I Swear I Don't Have A Python In My Pool

Chapter 9

Dad Wants to Buy Ten Thousand Pigs!

When they looked at the second-floor railing…

They saw a three-meter-tall python, as black as ink and as thick as a human waist, staring at them.


Faced with his parents’ dumbfounded gazes, Wang Mang excitedly said, “Mom, Dad! It’s me, Wang Mang!”

After hearing Wang Mang’s words, the two of them jumped up in fright. Their faces were pale as they screamed, “Monster—!”

Looking at his parents’ terrified expressions, Wang Mang was struck speechless.

Next to them, Grandma shouted, “Look how scared you are!

“It’s not like he’ll eat you!”

Obviously, Mr. and Mrs. Wang were not as accepting as his grandmother.

Two hours later.

It took many rounds of verification before Mr. and Mrs. Wang were completely convinced that the python in front of them was their son.

However, they had mixed feelings about this.

Of course, they were happy that their son had returned.

However, they were upset because they could not immediately accept what their son had become.

“Son! Are you really a snake demon right now?”

His father, Wang Long, could not help but ask curiously.

Mrs. Wang was also curious.

After all, they were educated folks.

In fact, they were both atheists… yet their son had turned into a python.

No matter how much they believed in science, it was impossible for them not to believe in supernatural after that!

Wang Mang shook his head helplessly. “Dad, I don’t know either! Maybe!”

Hearing this, Mr. Wang became even more curious. “Well then, do you know how to cast magic or the like?”

Wang Mang, “(# ̄~ ̄#)”

Seeing Wang Mang shake his head, Mr. Wang was a little disappointed and puzzled. “So are you considered a demon now or not? If you’re not a demon, how can you speak?”

Wang Mang thought for a moment and slowly said, “Dad, I think you could call me a demon! For example, I have a feeling that as long as I keep eating, I can become very big. It’s not impossible for me to become like the demons in the movies!

“Furthermore, every time my body becomes bigger, I can even obtain some special abilities if I’m lucky.”

After hearing Wang Mang’s words, his mother asked curiously, “Does that mean you obtained the special ability to speak like a human?”

Wang Mang nodded, “That’s right! Mom, I obtained a special ability that allows me to speak. I might not have come back otherwise.”

Mr. Wang slapped his thigh and said, “Son, that has to be it. You must be a demon now! Didn’t you say that as long as you eat, you can become stronger?”

“In that case, what can I do to help you?”

Wang Mang was overjoyed, thinking to himself, ‘Dad, that’s exactly what I hoped you’d say!’

He hurriedly said out loud, “Dad, Mom, I feel that as long as I eat a certain type and amount of prey, I can keep evolving and becoming stronger.”

“That’s why, if it’s possible, I hope you can bring me the prey I need, Dad! It can be chickens, ducks, pigs, dogs, cows, or sheep. As long as it’s food, it’s fine. But I’ll need a large amount.

“Dad, I’ve already evolved four to five times. Every time I consume enough prey and evolve, I’ll need even more to evolve again!”

After hearing Wang Mang’s explanation, Wang Long nodded and said, “I understand, my boy.

“So you mean to say that as long as you eat enough prey, you can continuously evolve and become stronger, and eventually, you might even become a real demon?”

Wang Mang nodded helplessly. Although he wanted to say that he was not a demon, he could not explain what he actually was, nor would he tell them about the system.

Therefore, he was fine with his parents mistaking him for a demon as long as they could accept him as he was. It would save him the trouble of explaining his current state.

“No problem, my son. You just need meat, right? I have plenty of money to spare!

“According to your current state, you need 3,600 pounds of prey to evolve, right?

“That means you need at most ten pigs to evolve and become even stronger, right?

“I’ll buy you ten thousand pigs to eat!”

Mr. Wang said excitedly, as if he had discovered a whole new world.

After all, his son had become a demon like that of legend!

As a father, he naturally had to help!

No matter what state Wang Mang was in, he could not deny that he was his son!

Moreover, such an unprecedented thing had happened to his son.

He also wanted to see if his son could become a legendary demon with the power to control the elements or change the world.

Ten thousand pigs? What would that mean for him? How strong could he become?

To be honest, Wang Mang wanted to know too!

As such, Wang Mang became even more excited.

After all, a pig weighed 400 to 500 pounds. Eating 10 pigs would give him enough points to evolve again.

The next time he evolved, even if the requirements doubled again, he would still only need 20 pigs!

In other words, 10,000 pigs were definitely enough for him to evolve many times!

Wang Mang became even more excited at the thought. At the same time, however, he said worriedly,

“Dad, 10,000 adult pigs can’t be cheap, right?”

Father Wang blinked before saying with a huff,

“I can totally afford 10,000 pigs!”

“You know that I deal with livestock feed. At most, I’ll buy a batch of piglets and raise them myself!”

Wang Mang finally remembered that his father was in the livestock feed business.

His father had a huge business in the feed industry and was one of the top feed suppliers in the province.

Wang Mang’s worries were greatly allayed. He said with a nod, “In that case, Dad, I’ll be relying on you to make me as strong as possible.”

Mr. Wang waved him off confidently. “Don’t worry about it! But, Mang’er, you can’t keep staying in your grandmother’s house, can you?

“You’ll be fine in the short term, but if you stay here for too long, you might be exposed.

“If you are, I won’t be able to stop the authorities from capturing you for their research and experiments!”

At this point, Mr. Wang’s expression turned serious.

He knew that his son could not afford to be exposed in his current state.

If others knew that his son could still speak like a human after transforming into a giant python, he would definitely be captured by some department for research.

“Dad, I plan to set up my new nest by the mountainside reservoir.”

“After all, I’ve already been living there for more than two months.”

Wang Mang thought for a moment and looked at his father seriously.

When his father heard this, he hurriedly shook his head in fright.

“That won’t do! There’s something off about that reservoir.”

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