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Chapter 338 - Chapter 338: Chance Encounter (Part 1)

Chapter 338: Chance Encounter (Part 1)

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Mission accomplished!

Wang Mang was honestly surprised that the mission had been completed so easily, and within a day too!

Now, he had five demon emperors under his command, of which two had reached or surpassed the 7,000-year mark, while three were close to that mark. This put Wang Mang in a good mood.

“Not bad, Not bad! Let’s head back now.”

After saying that, Wang Mang soared into the sky, leading the five demon emperors back in the direction of his home province.

Ten minutes later, while they were flying over the South Yun Province, Wang Mang sensed faint fluctuations of a battle in the mountain range below.


Why were there fights breaking out everywhere?

Curious, he flew lower to check things out, and soon saw two groups of Netherworld experts fighting.

Each group had four demon emperor-level experts!

Furthermore, of the eight Netherworld experts, four had reached or surpassed the 8,000-year mark, while the other four had reached or surpassed the 7,000-year mark.

Wang Mang’s heart sank when he saw these Netherworld experts, as the South Yun Province was very close to his territory. Were these people fighting over the right to control the South Yun Province?

It was very likely!

After all, the same thing had happened to the New Frontier Province.

At this moment, as he approached. Wang Mang could vaguely hear the angry curses of these eight Netherworld experts.

“Hei Luo Sha, do you really want to fight us to the death?”

“Do you have to compete with us when there are dozens of provinces in the Red Empire?”

“Don’t forget that after the apocalypse, Ancestral Emperor Liu will definitely be able to break through to the land immortal-level!”

“Do you think that only Ancestral Emperor Liu can become a land immortal?”

“Do you really think that our West Chu Overlord is inferior?”

“Moreover, Ancestral Emperor Liu is nothing more than a small fry.”

“Even with his current cultivation, the luck and merit he possesses is limited to the tiny bit that the former Han Dynasty has.”

“Our West Chu Overlord was a heroic figure as a human, and is a heroic figure as a ghost. He is superior to Ancestral Emperor Liu, be it the human world or the Netherworld!”

These were clearly the two competing forces of the Netherworld. Furthermore, it seemed that one side belonged to Liu Bang, who had a grudge against him.

After thinking about this, Wang Mang snickered.

Liu Bang had already revealed his undisguised hostility and killing intent toward him during the meteorite incident.

Therefore, as long as an opportunity presented itself, Wang Mang would naturally not be lenient toward a potential enemy. It was time for him to intervene.

In any case, he did not want Liu Bang to set up camp next to his home territory. Although his forces were not strong enough to deal with Liu Bang’s four experts, he could make use of the West Chu Overlord’s forces, and perhaps even forge a friendly relationship with the latter.

In any case, the West Chu Overlord, Xiang Yu, was a famous legendary figure in history that Wang Mang held some admiration for.

Just as Wang Mang was about to make his move, the system’s voice rang out.

[Ding! Host’s current status detected! The host is given the following mission options!]

[Mission 1: Ignore the fight for territory between the two Netherworld forces!]

[Mission Time: Until completion]

[Mission Reward: 1 billion evolution value!]

[Mission 2: The two Netherworld forces are fighting for territory! Choose to help Liu Bang’s forces!]

[Mission Time: Until completion]

[Mission Reward: 2 billion evolution value, Silver Treasure Chest xl!]

[Mission 3: The two Netherworld forces are fighting for territory! Choose to help Xiang Yu’s forces!]

[Mission Time: Until completion]

[Mission Reward: 5 billion evolution value, Golden Treasure Chest xl!]

[Mission 4: The two Netherworld forces are fighting for territory! Choose to strike with lightning speed and kill all of them!]

[Mission Time: Until completion]

[Mission Reward: 8 billion evolution value, Golden Treasure Chest xl!]

Amission! Nice!

This was simply icing on the cake!

After all, Wang Mang was already prepared to make a move. Since he had already made his choice beforehand, he muttered, “System, I choose Mission 3!”

[Ding! Congratulations! The host has successfully selected a mission option! Please complete the mission as soon as possible to obtain the reward!]

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