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Chapter 321 - Chapter 321: Furious Attacks

Chapter 321: Furious Attacks

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At this moment, the Lord of the Eighteen Hells shouted, “Pay attention! It has already appeared!”


“Everyone, follow my lead! We’ll attack together!”

“We must destroy this meteorite!”

The moment they heard this, everyone turned to look at the red dot that was rapidly becoming larger. Then, the demon emperors immediately took on their true forms, and the space beyond Earth was filled with various terrifying demon beasts.

Everyone was ready to go all out in order to ensure their own survival.


At this moment, the Lord of the Eighteen Hells shouted angrily.

Then, he transformed into a giant creature that was hundreds of meters tall and rushed toward the meteorite without hesitation.

With him leading the vanguard, the other six land immortals also rushed forward, not to be outdone, and the demon emperors followed suit.

Despite how far away it looked, they had to act immediately, as the meteorite was traveling far faster than it seemed. If they waited for it where they were, they would have even less time to destroy it.

Wang Mang had also taken on his massive true form and joined the charge. However, he knew that he was simply there to make up the numbers. The ones who had any chance of changing Earth’s outcome were these seven land immortals.

After flying for half an hour, the Lord of the Eighteen Hells shouted, “Hurry! Attack together!”

Upon hearing this, the demon emperors activated their divine powers in unison, not holding anything back.

[Star Catcher!!]

[Heaven Twister!]

[Supreme Sword!]

[Mountains Shatterer!]


[Sun Eater!]

[Lightning Spell!]

[Soul Devoured]

[Heavenly Palm!]

[Nine Heavens Strike!]

• •

A flurry of divine powers flew toward the meteorite!

At the same time, the seven land immortals also attacked.

Compared to the demon emperors’ attacks, their attacks were far more earth-shattering.

The Lord of the Eighteen Hells created a huge hand that was several kilometers long.

The other six land immortals also activated their divine powers and attacked one after another!

[Eighteen Hells Force!]

[Ocean Crusher!]

[Hell Tribulation!]

The divine powers bombarded the terrifying flaming meteorite.

Bang! Boom! Kaboom!

Accompanied by a series of shocking explosions, parts of the meteorite exploded and flew everywhere.

However, what terrified them was that the meteorite was still mostly intact!

Their all-out attack had only destroyed 1% of the meteorite!

“Damn it! What should we do?”

“It’s over! This meteorite is too big!”

“Even if we keep attacking, it won’t be enough! There’s not enough time!”

“Unless we all self-destruct… But even then!”

“Is Earth really finished? Arc we really going to wander through space?”

At this moment, the demon emperors present were already in a state of panic.

“Let’s go! There’s no way we can stay on Earth now.”

“Do you want to wander through space with me?”

At this moment, the Dog Emperor beside Wang Mang sighed and asked.

Wang Mang’s heart sank, but he did not say anything.

At this time, the Lord of the Eighteen Hells spoke again .”Attack again! We have to do our best to stop it!”

“If one time doesn’t work, we’ll just have to keep attacking!”

Just like that, the experts present joined forces and repeatedly used their divine powers more than ten times in succession, after which they finally lost all hope.

After all they did, they had only shaved 10% off the meteorite. To put it bluntly, it was far from enough, and the meteorite was getting closer by the second.

“Sigh… Forget it! This is the will of the heavens!”

At this moment, the white-haired land immortal from Earth could not help but say bitterly.

Hearing this, even the ghosts and demons of the Netherworld fell silent.

Wang Mang felt helpless.

He could tell that they would not be able to stop this meteorite. Furthermore, it seemed that these land immortals had given up on Earth.

His heart sank.

He knew that now was not the time to hesitate. If he waited any longer, there would be no Earth left to return to.

Wang Mang hardened his heart. There was no other way.

“System, Use the Cross-Border Expert Summoning Card!”

The next moment, the system’s voice sounded.

[Ding! Congratulations! The host has successfully used the Cross-Border Expert Summoning Card to summon an expert!]

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