I Swear I Don't Have A Python In My Pool

Chapter 287 - Chapter 287: Reunion (Part 2)

Chapter 287: Reunion (Part 2)

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It seemed that Lady White Water did not recognize him.


Otherwise, she would not have called him Demon Emperor.

Should he reveal his identity?

After hesitating for a while, he decided not to.

Glancing at Lady White Water, he deliberately said, “To be using that tone with me, you seem to be very dissatisfied with me.”

Upon hearing Wang Mang’s words, the white python demon kings were alarmed.

They hurriedly gestured toward Lady White Water, afraid that she would offend a demon emperor. That would be a disaster for the White Python Demon Clan!

Even though the White Python Demon Clan had several great demon kings, they were no match for a demon emperor.

They heaved a sigh of relief when Lady White Water signaled that she understood.

Her cold tone softened somewhat, “1 wouldn’t dare. I’ve always had a cold personality, and have no intentions of disrespecting you, Lord Demon Emperor.”

Seeing her give in to him, he felt much better.

In actual fact, he had been considering killing her this entire time. After all, before she left the reservoir, she had killed his subordinate, Dark Light.

Wang Mang still remembered this matter clearly.

At this moment, he suddenly thought of something and asked, “What treasures do you have here? Is there anything worth my while?”

“Since I’m passing through this place, you won’t let me leave empty-handed, right?”

In a sense, this was making things difficult for them.

After hearing Wang Mang’s words, the group of white pythons fell silent.

However, it was at this point that Lady Whitewater piped up, “Lord Demon Emperor, I do know of a place with treasures.”

Hearing this, Wang Mang glanced at her in surprise and said, “Tell me! However, ordinary treasures do not interest me.”

At that moment, the leader of the white python demon kings berated her, “Lady White Water, don’t spout nonsense!”

“Lord Demon Emperor, why would you take a fancy to our heavenly treasures? The things we consider heavenly treasures are worthless in your eyes.”

It seemed that this white python king knew what was up. Thus, after seeing that Lady White Water had remained silent, Wang Mang decided to leave.

He would take a stroll around this place, and then return to his home territory. In Wang Mang’s opinion, Immortal Nanhua should have left by now.

However, at this moment, Lady White Water’s cold voice rang out again.

“The treasure might be one that is close to the land immortal-level.”

Hearing this, Wang Mang abruptly turned to look at Lady White Water, his deep snake eyes coldly staring at her.

Seeing that she was not flustered at all, he was shocked.

Could it be that what she said was true?

Did she really know the location of a heavenly treasure that was as valuable as that?

Wang Mang’s interest was piqued.

If he could get his hands on another half-step land immortal-level heavenly treasure, then he would easily be able to evolve again!

Wang Mang pondered for a moment before asking coldly, “Are you sure?”

“If you dare to deceive me, the consequences will not be something you or your clan can handle!”

In the face of Wang Mang’s cold words, Lady White Water’s tone remained cold and firm.

“I wouldn’t lie to you, Lord Demon Emperor.”

“However, if you want me to reveal the information about this heavenly treasure, you have to promise me one thing.”

“Otherwise, take it as if I had never mentioned it.”

Hearing this, Wang Mang was instantly speechless. He had not expected Lady White Water to start talking about conditions for him.

However, he wanted to see what she had in mind.

“Speak! What do you want?”

Then, she said something that left him stunned.

“Lord Demon Emperor, if you want to know the whereabouts of this heavenly treasure, 1 need you to help me go to a neighboring province and kill a black python demon!”

Eh? Why did he feel that Lady White Water was talking about him?

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