I Swear I Don't Have A Python In My Pool

Chapter 327 - Chapter 327: How Bold!

Chapter 327: How Bold!

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“Moreover, there are already six Dark Medallion holders in the Netherworld.”

“If another token appears in the future, it will only be an Immortal Chapter or Divine Token!”

“That’s why I’m advising you not to get too close to the experts of the Netherworld!”

“When the time comes, regardless of trigger or catalyst, the two factions will start fighting.”

At this point, the Dog Emperor stopped talking and glanced at Wang Mang, who was deep in thought. Wang Mang had not thought that far ahead when he opened the stone door. The only thing he had been concerned about was the existence of experts stronger than himself.

However, after thinking about it carefully, Wang Mang realized that what the Dog Emperor said made sense.

Wang Mang also knew about the tokens that currently only the Netherworld had…


The white-haired old man should have one too!

He felt that the Dog Emperor would not be so kind as to remind him for no reason. This was completely out of character for the latter.

Therefore, Wang Mang suddenly said, “Dog Emperor, what you said makes sense. However, why arc you suddenly so kind as to remind me of this?”

The Dog Emperor was immediately rendered speechless.

Moments later the Dog Emperor said angrily, “You and I are brothers. How can I bear to see you get in trouble? I won’t stand by and watch!”

The Dog Emperor’s righteous words left Wang Mang dumbfounded.

Wang Mang glanced around and snorted coldly.

“Brother Dog Emperor, if you have something to say, just say it. I’m all ears!”

The Dog Emperor felt rather awkward.

He too looked around before whispering to Wang Mang, “Brother Python Emperor, I’ve discovered that the Netherworld is truly rich!”

“Do you want to go to the Netherworld to make a fortune before the world changes!”

“How about it? Let’s go 50-50 again!”

“Let’s steal, oh I mean borrow, together!”

It was then that Wang Mang realized just how bold the Dog Emperor really was.

There were six land immortals in the Netherworld!

However, this dog still dared to scheme to steal from the Netherworld.

To be honest, Wang Mang was somewhat impressed. He too had been thinking of going to the Netherworld to steal things.

However, the Dog Emperor was not just thinking about it. This guy was about to take action!

It seemed this dog had been tempted by the half-step land immortal-level heavenly treasure that the Lord of the Eighteen Hells had taken out earlier. Surely there was even more where that came from!

However, Wang Mang did not want to take the risk right now, as he still had to digest his harvest.

Thinking this, Wang Mang sternly refused, “Brother Dog Emperor, I’m sorry, but you will have to count me out of this one.”

“There are too many experts in the Netherworld and it will be difficult to escape.”

After hearing Wang Mang’s rejection, the Dog Emperor immediately said unhappily, “Brother Python Emperor, you’re too timid!”

“Risk and reward are simply two sides of the same coin.”

“Forget it! I’ll go by myself!”

After saying that, the Dog Emperor left unhappily, leaving a speechless Wang Mang behind.

It was one thing to steal from demon emperors, but a whole different ball game to steal from land immortals.

Was he ever going to see the Dog Emperor alive again?

In the end, he shook his head and flew toward Earth as fast as he could.

Soon, he arrived back at his territory, where he discovered that the liaison officers of the Red Empire were waiting for him.

He immediately said, “Send word! I have taken care of the meteorite.”

Hearing this, the two liaison officers cried out in surprise. They knelt on the ground with tears in their eyes.

“Thank you, Lord Guardian Beast!”

“On behalf of millions of our compatriots, we thank you.”

Hearing this, Wang Mang nodded and said indifferently, “I’m going back to my cave to cultivate in seclusion. Don’t disturb me.”

With that said, Wang Mang instructed the water buffalo demon to stand guard outside the cave.

After that, Wang Mang entered the cave. He could not wait to check his harvest. “System, display my status information!”

[Host: Wang Mang]

[Species: Six-winged Three-headed Python (Adult)]

[Cultivation: 7,300 years (Demon Emperor-level)]

[Physique: 204 meters long, 9.7 meters wide, 1.5 million kg]

[Combat Strength: Bite Force: 1.5 million kg, Speed: 130 km/h]

[Skills: Corrosive Poison, Steel Body, Super Self-Healing, Underwater Breathing, Bloodthirsty Rage, Myriad Beast Intimidation, Wishful Shrinking.]

[Divine Powers: King’s Enslavement, Soul Control Seal, Regeneration, Destruction Laser, Flames of Destruction, Eternal Frost, Heaven and Earth, Bone Spur, Lightning Spell, World Walk.]

[Special: Storage Space, Information Detection, Half-step Land Immortal-level Heavenly Treasure x2, Free Divine Power Upgrade xi, Skill Fusion Card xl, Divine Power Wheel of Fortune xl, Randomized Wheel of Fortune x3, Top-grade Gacha x3, Diamond Treasure Chest X3, Free Evolution X5-]

[Mall: Activated]

[Luck value: 88 (Draconic Luck)]

[Evolution Value: 11.6 billion/16 billion]

[Current Ranking: 89th on the global ranking list of experts.]

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