; she even forgot about the pain coming from her leg!

That was Gu Moli's voice!

The Gu Moli who took her place in the army registry and stole Lu Ye. Then, this woman teamed up with Bai Weiyang later on and framed her!

Gu Yan pinched her leg as hard as she could, and her face instantly contorted with pain.. 

Now she was finally sure that she really did reborn!

She had traveled back to the time three days prior to when she broke her leg and Gu Moli used her name to join the army!

Gu Yan recalled clearly that she went to the mountains in the back to pick mushrooms and rescued Lu Ye the day after this day!

That was the first time she met Lu Ye!

That moment was when Lu Ye fell in love at first sight!

Everything went back to the very beginning!

Gu Yan's heart was pounding so fast that she could not contain her excitement!

Gu Yan took a few deep breaths and tried to calm herself. 

Gu Yan remembered how she hurt her leg. 

She was walking on a bridge with Gu Moli that day. Even though it had just rained, the bridge was wide enough. However, Gu Moli still balance and bumped into Gu Yan. 

As a result, Gu Moli was fine, but Gu Yan fell off the bridge and hit her knee on a big rock. Even though she didn't break her leg, she had some trouble walking for a short period of time after that. 

That incident left a lingering effect on her body. Her leg would become unbearingly sore and in pain whenever it rained. 

Gu Yan realized how stupid she was. She didn't notice at that time that Gu Moli did it on purpose. 

Because Gu Yan hurt her leg, Gu Moli used her name to join the army!

A year after that, Zhang Lan used Gu Yan to exchange for a marriage for her mentally-challenged son.

She made Gu Yan marry the abusive and violent Ironsmith Wang who already had two dead wives!

Because of this taint in her past, Gu Yan always thought she wasn't good enough for Lu Ye. Then came the incident of Lu Ye getting drunk and having Gu Moli crawling onto his bed. Gu Yan had been avoiding Lu Ye's feelings since then. 

Gu Yan's heart went ice cold every single time she recalled the turning point of her tragic life. 

She held tightly onto the thin rug on the heatable brick bed. She was drenched in cold sweat as if someone had just fished her out of the water. 

Gu Yan closed her eyes. No, she could not sit around waiting for her own doom like in her previous life!

She would get back everything owed to her by Zhang Lan and her daughter, starting from this second of her rebirth!

There was only less than three days left before the army enrollment, and her leg was indeed hurt. Would the people in charge of recruiting give up on her because of this?

But no matter what, she would not allow Gu Moli join the army in her place!

Gu Yan took a deep breath and calmed herself down as much as she could. Her eyes were gently closed, and her brain quickly calculated all of her possibile actions. 

Hence, she didn't notice that a flash of green light appeared on the jade pendant that was draped on her chest. 

That green light lingered at the injured area on her leg and swirled around several times before it disappeared. 

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