I Stack Attributes in the Apocalypse

Chapter 251 - Chapter 251: It’s Over

Chapter 251: It’s Over

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The Chaotic Domain.

Morro City was located deep within the Chaotic Domain and was one of the top cities in the entire Chaotic Domain.

And at the moment when Flame Heart vanished like smoke, in the underground of Morro City, a creature that had concealed most of its body in darkness slowly opened its eyes.

It was impossible to see the creature’s entire appearance, but what could be seen was that its skin, which was exposed, was covered in numerous large and small eyeballs!

Upon closer inspection, these eyeballs were extremely similar to the Dream Source.

It was the true Dream Source! The current Dream Source! The Dream Source that had evolved once again!

A muffled mutter suddenly resounded, echoing in the entire underground space.

“Flame Heart is dead.”

“He died for me.”

“Oh, very good. This is very good.”

“In that case, the Aeonians probably won’t discover that I faked my death and escaped.”

The Aeonians were undoubtedly a huge mountain pressing on the Dream Source.

This race was powerful and meddlesome. To the mutants, they were like the Sword of Damocles hanging above their heads.

Any new mutated species needed time to develop. What the Aeonians loved to do the most was to extinguish the source of danger, and destroy the enemies when they were weak!

In short… Although he did not know if Flame Heart’s death could deceive the Aeonians, he would give the Dream Source a try. It would be best if it succeeded, but no big deal if it did not.

This was because Flame Heart was not important to it.

“Of course, I’m not someone who goes back on my word.”

“You helped me at the cost of your life, and I’ll give your Flame Clan a chance to survive.”

“Flame Heart, when the day comes that I can walk openly under the sky and on the earth, your Flame Clan will also awaken from the dream and walk among humans again.”

“In the form of the Dream Clan…”

Hence, the muttering gradually ceased.

Inside the First Research Institute.

Lu Ming closed his attribute panel and stared silently at the place where Flame Heart had disappeared, for a long time.

After a long while, he nodded gently and said, “Thank you.”

This “thank you” came from the bottom of Lu Ming’s heart.

Flame Heart was not a very good teacher.

But at least, he was sincerely teaching Lu Ming something, and Lu Ming had gained a great deal from it.

Although he did not understand why this guy wanted to die… now that things had come to this point, Lu Ming did not want to dig deeper.

“It’s over…”

If the Dream Source virus was dead, everything would end… right?

A vague thought crossed Lu Ming’s mind, and he slapped his forehead. “The Dream Source is dead, but what about the dream virus? Did it really disappear?”

Lu Ming did not know…

Until the female mechanical voice echoed in Lu Ming’s ears.

“No, the Dream Virus won’t dissipate.”

The virus that had spread would not disappear with the death of the source.

Lu Ming was stunned for a moment before saying, “You are…”

“The artificial intelligence here, my name is the Crimson Queen.”

Lu Ming asked again, “Then…”

However, before Lu Ming could speak again, the Crimson Queen’s emotionless voice sounded again,”Project One is confirmed to be dead, and the self-destruct program has been activated.”

“In three minutes, this place will fuse with the Void and no longer exist.”

“It’s not too late for you to run now.”

Lu Ming,”???”

Ten minutes later.

Zhuang Zun woke up groggily from his nightmare in a daze.

He looked around in confusion and realized he was in the cave from before.

His teammates also sat up from the ground, equally dazed.

Zhuang Zun knocked his head and felt that his consciousness was somewhat hazy.

“What’s going on?”

“And the massacre of the castle just now…”

“It’s a nightmare. You were pulled into a nightmare by Project One.”

A voice came from behind him, and Zhuang Zun turned in surprise, only to find an unremarkable, muscular man sitting behind him and the others.

Zhuang Zun had never seen Lu Ming before. It was Ivy who said, “Mr. Lu, what’s going on?…”

Lu Ming thought for a moment and said, “Here’s what happened…”

He selectively recounted a portion of everything that happened in the research institute. Of course, the logic of this part was self-consistent.

He probably left out his conversation with Flame Heart and the teaching session on Force techniques. Instead, he described a fierce battle with Project One, in which he barely managed to defeat his opponent. It led to a fierce battle with Project One, in which he barely managed to defeat his opponent.

In short, there were no major issues.

Looking at Zhuang Zun and the other three, Lu Ming continued, “The source of the Dream Virus has indeed been resolved, but the Dream Virus that has already spread will not dissipate with the death of the source.”

“As for this issue, I don’t have a solution.”

Lu Ming shrugged and said.

Zhuang Zun nodded and said, “It’s fine. We’ll take care of the rest. Mr. Lu, you’ve done enough.”

“Then, can I ask how you plan to deal with the remaining problems?”

Facing Lu Ming’s question, Zhuang Zun thought for a moment and said, “We’ll report to our superiors and get stronger experts involved to quickly deal with the remaining Dream Virus and minimize casualties.”

Lu Ming nodded in understanding and fell silent.

Day 231 of the Black Mist Calendar.

Lu Ming, Zhuang Zun, and the other two returned to Archean City.

Ignoring all the trivial matters related to the Dream Virus in this area, Lu Ming returned to his room and entered the Void Space to begin his cultivation.

The goal of this cultivation was Force!

Standing in the Void Space, Lu Ming circulated his muscle strength to transform it into Force.

From the Explosive Fist, to the Divine Fire Shield, to the Flame Vein Breathing Technique, to the Flame Fire Body Forging Technique, and finally to the Atomic Sword Technique.

Soon, Lu Ming relaxed his Force and sat cross-legged on the ground, lost in thought.

“Force is indeed a substitute for Source Power, or rather, it should be said to be a high-level substitute.”

“An offensive Source Power Skill executed with Force is even more powerful. On the other hand, a Body Protection Technique executed with Force has the effect of protecting oneself, and it can also completely bypass the opponent’s defensive techniques.”

These two characteristics made the combat strength of the Force system far exceed the Source Power system.

“But there’s still the same issue that this is a skill, not a Dao.”

The fact that Force could not circulate the breathing technique meant that the Force system did not have a complete advancement chain.

Similarly, Force could not circulate the Body Forging technique. This meant that Force could not enhance Lu Ming’s physical fitness.

This was just a technique, not another path to transcendence.

It was no wonder that the Force system was given such a low project number.

“On the other hand, I kind of understand the double cultivation amplification.”

Using Force to execute a Source Power Skill requires a thorough understanding of the relevant Source Power Skill – familiarity with how Source Power Skill operates, how Source Power flows, and the rhythm of breathing, and then substituting Force for it.

This was much more difficult than regular cultivation to begin with. Correspondingly, it requires a higher level of proficiency in the skill acquired.

“So, the significance of Force for me is twofold, firstly, it’s an amplification tool for cultivation, and secondly, it can be used as a hidden trump card.”

In short, Lu Ming had gained quite a bit.

Thinking of Flame Heart again, Lu Ming opened his attribute panel and looked at the line of words that read [Dream Blessings] on the attribute panel.

After a long while, Lu Ming sighed.

“Thank you.”

Previously, Lu Ming had said thank you, but these two thank yous were for different things.

One was for the guidance provided.

The other was for the legacy after death.

Lu Ming was indeed special.

Most people could not see what was special about him.

But, in the Black Mist Zone, there was no lack of extraordinary individuals.

Since Flame Heart could see something special in Lu Ming, the others would surely notice his uniqueness as well.

The Deep Disguise that Flame Heart had given Lu Ming, solved this problem to a certain extent.

Lu Ming sighed once more and kept this favor in his heart, then got up to begin his cultivation..

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