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Chapter 285 - Chapter 285: Nothing’s Working!

Chapter 285: Nothing’s Working!

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Was the system trying to send him to his death?

Immortal Nanhua’s cultivation level had exceeded the 8,000-year mark!

How could he possibly defeat him?

Back in the New Frontier Province, despite being surrounded by five demon emperors, Immortal Nanhua had emerged safe and sound.

From this, it could be seen how powerful this old man was.

Therefore, Wang Mang did not really want to take the risk, as it was very likely that his life would be in danger.

The problem was that his obsession with mission rewards would not let him walk away.

The first mission option’s rewards were pure trash!

A mere 100 million evolution value!

Was he going to accept that paltry sum?


Rather than that, even if he tried the second mission option and failed, at the very least, he would be able to test the old man’s strength.

Of course, the third mission option was completely out of the question.

Wang Mang finally made his choice.

“System, I choose Mission 2!”

[Ding! The host has successfully selected a mission option! Please complete the mission as soon as possible to obtain the reward! ]

F*ck it! Time to fight!

“Old man, come at me if you’re not afraid of death!”

With that, Wang Mang flapped his four wings and flew into the distance.

Upon seeing this, Immortal Nanhua was shocked. He subconsciously thought that Wang Mang was trying to escape.

Thus, he charged forward with terrifying speed, and quickly closed the gap.

However, what he did not know was that Wang Mang had only deliberately slowed down. Otherwise, he would not have been able to catch up so quickly.

In just over ten minutes, which just so happened to be the moment Wang Mang left his own province, he was intercepted by Immortal Nanhua.

Hovering proudly in the air, Immortal Nanhua stared coldly at Wang Mang and sneered.

“The scenery here is not bad. It is a suitable place for your grave!”

Wang Mang’s eyes turned cold as he once again used his information detections skill.

[Target: Immortal Nanhua]

[Cultivation: 8,300 years]

[Level: Heaven realm (comparable to a top-tier demon emperor)]

[Divine Powers: ???]

[Achievement: Ranked 35th on the global ranking list of experts.]

[Luck: 951

[Danger Level: Fatal]

The old man’s cultivation level had gone up by 200 years!

Thankfully, it seemed that his overall cultivation realm remained unchanged.

However, the sense of oppression Immortal Nanhua exuded made it difficult for Wang Mang to breathe.

Although Wang Mang appeared relaxed on the surface, he was on high alert.

Suddenly, Immortal Nanhua shouted angrily, “Go to hell!”

He shot toward Wang Mang as fast as lightning.

At the same time, his hands continuously formed hand seals. Terrifying sword beams shot out rapidly from his fingers like a machine gun, forcing Wang Mang to dodge frantically.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…

After a number of shocking explosions, Wang Mang turned around and was shocked to find that the mountain below him had been turned into ruins.

Those sword beams were shockingly powerful!

If he took one of those head-on, he would not fare much better than that mountain.

However, Wang Mang would not be cowed so easily.

Lightning energy began to gather between his two horns, which then flashed toward Immortal Nanhua.

However, it was useless. Immortal Nanhua simply waved his hand, and a surge of spiritual energy dispersed the lightning bolts.

At the same time, Immortal Nanhua’s palms descended from above like Buddha’s palms.

Upon seeing this, Wang Mang opened his mouth and spewed out crimson lava.


The lava was repelled by the spiritual energy surrounding the palms, and the crimson lava splashed onto the forest below, setting it ablaze.

However, in the sea of fire, Immortal Nanhua remained unfazed, and charged toward Wang Mang. More and more palm strikes descended.

Seeing this, Wang Mang’s heart sank, and he quietly used his mental-type divine powers!

King’s Enslavement!

Soul Control Seal!

However, something shocking happened. Immortal Nanhua barely paused for a second before continuing to charge at Wang Mang.


This old man was imbalanced!

How was this even fair?

Wang Mang felt extremely helpless, and hurriedly flapped his four wings to dodge the palm strikes, which created huge craters on the ground below.


System! Why was the mission not completed yet?

They had been fighting for quite some time already!

If they continued fighting, Wang Mang felt that he might really die!

Then, the voice that Wang Mang had been desperately hoping to hear finally spoke up.

[Ding! Congratulations! You have fought with Immortal Nanhua for more than 10 minutes and successfully completed the mission! ]

[Ding! Congratulations! Obtained 1 billion evolution value!]

[Ding! Congratulations! Obtained Advanced Gacha xi!]

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