I Swear I Don't Have A Python In My Pool

Chapter 28

The Humiliated Bengal Tiger!

After the big bear bit the goat to death, Wang Mang slithered over and swallowed the goat.

At the same time, the system’s voice sounded. [Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully devouring the mutated goat. You have obtained 500 evolution points!]


Wang Mang was not surprised at all to hear that. He knew that consuming members of the Beast God Space could indeed give him more evolution points.

It was much more than the evolution points provided by regular wild goats.

At the same time, Wang Mang finally understood why the big bear had suddenly attacked and bitten the goat to death.

This goat was also a member of the Beast God Space, but he was curious about how he could tell them apart from normal animals.

Wang Mang asked the bear directly. The big bear said proudly, “After I failed the last mission, I bought Microscopy and Psychology.

“With these skills, it’s perfectly easy for me to single them out. Our captain told us about this.

“Moreover, these weak skills are very cheap, but they’re very practical. Many people won’t buy these useless things.

“Yet the captain asked us to buy them so that we could differentiate which of these wild animals are from the Beast God Space and which are wild animals.”

Wang Mang was speechless.

It seemed that the Bengal tiger that he had killed last time was quite smart.

It was just that the last time he met Wang Mang, the difference in strength between the two sides was too great, so all his tricks did not matter.

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded. “Old Hei?”

After hearing the voice, the black bear hurriedly looked over and saw a big tree.

A two-meter-tall gorilla was sitting on the tree that was more than twenty meters tall.

“Brother, come down quickly. I’ve gotten us a really reliable helper for this mission!”

After seeing the gorilla, the big black bear hurriedly called out.

The gorilla came down after he saw it was his teammate.

In truth, Wang Mang was no stranger to this gorilla.

It was the gorilla that he had killed last time.

Clearly, after recognizing Wang Mang, the gorilla still had lingering fears from being killed by Wang Mang last time.

Now that he saw this even more terrifying and ferocious python in front of him, he was even more careful and vigilant.

After the big bear explained everything, the gorilla also found out Wang Mang’s identity. He was even more shocked.

When he heard that the python was willing to help them, the gorilla pounded his chest excitedly. “Brother Python, don’t worry. After this mission, we’ll help you hunt down Wang Teng’s team.

“Lu Xueyi, that damned poodle! How dare she lie to our Brother Giant Python? She’s asking to die!”

Looking at the gorilla’s fawning expression, Wang Mang was much happier.

“It’s nothing much. As long as you help me, I’ll help you the next time you meet me on a mission.”

Of course, the reason why Wang Mang agreed to help them was because he needed their help.

Similarly, it was also because the evolution points obtained by the members of the Beast God Space were very considerable, surpassing that of ordinary wild beasts.

Now that they had Wang Mang’s help, the bear and the gorilla were no longer hiding.

Instead, they were swaggering through the forest. Clearly, Wang Mang’s promise to help made them feel extremely safe.

Their confidence in completing this mission had instantly exploded!

After all, looking at the ten teams participating in the mission, they really could not think of any team that could threaten Wang Mang.

Perhaps there were indeed many teams that could threaten them, but could they threaten Wang Mang?

No way in hell! He was a python that was twenty meters long and thicker than the waists of two adults.

How could any of these teams threaten Wang Mang?

Moreover, they had a deep understanding of how terrifying Wang Mang was!

Therefore, with Wang Mang’s help, they could do whatever they wanted!

At least in this mission, they were unstoppable.

In that case, why should they hide?!

Yeah, maybe they were riding on his coattails… But did it matter?

The fact remained that they were able to complete the mission!

‘Not convinced? If you’re not convinced, you can go and get help!’

At this moment, the smug big bear and the gorilla had such thoughts.

It was also because this mission had been going on for so long, yet this was the first time they felt so proud.

It could be said that this was one of the few times they felt that the mission was very easy.

However, just as the big bear and the gorilla were leading Wang Mang to kill the other team members in the forest…

Suddenly, an angry tiger roar came from the distant forest.

When they heard the voice, the gorilla and the big bear were shocked. “Uh-oh! That’s the captain’s voice!”

After saying that, they hurriedly turned to look at Wang Mang and said, “Brother Python, let’s hurry up and take a look!”

Clearly, the gorilla and the big bear were very worried about their captain’s safety.

After all, the two strongest teams in this mission were Big King and Little King.

The other eight teams were simply the hunting targets of these two teams!

In that case, even their captain, the Bengal tiger, was in danger!

Hearing this, Wang Mang nodded his huge head and followed behind them, rushing toward the source of the sound.

Ten minutes later.

Following the gorilla and the big bear’s lead, Wang Mang and the others had arrived at a clearing in the forest.

In an empty field not far away, there were three very strong and huge African lions!

These three lions were all muscular.

One of the lions was biting a Bengal tiger that was covered in wounds.

The other two African lions stood not far away, preventing the Bengal tiger from escaping at any time.

Moreover, these three huge lions were abnormally arrogant.

They did not choose to kill the Bengal tiger immediately.

On the contrary, they seemed to be deliberately humiliating and toying with the Bengal tiger.

Otherwise, they could swarm forward and bite the Bengal tiger to death at any time.

In addition, Wang Mang also found this battered Bengal tiger especially familiar.

Evidently, it was the Bengal tiger that Wang Mang had killed not long ago!

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