I Signed-In For A Billion Dollar Mansion From The Very Beginning

Chapter 46 - Who Wants to Pretend to Be Your Girlfriend?

Chapter 46: Who Wants to Pretend to Be Your Girlfriend?

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After a busy afternoon, Lin Fan stretched his back.

After he had master-level writing skills and screenwriter skills, he vividly grasped the beginning, causes, experiences, and results of the story in the script.

One wonderful story after another appeared under Lin Fan’s pen.

Not for any reason, but for Xia Wangiu.

Without a good script, no matter how popular Xia Wanqiu was, she would eventually lose her glow in the entertainment industry and be replaced.

However, with him around, he could solve the problem of the script.

At that moment, Lin Fan received a call from a girl.

The property agent in Blue Wave Bay District, Xia Ranran.

“Hello.” Lin Fan picked up the phone.

“Lin Fan… sorry to disturb you. Can you pay the property maintenance fee? It’s 23,825 yuan in total.” Xia Ranran’s voice rang out. After all, with such a good villa, the property maintenance fee naturally wouldn’t be low.

“Sure,” Lin Fan said. Xia Ranran gave him a good feeling and was very polite to others.

After Lin Fan agreed, Xia Ranran blushed.

She had mustered her courage to call Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was so handsome and outstanding. Which girl wouldn’t like him?

She was the same. Ever since she parted ways with Lin Fan last time, she had started to have some feelings for him.

If she didn’t take the initiative, she might never be able to woo Lin Fan again.

“Is there anything else?” Lin Fan smiled and asked.

“Lin Fan, I want to ask you a question. Can you answer me seriously?” Xia Ranran asked seriously, her face turning even redder.

“Do you… have a girlfriend?” Xia Ranran took the initiative to ask and was already very shy.

Although it was through the phone, he could still feel her nervousness, worry, and a little anticipation.

It was said that there was a veil between a woman and a man when a woman chased a man. This was the first time she took the initiative to woo a boy.

Lin Fan naturally understood what Xia Ranran meant.

At this moment, he had three types of answers.

First, he had a girlfriend, so he would reject her decisively.

Second, he didn’t have a girlfriend yet.

Third, you’re a good person, but.

‘There were a total of three types of answers, and Xia Ranran only had a chance with the second type of answer.

And these three answers were usually the kind of standard answers girls would give boys when they rejected them. They might tell them that they were a nice guy and say that they were busy studying and working.

However, the roles had reversed now.

Xia Ranran was waiting for Lin Fan’s answer.

If Lin Fan said that he didn’t have a girlfriend, Xia Ranran would find a way to meet him and she wouldnt give up.

From the time Lin Fan was born until now, it had been 886 times that he had been wooed by girls.

Xia Ranran was indeed not bad and was quite pretty.


Lin Fan looked at the kitten at home.

He already had an answer in his heart.

“Thave a girlfriend,” Lin Fan replied with a smile.

“Oh… know. When you have time, can Tingting and I meet your girlfriend? She must be very pretty, right?” Xia Ranran asked softly.

“Yes, she’s beautiful,” said Lin Fan.

“Mhm, mhm, then I’ll hang up first. Remember to pay the property management fee. If you don’t, I’ll have to go to your house to rush you to pay up,” Xia Ranran said with a smile.

Lin Fan didn’t hear the change in Xia Ranran’s emotions, but relationships were always like this.

Although he didn’t have a girlfriend yet, Lin Fan didn’t want to flirt with other girls and didn’t want to give them hope.

This was the best response.

“Qiugiu.” Lin Fan touched the kitten that was sleeping at the computer desk.

“Meow ~” The kitten meowed and crawled into Lin Fan’s arms.

Lin Fan looked at the screen on the computer. In it was the script he was revising. The wallpaper was a photo of Xia Wangiu in a dress. She was very pretty.

If fans saw this photo, they would probably go crazy.

The Xia Wanqiu in this photo was devastatingly beautiful. Furthermore, this photo was taken when Lin Fan was alone with Xia Wangiu.

It was late at night and stars filled the sky.

One man, one cat, and a wallpaper of a girl were enjoying the night’s beauty and peace.

In the middle of the night, Lin Fan was working when he suddenly received a WeChat message from Xia Wanqiu.

[Xia Wangiu: “~ ~ ~”

{Lin Fan: “???”]

Lin Fan: “Someone just confessed to me and asked me if I have a girlfriend.”

[Xia Wangiu: “Who?”]

Lin Fan: “The property agent here. She’s quite pretty.”

[Xia Wangiu: “Hmph, how did you reply?”]

Lin Fan: “I said I have a girlfriend.”

[Xia Wanqiu: “Fierce!!!”]

[Xia Wangjiu: “You really… do?”]

[Lin Fan: “Not yet, but my mother is urging me. Why don’t you pretend to be my girlfriend and come home with me? Let’s handle my mother first.”]

[Xia Wangiu: “Angry! Stupid Lin Fan, who wants to pretend to be your girlfriend? You only know how to bully me.”]

Just as he finished speaking, Lin Fan received a request for a video chat from Xia Wanqiu.

After accepting it, Lin Fan saw Xia Wanqiu’s expression.

She had just taken a bath and was wearing pajamas. She had a delicate figure and a breathtaking bare face.

Even the cat in Lin Fan’s arms was stunned. It looked at Xia Wangiu and meowed continuously.

Xia Wangqiu was too beautiful without makeup. This was also one of the reasons why she could become popular quickly.

Lin Fan: “What are you doing?”

[Xia Wanqiu giggled. “Meow meow ~ ~ Checking on you! Don’t move!”]

{Lin Fan: “Check on me? Miss, I don’t think I’m your boyfriend yet.”]

[Xia Wanqiu pouted and said, “Hmph, then try hanging up the video call on me.”]

(Xia Wangiu: Let me see your room ~]

{Lin Fan silently circled the house with his phone.]

[Xia Wangqiu: “Your performance was not bad.”]

Lin Fan: “Why do I feel like I’ve lost out? Let me see your room too.”

[Xia Wanqiu: Meow, meow ~ ~ There’s no one at home.]

Lin Fan:”…”

Lin Fan: “Then should I go to your house?”

[Xia Wangiu: “How dare you!!!”]

[Xia Wangiu: “Dream on. Hmph, you’re just thinking of bullying me.”]

Lin Fan: “T’ve already slept with you before for two nights. It’s fine, I didn’t lose out.”

[Xia Wangiu’s pretty face turned red and she said coquettishly, “Who slept with you, scum? It was all because you stayed at my house and didn’t leave. As for that night at your house… it was all your fault!!”]

[Xia Wangiu: “Let’s continue. Show me your computer screen.”]

{Lin Fan: “You’re going too far. What else can be on my computer screen?”]

[Xia Wangiu mumbled, “Who knows? Who knows if there’s anything unhealthy in the computer.”

Lin Fan said righteously, “Am I that kind of person? Even if I am, what do those unhealthy things have to do with you?”

Lin Fan was a little angry. Xia Wangqiu actually didn’t believe him and even checked on him.

It’s ok that she checked on him. After all, he also checked on her.

It was too much to look at the computer screen. After all, Xia Wangiu’s photo was on the computer screen.

If she saw this, wouldn’t she be able to suppress him forever?

[Xia Wangiu said pitifully, “Lin Fan, you’re not allowed to look at those unhealthy things. Am I… not pretty?”]

[Xia Wangiu was very aggrieved. She seemed to have tacitly agreed that Lin Fan was looking at that kind of thing on the computer. Her beautiful eyes were a little disappointed and a little angry. one couldn’t help but pity her. She’s moving and looks like she’s about to cry.]

Looking at Xia Wangqiu, Lin Fan still couldn’t refuse.

Wasn’t it just being suppressed by her in the future? So be it.

It would be fine if he could suppress her again in the future. He could not let Xia Wanqiu doubt his upright character.

‘When Xia Wangqiu was still on the second level, he was already on the fifth level. Although he could only be suppressed by Xia Wangqiu, Lin Fan could give her a surprise when she suddenly checked on him.

Lin Fan: “T really didn’t go see those unhealthy things. If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you my computer desktop.”

Xia Wangiu raised her beautiful eyes and looked at the changes in Lin Fan’s video.

In the camera, Lin Fan’s image turned into Lin Fan’s computer desktop.

On the computer desktop, only a Word document was opened. It was the script of Joy of Life.

Lin Fan’s computer wallpaper was a photo of Xia Wanqiu wearing a skirt.

Under the sunlight, she was wearing a dress and walking on the beach. She had long, snow-white legs. In the photo, she looked back and smiled. She was devastatingly beautiful and everything in the world seemed to stop for her.

Xia Wangqiu looked at everything blankly.

So Lin Fan hadn’t seen those unhealthy things.

He didn’t want her to see the wallpaper on the computer.

This was because.

The female lead on the wallpaper was her.

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