I Swear I Don't Have A Python In My Pool

Chapter 317 - Chapter 317: Backtracking (Part 2)

Chapter 317: Backtracking (Part 2)

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Wang Mang called out several times, but was puzzled when no one responded.


What was going on?

Were they sleeping? Did demons and ghosts even need to sleep?

Helpless, Wang Mang could only continue shouting, “Friends from beyond, it’s me! The Demon Emperor who negotiated with you last time!”

“I’m back! I thought about it for a long time when I left last time. Shall we resume where we left off?”

At this moment, the cold voice rang out, “Python Emperor, why did you suddenly change your mind?”

“If I remember correctly, you were quite ruthless last time, and even sealed the cave on your way out!”

Hearing the voice, Wang Mang was delighted.

He thought that these guys were sleeping or no longer wanted to come out. It seemed that there was still room for negotiation!

Wang Mang smiled warmly.

“Friends from beyond, you’re too anxious. Last time, I only left to think about it.”

“After thinking about it for a long time, I’ve decided that as long as you promise to pay me, I’ll definitely let you out.”

At this moment, the cold voice replied, “I’m sorry, Python Emperor! I’m afraid we’ll have to disappoint you.”

“Not long ago, one of us calculated that it wouldn’t be suitable for us to leave during the next two months.”

“Therefore, you should just leave! We’re not in a hurry, and can always resume this conversation in two months.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Mang was completely dumbfounded.

F*ck! There were definitely land immortal-level experts in the Netherworld.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to predict that a disaster would befall Earth in the near future.

Wang Mang felt the pangs of regret. If he had known earlier, he would have opened the stone door back then, and also accepted the mission from the system.

However, now there was no mission, nor the promise of heavenly treasures, yet he had no choice but to open the stone door!


Mistake! What a mistake!

Wang Mang’s heart ached. He gritted his teeth and said, “Friends from beyond, it’s fine if it’s a little less.”

“How about eight half-step land immortal-level treasures instead?”

However, after Wang Mang finished speaking, no one responded for a long time.

This made Wang Mang panic.

Could it be that these guys really did not want to come out now?

Thinking this, Wang Mang felt like crying, but still continued speaking, “If you all think that it’s too expensive, that’s fine too. How about just five?”

“C’mon guys! Please answer me!”

“Fine! Three then, I’ll accept three!”

Unfortunately, no matter what Wang Mang said, the only response he received was silence.

After a long time, a cold voice came from behind the stone door.

“Python Emperor, you should just leave. We’re not coming out now.”

Hearing this, Wang Mang was instantly enraged.



He was really making a loss in this exchange.

Furious and exasperated, Wang Mang opened his mouth and unleashed his new divine power.

Destruction Laser!

A golden laser beam crashed into the stone door!


After the dust settled, Wang Mang was stunned to discover that his destruction laser had completely obliterated the stone door.

Where it once stood was now a pitch-black bottomless pit, from which murky black gas was wafting out.

Moments later, Wang Mang felt a gust of cold wind blow past him.

Then, a ball of black gas gushed out of the abyss and condensed into a human-like figure.

Wang Mang looked at the black-robed elder in front of him in shock.

From this person’s aura, it seemed that he was even stronger than the Sea Dragon Emperor!

Wang Mang immediately used his information detection skill.

[Target: Daoist Black Dragon]

[Cultivation: 8,990 years]

[Level: Half-Step Land Immortal]

[Status: Soul State]

[Divine Powers: ???]

[Achievement: Warning! As the host has opened the Netherworld Gate, the global ranking list of experts has changed. It is currently being calculated and is unavailable for the time being.]

Holy sh*t!

8,990 years of cultivation!

This guy was truly on the verge of becoming a land immortal!

Were the demons and ghosts of the Netherworld so powerful?

To be honest, it was not that Wang Mang had not encountered ghosts before. He remembered encountering female ghosts and water ghosts in the river that

one time, but those and this guy were not even on the same playing field.

He became vigilant.

If this old man wanted to harm him, he had to activate World Walk immediately and escape!

At this moment, Daoist Black Dragon was also sizing up Wang Mang.

After a long while, Daoist Black Dragon said coldly, “You really are quite the troublemaker.”

“When I asked you to open this stone door, you refused no matter what!”

“Now, when I said that I didn’t want to come out, you insisted on destroying it.” “Are you looking down on me? Are you looking down on the Netherworld?” Faced with Daoist Black Dragon’s cold gaze, Wang Mang felt his scalp go numb.

Wang Mang hurriedly said in his best fearful tone, “Great Immortal! You’ve misunderstood!”

“My admiration for you was so great that I couldn’t wait to prostrate myself in front of you!”

“How would I dare to look down on you, Great Immortal?”

“Great Immortal, the Earth is facing a huge catastrophe now!”

“Only an expert like you, Great Immortal, can save the world!”

Wang Mang quickly explained the matter to Daoist Black Dragon.

After hearing this, Daoist Black Dragon, who was originally furious, fell into a state of deep thought.

Wang Mang did not dare to make a sound, but maintained a state of vigilance. If something seemed amiss, he would escape immediately.

After all, Wang Mang was very confident in his speed.

Suddenly, Daoist Black Dragon looked coldly at Wang Mang and said in a cold

voice, “So, you wanted us to come out and solve this problem?”

“If there was no such thing, you wouldn’t have released us, right?”

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