I Signed-In For A Billion Dollar Mansion From The Very Beginning

Chapter 44 - Is This The World Of The Rich?

Chapter 44: Is This The World Of The Rich?

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“Manager Zhang, I’m not interested in negotiations.”

“Lwant to increase the annual rent to 80 million. In addition, I want 3% of the annual profits Yunhang Technologies earns in the technology building,” said Lin Fan.

The rent renewal price five years ago was 72 million a year, so the rent this year was naturally going to increase.

‘There were too many companies who wanted to rent the technology building.

Lin Fan had done a simple calculation. The annual profit of Yunhang Technologies was 200 million.

Even if he deducted a year’s rent and 3% of their profits, they could still earn more than 100 million.

Even if Yunhang Technologies did not rent it, many companies would fight to rent it.

“alright.” Zhang Jinxiu nodded and smiled.

She was the manager of Yunhang Technologies and her negotiation skills were top-notch. However, she could tell that Lin Fan didn’t really like to negotiate.

If she insisted on negotiating, she might not be able to rent the seven floors of the technology building. If that happened, the company’s boss would definitely question her.

If they could not complete the rent renewal, the company would lose a hundred million yuan in profits every year.

“We’ll follow Mr. Lin’s suggestion and renew the rent at 80 million yuan a year. The company’s net profit every year is about 200 million yuan. According to the 3% profit, it’s more than 6 million yuan.”

“Mr. Lin, take a look at this contract. If there’s no problem, I’ll inform the Finance Department once the contract is signed and transfer the money to your bank account.” Zhang Jinxiu smiled. She could tell that Lin Fan wasn’t someone who could be fooled easily.

‘The rent of 86 million a year was something that both parties could accept.

After signing the contract, Lin Fan shook hands with Zhang Jinxiu.

He had officially signed a contract with Yunhang Technologies.

Lin Fan knew that the bottom line of Yunhang Technologies was about 90 million dollars. However, Lin Fan didn’t really care about those small benefits. After all, they were assets signed by the system.

When Lin Fan reached home, he received a message from the bank.

{Your savings account ending in 6115 received 86,000,000 yuan on July 1, 16.30. You have a balance of 88140003.28 yuan. (Construction Bank)]

Looking at the content of the message, Lin Fan smiled.

He was already a multi-millionaire now!

‘With more than 80 million in savings, he would not have to worry about his life for the rest of his life.

Shanghai’s economic level was relatively high, but there weren’t many people who had more than 80 million in cash.

If we talked about assets, then Lin Fan was already someone with more than five billion assets!

With so many savings, he would be more confident when he married a wife in the future.

‘With so much money, Lin Fan’s first goal was to go to the car dealership to buy a new car.

After all, Lin Fan had promised Xia Wanqiu and Su Xiaoyu that he would pick them up from the company. The Bugatti and the Koenigsegg One were sports cars with only two seats.

After putting on his clothes, Lin Fan walked to a car dealership.

The moment he entered the car dealership, a girl immediately came up to him and bowed slightly.

“Welcome, sir.”

The girl’s gentle and refined attitude surprised Lin Fan. He was wearing simple clothes and according to some novels, he would be mocked and the protagonist would show off and get embarrassed.

However, that wasn’t the case in reality. This was a famous car dealership in Shanghai. The salespeople had undergone training. The girl’s attitude was very good. The other salespeople didn’t look down on Lin Fan. Instead, they all welcomed Lin Fan.

Many of the salesgirls exclaimed when they saw Lin Fan.

“Ah… look, there’s a handsome hunk at the door.”

“That’s right. He’s so handsome. Although he looks plain, we’re also working for him. I wonder what kind of car he wants.”

“Damn it, why didn’t I see hunk earlier? Lingling beat me to him.”

The girls were envious of the salesperson called Lingling. She was a university student who came here to intern. She was only 21 years old, and she looked pretty good.

As for Lin Fan’s plain clothes, the girls didn’t care. It was enough that Lin Fan was handsome. Furthermore, since he could come to the car dealership to buy a car, why would they look down on him?

At least Lin Fan could afford a car. They couldn’t even afford a car.

“Hello, sir.” Lingling looked at Lin Fan nervously.

She had just started her internship and had already met such a handsome guy like Lin Fan.

‘There were many guys in university, but none of them were like Lin Fan.

“Hello.” Lin Fan smiled.

“Sir, what kind of car do you want? We have a Chery A3 that costs around 83,000 yuan.” Lingling took the initiative to introduce cars to Lin Fan.

In Lingling’s eyes, Lin Fan was about the same age as her. It was already very amazing that he could afford a car.

To her knowledge, she was also recommending a car worth around 100,000 yuan to Lin Fan. It was cheap and would be acceptable to ordinary people.

“No need. Help me recommend your shop’s treasure.” Lin Fan smiled.

He came here to buy a car mainly to pick up Xia Wanqiu and Su Xiaoyu at the company. Of course, the quality could not be too low, and this car could be used to pick up his parents in the future.

Lin Fan had more than 80 million in savings now. Of course, there was no need for him to buy a car that cost tens of thousands. Furthermore, the comfort and safety of a sports car were clearly better.

“The treasure of the shop?” Lingling looked at Lin Fan curiously. After confirming that she hadn’t heard wrong, she was pleasantly surprised.

“alright, sir. Please follow me.” Lingling didn’t dare to believe him but she still brought Lin Fan upstairs.

‘The other salespeople were envious when they saw Lingling bringing Lin Fan upstairs.

The moment Lin Fan opened his mouth, he wanted the treasure of their car dealership.

Not long after Lingling came to the company, she met a handsome guy, and he was a super tycoon!

He was tall, rich, and handsome. He was simply a rich second-generation heir.

Many girls were envious. If she managed to suck up to a tycoon like Lin Fan successfully, wouldn’t she have nothing to worry about in the future?

A few girls immediately followed him upstairs quietly.

“Sir, the treasure of our shop is this—the Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV.”

“This Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV has a lot of space in the car. There are a total of four seats, and they are matched with rectangular full LED headlights and a higher car front. This car has a dignified Parthenon-style air intake grille, a carriage-style door-opening design, and a whiskey decanter and cooler

in the back. It’s grand and high-end. Although it’s not comparable to a sports car worth tens of millions, it has the best performance out of all SUVs. Whether you drive on wet grass, mud roads, snow, or sand, it can deal with it easily. It’s also very safe.”

“As for the price of this car, it’s 6.4 million RMB. Sir, what do you think?” Lingling introduced the company’s treasure to Lin Fan very seriously.

“Sure, T’l buy this. I’l swipe my card,” said Lin Fan with a smile. This car was indeed not bad. Although it wasn’t expensive, it was enough to drive Xia Wangiu and Su Xiaoyu.

‘When Lin Fan took out his bank card so decisively, all the salespeople present looked at Lin Fan in unison. Their mouths were wide open and their eyes were filled with shock and envy.

Oh God.

Lin Fan was really a rich, handsome man.

Lin Fan didn’t even need to go through the details of a luxury car worth 6.4 million dollars. He just bought it on the spot!

Lingling looked at the card in her hand and could not believe it. She had prepared so much work in advance, but now, she could not use any of it.

Was this… the world of the rich?

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