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Chapter 251 - Chapter 251: Black Bear Emperor

Chapter 251: Black Bear Emperor

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Wang Mang was dumbfounded.


He was ready to go home!

Why did the system issue him another mission?

Moreover, this mission did not seem to be simple.

He was given a total of five choices, and three of them were out of the question. Picking the first two would be simply embarrassing as a demon emperor, and the last mission option was downright impossible.

That left the third and fourth mission options. Wang Mang pondered this matter for some time.

In his opinion, there were two demon emperors that he was capable of killing, which were the Dog Emperor and the Tiger Emperor.


However, he really did not want to kill the Dog Emperor. After all, the latter had helped him out while he was in the New Frontier Province.

Furthermore, the Dog Emperor was a source of heavenly treasures. Wherever it went, there would be a harvest.

That left the Tiger Emperor, who he had been in conflict with multiple times. Sure, the Tiger Emperor was pretty strong, but Wang Mang fancied his chances.

Also, he wanted revenge!

“System, 1 choose Mission 3!”

[Ding! The host has successfully selected a mission option! Please complete the mission as soon as possible to obtain the reward! ]

Wang Mang rubbed his non-existent knuckles together.

It was time for some payback, baby!

He then prepared to set off, but in the process realized that he still did not know where he was.

Taking out the map from his storage space, he studied it for some time, and concluded to his amazement that the Spatial Translocation Talisman had actually transported him to the West River Province.

That was well over a thousand miles away from his original location!

In other words, if he wanted to find the Tiger Emperor again, he would need to cross the South Lake and North Lake Provinces.

Of course, this distance was now very easy to cover for Wang Mang, who unfurled his massive wings and soared into the sky.

In the blink of an eye, an hour had passed.

At this moment, in a desolate mountain forest.

Wang Mang’s massive body descended from the sky, flying at high speed at a low altitude toward the Kunlun Mountains.

When he got closer, his heart sank.

He could sense the demonic aura of two demon emperors here. Once was clearly the Tiger Emperor, but the other one was completely unfamiliar.

The one thing he could tell was that this unfamiliar demon emperor was as strong, or stronger than the Tiger Emperor.

As he continued to approach, he heard the Tiger Emperor’s voice.

“Fellow Demon Emperor, why have you come here?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Wang Mang saw the Tiger Emperor’s massive body fly out from the depths of the cave like a gust of wind.

Moments later, an extremely strong black bear rushed out of the cave as well.

The moment he saw the black bear, Wang Mang used his information detection skill.

[Target: Black Bear Emperor)

[Cultivation: 6,800 years]

[Level: Demon Emperor]

[Divine Powers: ???]

[Achievement: Ranked 83rd on the global ranking list of experts. |

[Danger Level: Extremely high]


There was a Black Bear Emperor?

Was it related to the Black Bear Demon King?

Just as Wang Mang was sizing up the Black Bear Emperor, the other two demon emperors were sizing him up.

The Tiger Emperor was already shocked.

Only a few days had passed, yet the damned snake had become stronger again!

What f*cking drugs were he on?

This was f*cking doping!

He actually sensed a fatal threat from Wang Mang, which meant that Wang Mang was definitely capable of lulling him!

Since that was the case, this damned snake was surely here for revenge…

Thinking this, the Tiger Emperor became furious. Snakes were supposed to be emotionless creatures. Why the f*ck was this one holding a grudge? Did those drugs alter his DNA?

This was simply un-bear-able!

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