I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

Chapter 18 - How Thick-Skinned

Then, quarreling sounds came from the outside. Gu Dagang and Zhang Lan were arguing. 

There was the sound of bowls breaking. But once Gu Moli came home, this arguing stopped. 

Gu Moli dissed Gu Dagang, "Dad, how could you? Mom did everything for you and for this family. Gu Yan is possessed. If she keeps staying at our house, who knows what she will do. Besides, if we give her away, we can exchange for a wife for my big brother. Wouldn't you want my big brother to get married soon and give you a grandson?"

Gu Dagang crouched at the corner and smoked his cigarette. He kept frowning and didn't say anything. 

There was a huge handprint on his face. 

Zhang Lan held her head high and looked arrogant. She snorted, "Gu Dagang, don't forget the fact that you couldn't find a wife at all in the beginning. If I didn't marry you, you'd still be an old bachelor! I birthed you a son, and I went out and worked as a nanny to make money to build this house. Look at you now, you dare to come at me? You are so ungrateful and have no conscience!"

Gu Yan heard every single word in the westside room, and she sighed and felt like Gu Dagang was a genuinely nice and honest man. If he didn't marry Zhang Lan, how could a man like him not be able to find a wife?

It was true that Zhang Lan had birthed Gu Dagang a son, but if it wasn't because Zhang Lan went out to play poker and delayed treatment for Gu Qiang when he had a high fever, Gu Qiang would never have become what he was today. 

In terms of the money that they used to build the house, oh, it cost a thousand yuan, but Zhang Lan only contributed two hundred and fifty. Then, she told everyone in the village that this house was built with the money she made by working her butt off as a nanny.

How thick-skinned. 

Gu Moli tried to add a few more words in, but just before she opened her mouth, she heard someone calling her name from the westside room. It was the same creepiness as last night! 

"Moli… Moli… Moli…" 

Gu Moli was so scared that her face changed color, and she instantly hid behind Zhang Lan. 

Zhang Lan was also so scared that her heart was pounding hard. She pushed Gu Dagang and said, "Go, go check on the westside room. See who's in the westside room!"

The sky was just getting dark. Ever since what happened last night, Zhang Lan and her daughter were like extremely frightened birds; they had no time to be mean to Gu Dagang now.

Gu Dagang was worried about Gu Yan. He threw away the cigarette butt and walked to the westside room.

He stepped inside and saw Gu Yan still sleeping. He looked around and didn't see anything strange. 

He walked out and told Zhang Lan and her daughter, "There's only Little Yan in the westside room. She's still sleeping, and no one else is in there."

"I can't stay here any longer. I have to go to the military as soon as possible!" Gu Moli had a little mental breakdown and ran into the eastside room. 

Zhang Lan still had fear in her mind, but she didn't say anything else. She cooked some food sloppily and took her son and daughter to eat.

She already made her decision. Once the army recruiters leave with her youngest daughter tomorrow, she would ask Ironsmith Wang to take Gu Yan away!

It is probably a good thing that this darn Gu Yan is possessed. Because of this, it is perfectly justifiable for Moli to enroll in the military instead of her!

Zhang Lan and her daughter did not have a peaceful sleep that night. They both had dark circles under their eyes the next morning. Especially Gu Moli, who looked even more haggard from having nightmares last night. 

Gu Moli dreamed of Gu Yan covered in blood and crawling toward her.

She crawled and called out, "Moli! Moli!"

However, after they had breakfast and saw two comrades 1in army uniforms coming to their house, Zhang Lan and her little daughter's eyes sparkled. 

Especially Gu Moli, who walked toward them eagerly and asked, "Are you from the army?"

The older comrade of the two, who had a genial expression, smiled and nodded. He said, "Hello there, is this Comrade Gu Yan's home?"

  1. [TL Note: In the late 1900's in China, people called soldiers comrades since several big wars just finished, and the affinity toward soldiers was high.]

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