I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

951 Chapter 951 was about to go back to school after giving birth

“I’m much better now. My attending doctor said that I’ll fully recover after a good year of rest.”

“Really? That’s Great.”The smile on Gu Yan’s face was genuine.

Seeing the girl’s beautiful smile, Chen Yuan’s eyes were dazzled again.

He suddenly wanted to ask how Gu Yan and Lu Ye were doing now.

After all, he already knew that these two were lovers.

However, he felt that he didn’t have any position, so he didn’t dare to ask that question.

As they spoke, the two of them walked to the door of the Dean’s office.

“Alright, I’ll go look for the Dean first. See You Later.”

“Okay.”Chen Yuan watched Gu Yan enter the office. There was a bright light in his eyes.

His gaze was fixated on her, as if it would last for ten thousand years.

But unfortunately..

Gu Yan did not see it.

After she found the dean, she went straight to the point.

The dean was a woman in her forties. She combed her lotus-leaf hair and wore glasses. She was very amiable. Her surname was Zhang.

This Dean Zhang was specifically in charge of the relevant matters in the department. As for Bai Mengchen, because she spent most of her time in the hospital, she was equivalent to a figurehead in the academy.

Gu Yan didn’t expect that Bai Mengchen would be there when she came to look for director Zhang.

However, Gu Yan ignored Bai Mengchen.

She said to director Zhang, “Director, I want to apply directly to attend classes with the second grade. I will try my best to take care of both classes. If there are two classes that collide, I will go to the teacher’s side to coordinate it myself.”

Director Zhang was quite surprised, “But can you handle it like this? Student Gu Yan, I’ve seen your file and your results. I know you’re very outstanding, but you might not be able to handle such an arrangement. Don’t tell me you’re going to spend the winter and summer holidays studying?”

“No, I won’t come to the academy during the winter and summer holidays.”She still had to go for special training.

From the moment Gu Yan entered, Bai Mengchen looked at Gu Yan coldly.

Bai Mengchen had come to the academy to apply for leave this time. She had been in a terrible state recently.

Her father was sick, but he still did not want to see her.

And Weiyang had just given birth… Bai Mengchen did not dare to go over to take care of Weiyang directly, but she still spent money to hire someone to take care of Weiyang and the child.

She had originally suggested that Weiyang suspend her studies, but in the end, Weiyang did not want to suspend her studies for a year. She wanted to apply for two months of sick leave.

In other words, after New Year’s Day, Weiyang would have to return to the academy.

Bai Mengchen felt that this girl, Weiyang, was really very hardworking and stubborn. She had just given birth and had to return to the academy after giving birth.

Not to mention, something like that had just happened to Lin Haoran.

In the end, she saw Gu Yan arrive.

In terms of blood relations, Gu Yan and Weiyang were both Bai Mengchen’s nieces.

Blood relations were distant, so Gu Yan was naturally closer.

However, Bai Mengchen knew that she was more biased towards Weiyang.

Therefore, after listening to Gu Yan and director Zhang’s words, she sneered, “Haste makes waste! After achieving a little outstanding results, you’re so arrogant that you don’t know who you are!”

Director Zhang’s expression was a little awkward.

This female student named Gu Yan was very outstanding. She had heard many people praise this girl.

Even after this new student’s special training, the other majors were going to come and snatch her away.

Such a good student, director Zhang naturally didn’t want to let her go. Therefore, after hearing what Bai Mengchen said, her expression didn’t look good. “Mengchen, don’t say that. It’s a good thing that student Gu Yan wants to improve.”

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