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Chapter 793 - Chapter 793: Wang Mang, the Unparalleled Innkeeper!

Chapter 793: Wang Mang, the Unparalleled Innkeeper!

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After hearing the system’s voice,

Wang Mang was stunned at first, but he was not too surprised.

Every time his strength increased,

The system would always give him missions.

This time was obviously no exception.

However, Wang Mang was a little speechless.

The difficulty of this mission could be said to be different.

First place in the mission. The rewards were not bad. The difficulty of the mission was basically nonexistent. He could do whatever he wanted.

This was worth considering.

The second mission was to stop the prodigies outside the city and become a

Mythical prodigy.

This mission could be said to be very difficult.

Although Wang Mang still had 350 Talent Points.

However, to become a Mythical prodigy, one needed 1,500 Talent Points!

Even if he were to kill a legendary genius, he would need to kill a total of 115 of them!

There were more than a hundred legendary prodigies!

Where did Wang Mang go to kill so many people!

Thinking of this, Wang Mang felt a little helpless.

For example.

In the previous wave of geniuses,

Wang Mang and Zu Long didn’t even manage to kill a single legendary genius.

Most prodigies were either peerless or overwhelming prodigies.

Basically, there were very few Legendary Heavenly Talents!

It was precisely because of this that if he really wanted to rely on blocking the city and killing geniuses to become a Mythical genius,

Then it was obviously a very long mission.

Of course.

Compared to the second mission.

The third mission was as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

Who knew when he would be able to become a Supreme?

After all, to the current Wang Mang, even becoming a Mythical Heaven’s

Favorite was very far away.

Not to mention becoming a paragon prodigy.

At the thought of this,

Wang Mang almost ruled out the third mission.

This was because the third period of the mission was too long.

Who knew how long it would take!

As for the second mission, Wang Mang was tempted.

However, he felt that it would take too much time.

This was because prodigies would enter the city one after another.

However, the prodigies outside the city were clearly incomparable to those inside.

With this thought in mind, Wang Mang made up his mind.

“System! I choose the first mission!”

The next moment, the system’s voice sounded.

[Ding! Congratulations, host! You have successfully chosen a mission! Please complete the mission as soon as possible and obtain the reward!]

After hearing the system’s voice,

Only then did Wang Mang stand up happily and walk out of the cave.

Then, Wang Mang soared into the sky and flew towards the city in the distance. After flying past the desolate forest, Wang Mang arrived at the entrance of the city.

What surprised Wang Mang was…

At this moment, there were more than ten geniuses outside the inn at the city gate.

These geniuses were all peerless geniuses.

Moreover, the strongest was only at the Third Heaven of Emperor God Realm.

The weakest among them was only at the Sixth Heaven of the Saint Emperor Realm.

This made Wang Mang speechless.

He really could not understand.

Why was it that even a guy with the combat strength of a Sixth Heaven Saint Emperor had the guts to participate in the conquest of the myriad worlds!

In other words, this guy’s cultivation state was very likely only at the early stages of the Saint Emperor Realm.

It had to be said that this guy was indeed bold!

If he only had such strength, Wang Mang would definitely not dare to fight in the myriad worlds with such strength.

As his eyes flickered, Wang Mang’s killing intent surged.

Although there were not many of these geniuses, to Wang Mang, no matter how few mosquitoes there were, they were still meat!

If Zu Long were to come, this dog would definitely attack without hesitation.

After taking a deep breath, Wang Mang walked up with a smile.

At the same time.

Many geniuses in the inn looked at Wang Mang in surprise.

There was arrogance, fear, and disdain in his eyes.

It was obvious that even though Wang Mang’s combat strength had reached the fifth level of the Emperor God Realm.

It was still unable to convince these geniuses or make them bow down.

If they were so easily afraid, they would not have participated in the conquest of the myriad worlds.

Wang Mang wasn’t surprised at all.

On the contrary, two of the geniuses seemed to have received the words of the innkeeper and quickly ran towards the city.

Upon seeing this, Wang Mang’s expression darkened as he looked at the innkeeper coldly.

Seeing this, the innkeeper shrugged his shoulders indifferently. Clearly, he did not take Wang Mang seriously.

He was not like these geniuses who did not have enough confidence and did not dare to enter the city for the time being.

He had the backing of a peak Legendary Emperor God in the city.

So what if Wang Mang didn’t like him?

Don’t you dare touch him!

After thinking about it,

The young innkeeper even reminded Wang Mang loudly,

“Geniuses, be careful. If there’s nothing else, enter the city now.”

“Many geniuses who hesitated to enter the city like you last time were killed by him.”

After the young innkeeper’s reminder, the expressions of many geniuses who did not take Wang Mang seriously changed drastically.

After that, many geniuses could tell that Wang Mang’s expression was a little gloomy. They immediately chose to enter the city.

In the blink of an eye, another five or six geniuses quickly flew into the city.

Seeing this scene, Wang Mang immediately laughed from extreme anger.

This guy really thought that I wouldn’t dare to kill him!

Thinking of this, Wang Mang immediately raised his hand and set up a barrier around him!

This made the five or six Heaven’s Favorites, who were initially hesitant, panic.

Upon seeing this scene, Wang Mang calmly and indifferently said,

“If you all kill this inn and the waiter, i’ll bypass you.”

“Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless and killing all of you!”

At this point, Wang Mang’s face was filled with killing intent.

This caused the faces of the geniuses present to change greatly, as their faces were filled with shock and anger.

That was because they did not expect the innkeeper to be telling the truth! Clearly, Wang Mang and the other Heaven’s Favorites had their own ideas! However, Wang Mang’s words caused the geniuses present to hesitate and be a little restless.

This was because among these geniuses, they were the most powerful.

There was only one overwhelming prodigy who had reached the Third Heaven of Emperor God Realm.

Such strength was not even worth mentioning in front of Wang Mang whose combat strength had reached the fifth level of the God Emperor Realm!

After seeing the murderous gazes of the geniuses present, the expressions of the young inn owner and waiter changed drastically.

Among them, the young inn owner roared and warned,

“I dare you to touch me!”

“Behind me, there’s a legendary prodigy whose combat strength has reached the peak of Emperor God!”

“If you dare to kill me, you will definitely die even if you enter the city!”

After saying that, the young inn owner turned to look at Wang Mang with a dark expression and threatened,

“Kid, don’t think that you’re insufferably arrogant just because your combat strength has reached the fifth level of the Emperor God Realm.”

“You still want to instigate these guys to kill me? If you have the ability, try touching me!”

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