I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

2903 Chapter 2903 was broken

Just when the atmosphere in the laboratory was very heavy.

In the consciousness world, Gu Yan’s situation was even worse.

Her right hand was bitten by the wolf that suddenly jumped out. Gu Yan could even hear the sound of his hand cracking!

“Gu Yan!”Cang Lan’s eyes almost popped out when she saw this scene!

Ah Jue struggled and jumped off Cang Lan’s back.

He cried and rushed towards Gu Yan. “Bite me, you damn wolf, Bite Me!”

It was unknown which world this wolf came from.

Gu Yan could only rejoice that there was only one wolf at the moment.

Bean-sized cold sweat flowed down Gu Yan’s forehead, and her pretty face turned snow-white.

Seeing Ah Jue and Cang Lan running toward her, Gu Yan immediately shouted, “Don’t stop, there isn’t enough time! Keep running in that direction, I will catch up with you!”

Ah Jue’s foot was injured, so he couldn’t run far.

Cang Lan was carrying him on her back, and she couldn’t run as fast as Gu Yan.

Seeing that the place where Gu Yan and Lucifer entered was about to appear, the only danger in the surroundings… was this wolf.

“No!”Ah Jue saw that Gu Yan’s wrist was exposed to the bone, and his tears fell uncontrollably.

That wolf was very ferocious and was about to bite off Gu Yan’s hand.

Gu Yan’s other hand firmly held onto the wolf’s mouth to prevent the situation from getting worse.

However, the bone was also about to break!

Gu Yan roared, “You guys believe me! Cang Lan, take Ah Jue and leave immediately! Ah Jue must leave!”

Cang Lan was much calmer than Ah Jue, who had lost control of his emotions.

However, there was a struggle in his eyes.

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At the same time, Ah Jue had to leave as well. Even if Gu Yan was trapped here, once Guan Yujue woke up, this world of consciousness would stabilize!

At the thought of this, Cang Lan grabbed Ah Jue’s hand and forcefully carried him on his back, running towards the exit.

Ah Jue struggled hard, punching and kicking Cang Lan.

“Cang Lan, you bastard! You’re ungrateful! Don’t you know that Gu Yan came in for you!”

“I know!”Cang Lan gritted his teeth, his eyes red.

He said, “When I send you to that exit, I’ll come back to accompany her. “Even if we’re all trapped here, it’s fine. As long as you wake up, this world will be safe! “All of us, me, Gu Yan, boss, and brother Jue, we’ll all be able to survive!”

Ah Jue was suddenly stunned.


If he woke up, then this world would no longer be controlled by the third personality.

Even if the third personality was still there, it would no longer be so dangerous for Gu Yan and the others..

Actually, this was also Gu Yan’s intention.

Gu Yan saw that Cang Lan understood what she meant, and she let out a sigh of relief.

Gu Yan turned around and suddenly revealed a beautiful smile to the fierce wolf.


Gu Yan broke her own wrist!

Gu Yan’s dagger and weapon fell to the ground when she was bitten by the beast. She didn’t do that because she was afraid that the wolf would turn around and attack Cang Lan and Ah Jue.

Now that they had run far away, Gu Yan moved.

The pain of a broken wrist was unbearable for ordinary people.

Even Gu Yan almost fainted from the pain.

However, after a cold smile, she immediately turned around and picked up the knife on the ground!

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