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Chapter 341 - Chapter 341: Liu Bang (Part 2)

Chapter 341: Liu Bang (Part 2)

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Yes! The system had come in clutch again! It seemed that the system really liked it when he fought others.


Perhaps it wanted him to become a troublemaker.

This gave Wang Mang extra motivation to fight Liu Bang. After listening to the system’s voice.

That being said, he was not delusional enough to think that he could kill Liu Bang, so he quickly muttered, “System, I choose Mission 2!”

[Ding! Congratulations! The host has successfully selected a mission option!

Please complete the mission as soon as possible to obtain the reward!]

‘Let’s go!’

Wang Mang’s fighting spirit peaked, and he was ready to make his move.

Feeling insulted by Wang Mang’s lack of fear, Liu Bang expression was the very picture of malevolence.

“Good, very good! Wang Mang, I want you dead today!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Liu Bang transformed into a hundred-meter-tall giant, raised his foot and tried to stomp on Wang Mang!

This bastard was looking down on him!

‘Trying to stomp on my like a common garden snake? Hmph!’

Enraged, Wang Mang immediately took on his massive form, and then fired off a Destruction Laser!

A golden beam of light shot out from Wang Mang’s mouth toward Liu Bang.

Liu Bang, who was off-balance after trying to stomp on Wang Mang, hurriedly retreated and narrowly dodged the destructive laser that shot past him.


When Liu Bang looked sideways, he saw that a mountain peak a few miles away had been completely erased by the laser beam.

Shocked, he became even more determined to get rid of Wang Mang for good before the latter could become strong enough to threaten him.

Moments later, Liu Bang put his hands together and performed a seal. After a while, he roared, “Rise up!”

Then, he flung his dragon robe at a distant mountain, sending dust and debris flying.

On the ground below, countless stone and mud golems appeared out of thin air, which slowly took on the form of soldiers, much like terracotta soldiers.

“Kill him!”

The soldiers charged in Wang Mang’s direction.

Wang Mang was speechless at this sight. He felt as if he had been humiliated.

Soldiers like these might be useful against ordinary people, but even the Red Empire’s army would be able to dismantle this army of archaic soldiers with ease, much less a powerful demon emperor like himself.

Seconds later, two more heads grew out of Wang Mang’s head. Wang Mang had finally revealed his true form!

As a three-headed, six-winged creature, he looked terrifying. One of his heads opened its mouth, and spewed out a sea of flames, which immediately turned the soldiers into ashes.

Liu Bang was even more shocked when he saw Wang Mang’s three-headed, six-winged body. He had not expected Wang Mang to actually conceal his strength. This snake was clearly not easy to deal with!

However, Wang Mang’s strength had not exceeded his expectations.

Thus, he sneered and said, “If that’s all you’re capable of, I’ll grant you a quick death now!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Liu Bang pointed at his own forehead and shouted angrily, “Dragon Emperor Qi!”

Then, something that left Wang Mang dumbstruck happened.

A 300-meter-long golden dragon emerged from Liu Bang’s body!

The golden dragon that flew out seemed to be real, and its pair of dragon eyes were full of intelligence as it circled around Liu Bang.

F*ck! Was this a real freaking dragon?

It was!

Okay, although it might not be real, its appearance was indeed not much different from the dragons in the movies he had seen. It looked mighty and domineering.

Moreover, Wang Mang could sense a strong majestic aura from this dragon.

Could it be that this was condensed from the luck and merit of the Han Dynasty?

The more Wang Mang thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible. At the same time, Wang Mang was extremely jealous.

Logically speaking, he was also an emperor in his previous life!

Why did he not have a single strand of Dragon Emperor Qi? Was it because his reign was too short?

He felt that this was most likely the case.

However, what Wang Mang did not know was that he had a dragon while he was in the Netherworld, before he reincarnated. However, his was a black dragon, and far weaker than Liu Bang’s.

As expected, this was due to his short tenure as an emperor. In comparison Liu Bang was the founding emperor of the Han Dynasty!

Therefore, in terms of luck and merit, the two were incomparable.

Only the founding emperors of past dynasties, and the emperors of the powerful dynasties, could compare to Liu Bang.

For example, Ying Zheng, who was also a founding emperor, was superior to Liu Bang in every aspect due to the size and scale of his empire.

At this moment, the dazzling golden dragon charged at Wang Mang with its claws outstretched.

However, Wang Mang did not display any weakness. His six wings flapped, and his massive three-headed body whistled through the air!

He chose to meet the golden dragon’s charge!

It was just a dragon condensed from Dragon Emperor Qi. It was not like a real dragon had appeared.. In any case, was there a rule that said that dragons were stronger than pythons?

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