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Chapter 311 - Chapter 311: Giant Meteorite (Part 2)

Chapter 311: Giant Meteorite (Part 2)

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Hearing this, Wang Mang was stunned.


“Half a month?”

The young man nodded bitterly and said, “Yes, Lord Demon Emperor!”

“The impact from a meteorite of this size will be even more devastating than when the dinosaurs were made extinct, and will destroy 90% of the living beings on Earth’s surface!”

“The meteorite that destroyed the dinosaurs was only 10 kilometers in diameter!”

“Based on our estimations, the devastation caused by this meteorite will be at least 30 times more powerful!”

After hearing the liaison’s words, Wang Mang fell silent.

Why was there an apocalypse before the apocalypse?

Was there even a need for the second one then? This one was too f*cking ridiculous!

Just thinking about it filled Wang Mang with panic.


If it hit the Earth, they were all doomed!

The first thing that came to mind was to escape. However, where could he run off to? Space?

Could he survive in space? It might be possible!

After all, he was a powerful demon emperor…

But what would he do then? Explore the universe? What about his family? Would life even be worth living then?

In Wang Mang’s opinion, even a land immortal would not be able to deal with this crisis. This meteorite was large enough to wipe Earth out several times over!

Wang Mang felt extremely bitter.

Even if he could escape, his family could not!

While Wang Mang was at a loss, the liaison suddenly interjected, “What does Lord Demon Emperor think we should do?”


What could they do?


What could anyone do?

He could not even escape even if he wanted to!

Thinking this, Wang Mang became even more frustrated. He had not expected to face such a crisis right after becoming the Red Empire’s National Guardian Beast.

He suddenly asked, “How about you guys launch nukes to destroy it?”

The liaison shook his head helplessly.

“That’s impossible. Anyone with common sense knows that it’s impossible.”

“It’s impossible to destroy a meteorite of this size with modern weaponry!”

“Even the Blue Empire does not have the technology to deal with this meteorite! Hell, our missiles and bombs aren’t even fast enough to catch it, much less destroy it!”

“Even if we use every single nuke on Earth, it won’t make a difference.”

“Right now, the higher-ups of the various empires in the world are already having emergency meetings. So far, the consensus is that the world has to rely on the power of the demon race.”

“If you all can’t do anything, then the Earth will be destroyed!”

“Lord Demon Emperor, only you demons can save the world now!”

“We’re willing to put our trust in you! You can definitely do it!”

Hearing the liaison’s words, Wang Mang almost cried out loud.


These people thought too highly of him!

He could not even save himself, much less the world…

Wang Mang was very clear about his own strength.

He had no way to deal with this super meteorite. Heck, he had no idea who could.

However, just as Wang Mang was about to reject him, the system’s voice rang out.

[Ding! Host’s current status detected! The host is given the following mission options!]

[Mission 1: Faced with the super meteorite summoned by Liu Xiu before his death, choose to escape, turn a blind eye, and be a coward!]

[Mission Time: Until completion]

[Mission Reward: 10 billion evolution value, Top-grade Gacha xl!]

[Mission 2: Attack the super meteorite that Liu Xiu summoned before his death with all of your might. Success or failure, become a hero!]

[Mission Time: Until completion]

[Mission Reward: Free Evolution xi, Top-grade Gacha x2, Randomized Wheel of Fortune x2?]

[Mission 3: Faced with the super meteorite that Liu Xiu summoned before his death, save the world by destroying the meteorite!]

[Mission Time: Until completion]

[Mission Reward: Free Evolution x3, Top-grade Gacha x3, Randomized Wheel of Fortune X3!]

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