I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Chapter 664 - 664 An Unexpected Turn Of Events (Part 2)

664 An Unexpected Turn Of Events (Part 2)


A leader of one of the nine zones’ races also had a circle of light appear in front of him.

It scared the others around him and they all ran away.

That person had an uneasy expression.

He had broken through and transcended the World Creator realm by relying on a great opportunity somewhere and the inheritance of an expert.

Unknowingly, he had become a chess piece that was controlled by the other party.

Now, his own life and death were not within his control.

Therefore, the feeling of unease was natural and expected.

Chu’s expression changed. Could there be a problem with the world that his clone had obtained?

He remained silent as the power of his Dao path circulated through the world, silently observing. Once there was any abnormality, he would immediately discard the world.

Many experts were now anxious. If there were problems with the opportunities they had obtained in the chaos, then how many people had become unwitting pawns of these experts?

Suddenly, among the celestial race’s experts, a ripple of light suddenly appeared in front of one of their experts who had transcended the World Creator realm.

This expert was relatively weak, and almost failed to support the appearance of the ring of light, and his body cracked.

Xi’s expression changed. Which existence had dared to mess with the celestial race?

If this was the case, were the immortal and demon races compromised as well? The answer was almost certainly yes.

The expert that was being controlled was trembling and his Dap path was shaking.

If this controlling technique was used on someone too weak, it would destroy the cultivation foundation. After this, this expert’s strength would either drop or be unable to advance any further.

Would the human race be spared?

Chu’s expression changed as he looked at Xia.

Xia’s expression was calm, and there was nothing unusual about it.

Ji was even calmer.

The path of the Extreme Dao was special, so who could use him as a chess piece?

Chu hurriedly contacted Hong and the others to see if there was anyone in the human race who was encountering such a situation.

Surprisingly, the human race was unaffected.

Regardless of the reason behind this, it was a blessing for the human race.

As the chess pieces secretly controlled by various experts were revealed one by one, circles of light appeared all over the place, providing those experts with a gateway to observe the Divine World and the Heavenly Dao.

At the same time, if the situation warranted it, those experts could use their pawns as locators to teleport over.

Everyone was feeling anxious at this situation, repeatedly examining themselves for any traces of abnormalities.

They all inwardly swore that, from this moment on, they would be more careful when seizing opportunities in the chaos, especially those left behind by ancient experts.

Experts began to rush over from the chaos. Once they arrived, rings of light would appear in front of them, which meant that they were all pawns.

The appearance of the Heavenly Dao was too sudden, and the changes in the nine zones had shocked everyone, forcing these hidden powerful experts to activate their chess pieces.

How many of these powerful experts were hidden in the chaos?

How many pawns were there?

The experts who had rushed over were basically all World Creator realm experts and above.

There were very few Daoyuan realm cultivators among them.

Even those who had transcended the World Creator realm were not spared.

Had it not been for this sudden change in the nine zones, this unbelievable fact would never have been uncovered.

As the pawns of these powerful experts appeared one after another, everyone was shocked.

This time, the changes in the nine zones had a huge impact that affected the entire chaos.

At a certain moment, an extremely powerful aura made itself known. It was an expert who had reached the 50-million-mile mark!

However, when the expert arrived and saw the rings of light, he was shocked.

He hurriedly retracted his aura and concealed his presence.

He had thought that by arriving first, he would be able to seize the initiative with his strength. However, he now realized that there were many terrifying experts who had set their sights on the Divine World.

Chu Xuan looked out into the chaos and watched the situation unfold.

As expected, the appearance of the Heavenly Dao triggered a great change in the chaos.

Among the experts who were observing the Divine World, the old ancestor of the giant race was the strongest, and was on the verge of breaking through to the chaos supreme realm.

However, that last step had stumped him, and he had clearly not found the right method to break through.

If a chaos supreme realm expert deigned to give him a few pointers, he would no doubt be able to break through immediately.

However, he was not alone. Many other experts were also stuck at the same juncture.

Furthermore, no chaos supreme realm expert would share their experience and help them out.

It was precisely because of this that the chaos supreme realm had always been legendary and mysterious.

With such a powerful expert backing them, it was no wonder that the giant race was so confident. Even if they remained neutral, no one would dare to force them to take a side.

That being said, to Chu Xuan’s surprise, there was no chaos supreme realm expert involved.

Was his previous guess wrong?

None of the experts present were pawns of chaos supreme realm experts.

Still, Chu Xuan could not help but sigh at this scene.

Those hidden experts were really sinister.

They left behind some inheritances and even helped some living beings to break through and transcend the World Creator realm.

However, in reality, they were secretly controlling the other party, making them pawns.

After this incident, everyone would definitely become more cautious. No one wanted to become a pawn and lose control of their own bodies.

It was too terrifying.

Did the changes truly not attract the attention of chaos supreme realm experts?

Chu Xuan did not believe it. He was expecting these chaos supreme realm experts to eventually come personally and try to seize the Heavenly Dao from him.

Was the right time not right yet, were they still observing, or was they under some kind of restriction?

There had to be some sort of reason behind this situation.

In that special space in the chaos called the supreme primal chaos space, the tall and sturdy figure opened his eyes once again, revealing a look of confusion.

“The Heavenly Dao?”

“Divine World?”

The changes in the nine zones had come too suddenly.

In the past, he had not paid much attention to the nine zones.

Although it was the first world created by the chaos, its creation energy had long been exhausted.

However, without a sound, such a sudden change had occurred.

Even he was caught off-guard by this. Noticing how unusual the situation was, he stood up and looked down, about to move.

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