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Chapter 343 - Chapter 343: Liu Bang (Part 4)

Chapter 343: Liu Bang (Part 4)

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“All! Damn it! My Dragon Emperor Qi!”


“You actually dare to absorb my Dragon Emperor Qi!”

“I will tear you into pieces!”

Flustered and exasperated, Liu Bang began to roar angrily.

Once the Dragon Emperor’s Qi was completely absorbed, his strength would be greatly reduced, and he would no longer be able to transform into a golden dragon.

How did this snake find out that the Dragon Emperor’s Qi could be absorbed? Only a fellow emperor would be able to do so.

However, was Wang Mang even qualified to be called an emperor?

This was not the case at all!

Even in his previous life, Wang Mang had not succeeded in snatching away the Liu Family’s territory!

Still, the reality was that this damn snake was indeed sucking out his Dragon Emperor’s Qi…

After struggling with all his might, Liu Bang finally broke free from Wang Mang, and put some distance between them.

He looked at Wang Mang in shock and anger. In order to free himself, he had allowed Wang Mang’s two heads to tear off two chunks of his golden dragon body.

When the two heads swallowed the two chunks of meat, Wang Mang felt an extremely pure power surging into his body. It felt as if his entire body had been sublimated.

At the same time, the system’s voice rang out.

[Ding! Congratulations! The host has successfully devoured Dragon Emperor’s Qi! Dragon Emperor’s Qi +500 (Can be converted to 500 million evolution value)!]

[Ding! Host, do you wish to convert Dragon Emperor’s Qi into evolution value?]


Although he did not know what he could use the Dragon Emperor’s Qi for, converting it to evolution value was a waste at this moment.

He had to experiment and research it before deciding what to do with it.

Looking at the sky in the distance, Wang Mang sneered and said, “Liu Bang, you old dog, didn’t you want to kill me?”

“Why did you run off?”

Wang Mang’s provocation made Liu Bang even more furious.

However, he no longer dared to transform into a golden dragon to fight Wang Mang. If he allowed Wang Mang to continue absorbing his Dragon Emperor’s Qi, he would be finished.

Moments later, he turned back into his human form, but his face was much paler. He was unsure as to how to proceed.

At this moment, several screams could be heard, which immediately attracted Wang Mang and Liu Bang’s attention.

Wang Mang snickered contemptuously.

Two of Liu Bang’s subordinates had already died, and the other two were not much better off either.

Seeing this scene, Liu Bang’s eyes almost popped out. He roared angrily, “You dare!”

With that, Liu Bang moved to try and help his remaining subordinates. However, there was no way Wang Mang was going to let that happen, and he quickly blocked Liu Bang’s path.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to kill me today?”

“I’m so scared!”

“However, Liu Bang… It seems that you can’t kill me? Did you become impotent, old man?”

At this moment, two more screams came from afar.

When one of Wang Mang’s heads looked over, he immediately saw that all four of Liu Bang’s subordinates had now died.

Of the five demon emperors under Wang Mang’s command, one was seriously injured. In addition, two of Xiang Yu’s subordinates were also severely injured. However, since they managed to kill all four of Liu Bang’s subordinates, it was a worthwhile price to pay.

Liu Bang’s heart was bleeding!

He was about to attack again when suddenly looked up into the distance after sensing a terrifying aura approaching from the distance.

Liu Bang’s expression changed drastically.

Similarly, Wang Mang had also noticed the anomaly.

A blood-red cloud of mist was rushing toward them at high speed, and Wang Mang could tell from its aura that this person was much stronger than Liu Bang.

Liu Bang, on the other hand, cursed and turned to leave, but Wang Mang quickly moved and blocked Liu Bang’s path. After seeing Liu Bang’s reaction, Wang Mang was almost certain that whoever was coming was Liu Bang’s enemy.

It might even be Xiang Yu!

Standing in front of him, Wang Mang laughed and said, “Liu Bang, you old dog, why not stay a while and have some tea?”

Seeing Wang Mang recklessly blocking his way again, Liu Bang was enraged, but also inwardly panicking.

“Get lost!”

Liu Bang raised his hand and an exquisite sword appeared in his hand. When he swung it, it transformed into a hundred-meter-long sword that came crashing toward Wang Mang.


Wang Mang could sense just how terrifying this sword was, and instinctively dodged. However, the sword was swift and agile, immediately changing directions to pursue Wang Mang.

F*ck it!

Wang Mang steeled himself. Ignoring the potential danger and damage he would suffer, he rushed toward Liu Bang again.

Even if he had to suffer some injuries, he would hold this damn old man back!

“Don’t even think about running!”

Wang Mang knew that Liu Bang would escape the moment he dodged the attack, and thus bit the bullet to take the hit.

He opened his three mouths and pounced at Liu Bang.

Liu Bang was shocked and furious.

He had not expected Wang Mang to be so persistent in order to keep him here.

In his panic, Liu Bang raised his hand and unleashed a giant palm strike toward Wang Mang. However, his face turned even paler after he used that attack, which drained him of even more of his power.

Wang Mang desperately activated his Eternal Frost divine power, ignoring the incoming palm strike.

Seeing this, Liu Bang panicked, but before he could react, he was frozen into an ice sculpture.


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