I Swear I Don't Have A Python In My Pool

Chapter 307 - Chapter 307: Netherworld Gate (Part 5)

Chapter 307: Netherworld Gate (Part 5)

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Thus, Wang Mang was indeed unwilling to take the risk.


Wang Mang’s tone was filled with regret.

“Since you can’t give me the heavenly treasures first, then I can’t help you!”

With that, Wang Mang turned to leave.

At this moment, the existences behind the Netherworld Gate became anxious and more urgent.

“Python Emperor, stop!”

“As long as you break open the stone door, we will definitely hand over the heavenly treasures!”

“There’s no need to doubt us. After all, we have land immortals among our ranks.”

Unfortunately, Wang Mang remained unmoved by the offer and slithered out of the cave.

“Python Emperor, it won’t take you much effort. Why aren’t you willing to help?”

“Damn it! B*stard! When we get out of here, we’ll definitely tear you into pieces!”

Towards the end, the voices turned into angry roars.

Wang Mang sneered.

“Alright! Then I will wait for you to come out, but don’t even think of doing so anytime soon!”

With that, Wang Mang left the cave, and even sealed off the cave entrance to prevent others from finding it. He even covered the area with his demonic aura to scare off other demon emperors that were weaker than him.

After doing all this, Wang Mang felt much better.

Then, he took on his massive form, unfurled his four wings, and soared into the clouds.

Two hours later, Wang Mang had already returned to his cave, and instructed the tiger demon to stand guard outside.

Once inside, he quickly examined his harvest.

“System, display my status information!”

[Host: Wang Mang]

[Species: Four-winged Bull Flame Python (Max)]

[Cultivation: 7,200 years (Demon Emperor-level)]

[Physique: 200 meters long, 9 meters wide, 1.2 million kg]

[Combat Strength: Bite Force: 1.2 million kg, Speed: 129 km/h]

[Skills: Corrosive Poison, Steel Body, Super Self-Healing, Underwater

Breathing, Bloodthirsty Rage, Myriad Beast Intimidation, Wishful Shrinking.]

[Divine Powers: King’s Enslavement, Soul Control Seal, Regeneration, Mystic Water Heavy Domain, Sky World, Lava Eruption, Bone Spur, Lightning Spell, World Walk.]

[Special: Storage Space, Information Detection, Free Divine Power Upgrade xl, Cross-Border Expert Summoning Card xl, Skill Fusion Card xl, Specified Wheel of Fortune xl, Randomized Wheel of Fortune xl, Top-Grade Gacha xl, Advanced Gacha xl]

[Mall: Activated]

[Luck value: 88 (Draconic Luck)]

[Evolution Value: 5.6 billion/15 billion]

[Current Ranking: 68th on the global ranking list of experts.]

Wang Mang’s eyes lit up.

He might be able to evolve again!

However, he needed a new template first. It was time to roll the dice.

Thinking this, Wang Mang muttered, “System, activate the Specified Wheel of Fortune, focusing on the template category!”

[Ding! Congratulations! Successfully activated the Specified Wheel of Fortune!]

Then, a huge wheel appeared in Wang Mang’s mind, and he smiled happily once he saw what was listed on it.

The nine prizes were:

[Template: Nine-Headed Hell Python!]


[Template: Nine-headed Eight-winged Python!]

[Template: Nine Tribulations Heavenly Python!]

[Template: Nine-colored Heaven-Devouring Python!]

[Template: Eight-winged Black Demon Dragon!]

[Template: Ancient Void Dragon!]

[Template: Six-winged Three-headed Python!]

[Template: Four-winged Flood Dragon!]

[Template: Nine-Headed Emperor Python!]


There were even dragon templates included this time!

Would his luck ring true?

He was filled with anticipation as he watched the wheel start to turn.

What kind of template would he get this time?

His snake eyes followed the wheel around and around, and a minute later…

[Ding! Congratulations! Obtained…]

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