I Swear I Don't Have A Python In My Pool

Chapter 296 - Chapter 296: Quadruple Evolution

Chapter 296: Quadruple Evolution

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Soon after, Wang Mang completely lost consciousness. When he woke up, he continued his next evolution.


[Ding! 10 billion evolution value has been successfully deducted!]

This process repeated itself until he ran out of evolution value.

Unbeknownst to him, during the process of his evolution, something was happening to Immortal Nanhua.

At this moment, in a vast mountain forest, Immortal Nanhua was standing proudly on a mountain peak and laughing wildly.

This was because he had previously discovered a half-step land immortal-level heavenly treasure in a mystic realm.

At his cultivation level, only heavenly treasures of this level were useful, which was also the reason why it was more difficult for him to increase his cultivation level.

Over the years, he had been constantly searching for these heavenly treasures.

Unfortunately, there were simply too few of them, and one could only encounter them if one was fated.

In all these years, this was the second half-step land immortal-level heavenly treasure that he had encountered.

The first one had allowed his cultivation level to reach the 8,000-year mark, so he was excited to see how much his cultivation would increase after consuming this one.

Thinking this, he quickly searched for a place he could cultivate in seclusion.

He could not wait to become stronger, and one step closer to the Human Immortal realm!

Soon, he found a cave and began his secluded cultivation.

However, two hours later, after devouring the heavenly treasure, Immortal Nanhua suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

His face was flushed red, and his eyes bloodshot, as he roared angrily in confusion, “Damn it! What’s going on?”

“How could I have suffered a cultivation deviation at this point?”

At this moment, his face turned pale and blood spurted out of his mouth again.

“No! No! Why is it like this!”

“Ah! My heavenly treasure!”

Much of his white hair had fallen off, and he had suffered internal injuries, which was a clear sign of a backlash.

His heart bled because the heavenly treasure did not help him break through, but rather caused a backlash from cultivation deviation that resulted in him being seriously injured.

How had he suffered a backlash from a minor realm breakthrough? Such a thing was only supposed to happen when he attempted to breach the 9,000-year barrier.


He stood up shakily and left the cave. His old face was pale and haggard.

At the same time, he began to try and divine the reason behind this backlash. There was something fishy about this incident.

Unfortunately, no matter what method he used, he was unable to divine anything useful, other than the fact that he was plagued by bad luck.

Frustrated, he decided to find a place to recover first.

However, what he did not know was that the next unlucky incident was lying in wait for him.

Elsewhere, Wang Mang had already completed his fourth evolution.

The first evolution cost 9 billion evolution value!

10 billion evolution value for the second evolution!

12 billion evolution value for the third evolution!

13 billion evolution value for the fourth evolution!

All in all, he had spent 44 billion evolution value!

To cap it all off, he still had two Advanced Gachas and two Top-grade Gachas. This put him in an excellent mood, as he muttered, “System, display my status information!”

[Host: Wang Mang]

[Species: Four-winged Bull Flame Python (Adult)]

[Cultivation: 7,100 years (Demon Emperor-level)]

[Physique: 196 meters long, 9 meters wide, 1.1 million kg]

[Combat Strength: Bite Force: 1.1 million kg, Speed: 128 km/h]

[Skills: Corrosive Poison, Steel Body, Super Self-Healing, Underwater

Breathing, Bloodthirsty Rage, Myriad Beast Intimidation, Wishful Shrinking.] [Divine Powers: King’s Enslavement, Soul Control Seal, Regeneration, Mystic Water Heavy Domain, Sky World, Lava Eruption, Bone Spur, Lightning Spell, World Walk.]

[Special: Storage Space, Information Detection, Free Divine Power Upgrade xl, Advanced Gacha x2, Top-grade Gacha x2, Cross-Border Expert Summoning Card xi.]

[Mall: Activated]

[Luck value: 88 (Draconic Luck)]

[Evolution Value: 955 million/14 billion]

[Current Ranking: 68th on the global ranking list of experts.]

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