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3224 Chapter 3224 you are my favorite

“Xiao Yan and Lu Ye’s daughter, Lu Yu,”Lucifer said calmly.

Everyone present was petrified.

In the end, it was angel who found her voice first. She looked at Lucifer who was lying on the bed with a complicated expression and said, “Gu Yan and Lu Ye won’t agree to this, right?”

“Yes, it’s a little difficult, that’s why I asked you guys to help.”

Everyone fell silent again.

If it was anything else, it would be fine. But when they thought about the couple, they were a little scared.

However, their boss finally woke up and made such a request… if they didn’t try their best to help their boss, what would happen if their boss fell asleep again!

The few of them came in excitedly and left with a heavy heart.

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After the others left, the doctor gave Lucifer a drip.

Beirut hesitated for a while before asking, “Boss, are you serious?”

“Beirut, if it wasn’t for Little Yu, I wouldn’t have woken up. She saved me.”

“I know, but boss, you don’t seem like a person who would treat kindness as love.”Beirut looked at his boss with a complicated expression.

He admitted that his boss was very good and outstanding.

But, boss and Xiao Yu..

Lucifer recalled those moments when he spent time with Xiao Yu. When he was still very young, those moments of happiness and happiness had slowly merged into his life.

“Beirut, I Love Little Yu. And I only love her.”

This was the first time Beirut heard Lucifer talk about love so seriously. Back then, his boss only had a good impression of Gu Yan.

No, there was another one..

Beirut raised his head and said seriously, “Boss, back then, you almost married that woman…”

“She is Little Yu.”

“How is that possible? !”

Seeing the shock on Beirut’s face, Lucifer didn’t know what was the cause and effect of this.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

His life had always been filled with regrets.

It was only after Xiao Yu appeared that he was satisfied.

Beirut looked at the gentle and happy smile on his boss’face and suddenly realized that he didn’t need to ask anymore questions.

As for the group of people who had just left, they came to a small living room and discussed countermeasures.

“I feel that we have to work together to talk about this matter.”

“Right, right, right. This way, when the couple is fighting, we can win by outnumbering them!”

“Hey, Hey, Hey, the point is not to fight, but to get Lu Ye and Gu Yan to agree to marry Xiao Yu to boss.”

“Although there is a big age difference between the two of them, did you notice that boss seemed to have become younger?”

The last sentence was said by Mephistopheles, who was most concerned about his appearance.

Actually, this was not the main point.

The main point was how to get the couple to agree.

After arguing for a long time, there was still no answer.

Then, they heard that Lucifer asked Gu Yan and Lu Ye to go over.

Everyone immediately went back to the entrance of Lucifer’s ward.

Seeing that Beirut was blocking them, they became anxious.

“Beirut, have Gu Yan and Lu Ye already gone in?”

Beirut had a complicated expression on his face, but he nodded and said, “Boss told us that no matter what we hear, we are not allowed to go in.”

“That won’t do! What if Lu Ye beats us up?”

Gu Yan and the others were still a little relieved. After all, she was very calm and would not act so rashly.

But Lu Ye was different!

Miao Xiaoyu put her face on her shoulder and muttered, “Boss finally woke up. What if he’s knocked out again? What should we do!”

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