I Swear I Don't Have A Python In My Pool

Chapter 345 - Chapter 345: Disrespected

Chapter 345: Disrespected

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Receiving the system’s rewards made Wang Mang feel better. Honestly, if he had known that Xiang Yu would appear here and kill Liu Bang, he would have chosen the third mission.


Forget it!

It was unfortunate, but he had to stomach this loss.

At this moment, Xiang Yu frowned slightly after hearing Wang Mang’s flattery.

His impression of Wang Mang worsened.

Even though Wang Mang was weaker than he was, he still posed a threat. However, the latter’s subservient attitude left much to be desired.

It felt like Wang Mang was a coward who bullied the weak and feared the strong. All this fawning did not befit the demeanor of a powerful expert, and Xiang Yu obviously could not appreciate such a person.

Therefore, Xiang Yu waved his hand indifferently and said, “If there’s nothing else, then leave first!”

“I need to clean up this province and build my base.”

Wang Mang could naturally tell that Xiangyu was getting impatient.

Although Wang Mang was very confused by this, he still forced himself to smile.

“In that case, I won’t disturb you anymore.”

With that, Wang Mang left with his subordinates.

However, inwardly, Wang Mang was furious.

Damn it, what’s wrong with Xiang Yu? He had not offended the latter, so why had the other party’s attitude toward him changed so quickly?

He had not gained any benefits from Xiang Yu, and was now being disrespected to boot., which made him feel even more aggrieved.

“You’re actually getting impatient with me?”

As Wang Mang muttered to himself, his tone was icy cold.

At this moment, the Black Dragon Emperor said carefully, “Master, he probably can’t stand you being so submissive!”

However, before Wang Mang could respond, the Stone Emperor said angrily, “What are you talking about? When was Master submissive?”

After Wang Mang thought about it seriously, it seemed like it was possible. Perhaps he had taken his acting a little too far.

Although he did not know the West Chu Overlord’s personality, it seemed like this was the only plausible explanation.

However, this left Wang Mang speechless.

It was the first time flattery had the opposite effect!

Damn it!

If Xiang Yu was not stronger than he was, would he even have bothered sucking up to him?

Now, he was being looked down upon.

There was an indescribable grievance!

‘Xiang Yu, just you wait!’

‘You’d better not find yourself in trouble in the future and ask me for help!’

Wang Mang gritted his teeth as he thought to himself.

“Alright! Stop arguing!”

After saying this, Wang Mang began to lead the demon emperors back on their journey in silence.

Half an hour later, the group arrived back at his home territory.

After reaching the vicinity of Huanshan Reservoir, Wang Mang tp;d the Stone Emperor and the Black Dragon Emperor,

“In the future, among the five of you, the two of you will report directly to me!” “Also, don’t leave the province at will. You must report everything to me!” Upon hearing this, the Stone Emperor, Black Dragon Emperor, and the other five emperors nodded respectfully.

“As Master wishes!”

Wang Mang nodded in satisfaction. He then hurried back to his cave.

The water buffalo and tiger demons, who were standing guard outside the cave, greeted him respectfully, “Lord Demon Emperor!”

“Did anything happen during the two days 1 was gone?” Wang Mang asked casually.

To Wang Mang’s surprise, Water Buffalo replied respectfully, “Lord Demon Emperor, a day after you left, the people of the Red Empire came looking for you again.”

“They also told us to contact them as soon as you returned.”

‘Why are the people from the Red Empire looking for me again?’ Wang Mang muttered inwardly.

Although he did not know the reason, Wang Mang still nodded.

“Go and make the necessary arrangements!”

With that, Wang Mang turned around and entered the cave. However, given the fact that he had not gained much from this trip, he was unsure if he could evolve again.

Of course, those pitiful gains did not include the fact that he now had five demon emperors under his command. He now had subordinates who could help him manage and deal with things on his behalf.

It could be said that these five demon emperors were Wang Mang’s greatest gain.

In addition, the battle with Liu Bang made him realize that he had the ability to fight half-step land immortal-level experts, though actually defeating one was a different story altogether.

That would have to wait until he became stronger.

Wang Mang was prepared to digest all his harvest, hoping that he would be lucky and be able to evolve again. His drive to become stronger had been reignited.

He did not like being looked down upon, or having to fawn on others.

Wang Mang muttered, “System, display my status information!”

[Host: Wang Mang]

[Species: Six-winged Three-headed Python (Adult)]

[Cultivation: 8,200 years (Demon Emperor-level)]

[Physique: 240 meters long, 12 meters wide, 7.5 million kg]

[Combat Strength: Bite Force: 7.5 million kg, Speed: 138 km/h]

[Skills: Corrosive Poison, Steel Body, Super Self-Healing, Underwater

Breathing, Bloodthirsty Rage, Myriad Beast Intimidation, Wishful Shrinking.] [Divine Powers: King’s Enslavement, Soul Control Seal, Regeneration,

Destruction Laser, Flames of Destruction, Eternal Frost, Heaven and Earth, Bone Spur, Lightning Spell, World Walk.]

[Special: Storage Space, Information Detection, Free Divine Power Upgrade xi, Skill Fusion Card xi, Divine Power Wheel of Fortune xi, Golden Treasure Chest xi, Randomized Wheel of Fortune xi, Top-grade Gacha xi, Advanced Gacha xi, Dragon Emperor’s Qi +500]

[Mall: Activated]

[Luck value: 99 (Good Luck)]

[Evolution Value: 19 billion/40 billion]

[Current Ranking: 48th on the global ranking list of experts.]

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