I Swear I Don't Have A Python In My Pool

Chapter 293 - Chapter 293: Betrayal (Part 2)

Chapter 293: Betrayal (Part 2)

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Wang Mang suppressed the excitement in his heart, and subconsciously used the information detection skill.


[Target: Lotus Spirit Flower]

[Cultivation: 8,900 years]

[Level: Half-Step Land Immortal]

[Target: Nine-Sectioned Hundred Spirit Bamboo]

[Cultivation: 8,910 years]

[Level: Half-Step Land Immortal]

[Target: Black Bone Spirit Magnificent Mushroom]

[Cultivation: 7,100 years]

[Level: Demon Emperor]

[Target: Purple Soul Grass]

[Cultivation: 7,200 years]

[Level: Demon Emperor]

There were nearly ten heavenly treasures present, but other than the three half-step land immortal-level ones, the rest were demon emperor-level heavenly treasures.

Wang Mang was so excited that he almost drooled.

The 7,000-year mark would be within his grasp if he could obtain these!

At the same time, Wang Mang also began to think about how to make his move. Even with his strength, it was very likely that a few of these heavenly treasures would be able to escape.

Therefore, the method with the best chances of success was if he had help, specifically the green lotus’ help.

With this thought in mind, Wang Mang sent a voice transmission.

“Green Lotus, help me capture the demon emperor-level heavenly treasures when I make my move later.”

In response to Wang Mang’s voice transmission, the green lotus replied calmly, “Understood, Demon Emperor.”

After hearing this response, Wang Mang began to stealthily approach the depths of the cave.

However, not long after Wang Mang started approaching, he heard a furious voice.

“Who is it? Come out!”

Hearing this, Wang Mang quietly looked up and realized that the two half-step land immortal-level heavenly treasures had already discovered him and were staring warily in his direction.


Still, he did not think that these two heavenly treasures would be able to escape him, so he no longer concealed himself and openly walked into the depths of the cave.

When they saw Wang Mang, the two heavenly treasures heaved a sigh of relief.

Judging from his aura, Wang Mang was not too powerful.


It seemed that Wang Mang had restrained his aura enough to convince these two that he was not a threat.

With this thought in mind, Wang Mang decided to play out a little act, and whispered in fear, “Demon Kings, this little demon was passing by this place and came here by chance.”

Oh? It was a minor demon?

The heavenly treasures relaxed their vigilance. This was not a threat to them at all, as they were much faster than even ordinary demon emperors.

Wang Mang naturally took note of this, and said in a terrified tone, “Greetings, Lord Demon Kings.”

Seeing that Wang Mang treated them as demon kings, these heavenly treasures chuckled, and then disregarded him.

Wang Mang quietly and tentatively approached.

Then, while they turned to go about their own matters, he suddenly charged forward as fast as lightning.

His huge tail instantly wrapped around the two half-step land immortal-level.

At the same time, the moment Wang Mang attacked, the green lotus also attacked.

Unfortunately, although Wang Mang had managed to capture his two targets, the green lotus only managed to obtain two demon emperor-level heavenly treasures.

The rest of them burrowed into the ground and disappeared in an instant.

Wang Mang’s expression turned ugly.

Wang Mang first subdued these two half-step land immortal-level heavenly treasures and put them into his storage space, and then stared at the green lotus.

Seeing this, the green lotus said awkwardly, “Demon Emperor, I really tried to help you. It’s just that they reacted too quickly.”

“However, I’ve already fulfilled my promise to you, so can you let me go now?”

“Of course.” Wang Mang chuckled.

“Give me those two heavenly treasures first.”

Thinking nothing of it, the green lotus handed the two heavenly treasures to him and turned to leave.

However, seconds later, Wang Mang had already wrapped his huge tail around it.

Furious, the green lotus looked at Wang Mang and asked, “Demon Emperor, what do you mean by this?”

“Could it be that you really want to do something unbefitting of your status as a demon emperor?”

“Little fellow, please don’t misunderstand.”

Wang Mang smiled sinisterly.

“I said that I ‘might’ I’ll let you off back then. I never said that I definitely would.”

“You… Youb*stard!”

“You bring shame upon the demon emperors and demon race!”

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