I Stack Attributes in the Apocalypse

Chapter 249 - Chapter 249: Before I Kill You

Chapter 249: Before I Kill You

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The Source Power Skills relied on the Source Power System.

Even a commonplace Source Power skill like the Explosive Fist required Source Power to activate.

Without Source Power, it was impossible for one to use Source Power Skills, no matter what!

“However, if I can use another power to replace Source Power as the activation energy for Source Power skill, can I use a Source Power skill in this way?”

Flame Heart asked this question and answered himself, “Yes.”

“Besides Source Power, there are other types of energy within the cells of life!”

“After all, will life die without Source Power? Of course not.”

“Therefore, I conducted a detailed study of this topic and indeed discovered an energy type that can replace Source Power.”

“It’s force.”

After saying this, Flame Heart slowly clenched his fists.

As a result, Lu Ming could clearly see the muscles on Flame Heart’s arm rapidly bulging, trembling, and contorting, finally converging on top of his fist like waves!

“This is force!”


Before Lu Ming could even contemplate this word, Flame Heart had already pressed down on him again.

It was still a combat skill.

But this time, Flame Heart did not hold back.

He fully employed Force in every move and every technique, and the result was terrifying!

The physical strength of Flame Heart was not inferior to Lu Ming’s in the Source State.

He did not possess Source Power to begin with and was not afraid of Lu Ming’s Source Power ability in the Origin State.

His every move and style contained Force techniques, rendering Lu Ming’s protective techniques completely ineffective. Lu Ming could only rely on his physical fitness to withstand the damage.

However, Flame Heart could also simulate the effects of Source Power skills with Force, explosively increasing his killing power. The explosive punch he delivered with Force had even higher damage potential than Lu Ming’s Micro-level Realm Explosive Fist!

In addition, Flame Heart’s experience in unarmed combat was also higher than Lu Ming’s…

This caused Lu Ming to quickly fall into a disadvantage in such an intense close combat!

Feinting, jabs, a jab blocked by Lu Ming, Flame Heart quickly changed tactics and executed a low kick, hitting Lu Ming’s thigh. Lu Ming’s legs went weak, but he used the momentum to deliver a headbutt to Flame Heart’s chest, forcing him back.

After quickly alleviating the soreness in his thigh, Lu Ming straightened his body and looked at Flame Heart.

“Your defense isn’t right either!”

It was one thing that Lu Ming’s own body fortification technique was ineffective.

But he discovered that Flame Heart had a protective layer on him, similar to a body protection technique but not quite the same.

This protective layer could greatly reduce the damage dealt to Flame Heart.

This meant that Flame Heart’s attacks caused excruciating pain to Lu Ming, while Lu Ming’s attacks on Flame Heart had little effect.

Hearing this, Flame Heart casually took off his upper garment, revealing his muscular upper body.

Lu Ming focused his gaze and could see that the muscles on Flame Heart’s upper body were subtly undulating, with a rhythm that seemed strangely familiar to him.

“This is…”

“Divine Fire Shield, your Divine Fire Shield.”

“If 1 use the Divine Fire Shield in the form of Force, not only can I provide myself with a defense layer that even Source Power can’t penetrate, but it’s also the key to my attack, to bypass the defense of the Divine Fire Shield.”

After saying this, Flame Heart slowly stretched out two fingers.

“So, to summarize, there are two characteristics of Force.”

“One, it can produce effects comparable to or even surpassing Source Power Skills purely through physical strength, completely independent of source power.”

“Two, to replace Source Power with Force and simulate a Body Protection technique, nullifying the opponent’s Body Protection technique, while providing protection for oneself.”

After saying that, Flame Heart paused for a moment and sighed inexplicably before continuing, “From these two points, the power of the Force is actually far above the Source Power System. When a Force expert with the same physical strength fights a Source Power expert with the same physical strength, the Force expert will definitely have the advantage.”

“When I first discovered this, I was actually quite smug, thinking I had found a shortcut.”

“However, as 1 researched further, I discovered a very huge problem.”

Lu Ming immediately added, “Without Source Power, there’s no physical strength comparable to a Source Power expert.”

Flame Heart sighed and nodded, “Yes.”

Of course, this conclusion was drawn before the Dream System appeared.

However, at this moment, be it Flame Heart or Lu Ming, neither of them included the Dream System in their discussion.

Flame Heart continued, “Source power is an extraordinary factor that can surpass the limits of the physical body. Without source power, anyone’s body has its limit. This limit is pathetic and laughable even when compared to Mortal Realm Source Power cultivators!”

“Therefore, I understood one thing, that the path of Force is only a skill and not the Dao.”

“It has a certain effect when paired with the Source Power System, but without relying on the Source Power System, the path of Force is nothing.”

After saying this, Flame Heart looked up at Lu Ming.

A curious glint flashed across his eyes and he repeated the question he had just asked.

“So can you tell me how you obtained your physical strength?”

“Is it the strength of Source Power or something else? 1 don’t know what kind of strength it is.”

Lu Ming instantly fell silent.

The strength of the system was actually not the strength of Source Power.

This could be verified from one thing—before becoming an Awakened, Lu Ming could also use the system to farm attributes.

At that time, Lu Ming had yet to become an Awakened, so naturally, the Source Power had not entered Lu Ming’s body and fused with his cells. However, Lu Ming’s body could still break through human limits and reach heights stronger than Awakeners!

After Lu Ming became an Awakened, the Source Power had indeed entered his body. However, Lu Ming did not think that the subsequent increase in his physical strength was brought about by the Source Power. This was because he had never heard of anyone else without a system who could increase their physical strength by cultivating Source Power Skills (other than Body Forging Techniques).

Therefore, Lu Ming was more inclined to believe that his strength originated from the system and not the Source Power.

Seeing Lu Ming’s silence, Flame Heart came to a realization.

“Even if you don’t say it, I understand.”

“After all, at your age, even if you cultivate Body Forging techniques from your mother’s womb, it’s impossible to be as strong as you are now.”f

He smiled at Lu Ming, the light in his eyes frightening!

But it was not a malicious light.

Instead, it was more like the light of hope and anticipation upon seeing a rare talent.

“I didn’t expect to see an anomaly like you in my last days.”

“Kid, what’s your name?”

“Lu Ming, my name is Lu Ming,” Lu Ming answered honestly.

He had also realized something by now.

From Flame Heart’s standpoint, he did not seem to be an enemy. He had shared so much with him, not out of the typical villain’s tendency to talk too much, but more like a teacher who had seen a promising student and wanted to mentor him.

As expected, Flame Heart smiled and asked, “Then do you want to learn my Force technique?”

Lu Ming nodded sincerely, “Yes.”

Flame Heart immediately burst into laughter, but his smile seemed a bit eerie.

“If you want to learn, you have to prove to me that you’re qualified to learn Force technique!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Flame Heart had already rushed towards Lu Ming with a sinister smile!

His punches and kicks rained down on Lu Ming like a storm, accompanied by Flame Heart’s voice echoing in Lu Ming’s ears.

“Practical combat is the best teaching!”

“Right now, our physical strengths are comparable. If you want to defeat me, there’s only one way.”

“Use the same Force technique to go for that slim possibility!”

“So, Lu Ming, you don’t have much time left…”

“Do your best to observe, imitate, learn, and then surpass …”

“Before I kill you!”

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