I Signed-In For A Billion Dollar Mansion From The Very Beginning

Chapter 39 - Yes~

Chapter 39: Yes~

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The next day, Lin Fan woke up and signed in.

Ding… congratulations host on obtaining [Author Level: Master Level]

Ding… congratulations host on obtaining [Screenwriter Level: Master Level].

“All the relevant information has automatically entered Master’s mind and is integrated into your memory.”

Lin Fan thought that he would be able to sign on to receive a luxury car or school district house. He didn’t expect to learn two skills this time.

After graduating from university, Lin Fan’s novels that he had written for three years had all ended in failure. Then, he opened a small restaurant and slowly worked to where he was today.

After learning these two skills, Lin Fan felt that there was a lot more professional knowledge in his mind. He could understand the pros and cons of a book in an instant. Even his understanding of scripts had increased by a level.

However, these skills didn’t seem to be of much use. Lin Fan had a house and a car now. He only wanted to collect rent every day. He was relaxed and content. Occasionally, he would flirt with girls. It wasn’t bad.

At that moment, Lin Fan’s phone rang.

“Hello, Mr. Lin. I’m Master Xu’s assistant. I’m here on behalf of Yuehua Entertainment to discuss a contract with you.” A female voice sounded.

“Yuehua Entertainment, Xu Yang?” Lin Fan replied.

Xu Yang was also an A-list celebrity and was very popular. He had a scandal with Xia Wanqiu and slept with her for a night. What did that have to do with Xu Yang?

Xu Yang wanted to steal his cat?

Lin Fan immediately understood. After all, Lin Fan had seen such comments on Weibo before. The only person who could match up to Xia Wanqiu was Xu Yang.

There were also some haters who criticized Lin Fan, saying that Lin Fan wasn’t worthy of the current Xia Wanqiu.

Lin Fan didn’t care about these comments, but the call from Xu Yang’s assistant immediately perked him up.

It was fine to work with him, but it was too much to ask for his cat.

“Yes, Mr. Lin. Our company thinks that you have a lot of potential and wants to sign a contract with you to become an artiste of our company.”

“I will also promise in the contract that I will give you no less than five shows and variety shows a year. Master Xu will also personally collaborate with you to film.”

“Master Xu hopes that you can join the company, and the contract price for you is… one million a year. At the same time, this is only the most basic contract fee. We will give you a certain percentage of all the subsequent dividends from participating in variety shows and films. If you participate in five dramas or five variety shows in a year, then the total income you will receive will be over five million yuan.”

“If Mr. Lin performs well, the company is willing to build a [Star Creation] program for you and nurture you to the best of their abilities. The remuneration will continue to increase according to your personal ability. If you can become an A-list celebrity, your annual income might reach tens of millions.”

“Of course, if you can reach the level of Xia Wanqiu and Su Xiaoyu, the remuneration for a film might start at 50 million, or even more than 100 million,” the assistant said, expressing Yuehua Entertainment’s sincerity.

With an annual salary of at least a million, film resources, variety shows, and even the [Star Creation] project, anyone would be tempted by such conditions.

The key was that after entering the company, he could see Xia Wanqiu, Su Xiaoyu, Xu Yang, and other big-name celebrities often. If there was a chance, they could even work together.

Faced with Yuehua Entertainment’s sincerity, Lin Fan only smiled.

Lin Fan didn’t have much money and his bank account only had two million dollars. But most importantly, Lin Fan didn’t lack money.

He was the second-largest shareholder of the New Era Lisheng five-star hotel, and he received tens of millions of yuan in dividends every year.

“I have no intention of joining Yuehua Entertainment for now. Sorry.”

“Right now, I just want to collect rent, open a small restaurant and live a simple and peaceful life. Also, I don’t lack money,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

“Okay. If you have any thoughts of cooperating, you can contact me again,” the assistant replied. She was a little surprised but did not say it out loud.

Because… Lin Fan had rejected Xu Yang’s invitation!

“Meow, meow?” The girl’s voice came from behind.

“Who asked you to sign the contract?” Xia Wanqiu’s beautiful eyes looked at Lin Fan. She was wearing a facial mask and was a little curious.

“Xu Yang.” Lin Fan looked at Xia Wanqiu and smiled.

“I didn’t make things difficult for you, right?” Xia Wanqiu blinked, and her voice became gentle.

“No. The contract fee is one million dollars a year. There’s also a Star Creation Project and countless resources and so on. I rejected it,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

After hearing that, Xia Wanqiu was a little angry. She looked fierce and cute.

“Hmph, you’re my personal chef. Who dares to poach my people?”

“Even if they want to poach you, one million a year is too little,” Xia Wanqiu said gently. She took off her mask, revealing her breathtakingly beautiful face.

“My Little Piggy is right.” Lin Fan smiled.

“Stupid Lin Fan, who’s your little piggy? Shameless to the extreme.” Xia Wanqiu glared at Lin Fan and stretched her back. It felt really good to sleep in Lin Fan’s house for a night.

“Can you send me to Xiaoyu’s house? She and I have a new variety show to shoot, and we’ve taken on an advertisement in the past few days. We’re a little busy,” Xia Wanqiu said with a tired expression.

“Mmm, I know. You have to rest well after you’re done. You can’t overwork yourself,” Lin Fan said. He knew that Xia Wanqiu had been very tired these few days. She would only be so relaxed when she was by his side.

After hearing Lin Fan’s words, Xia Wanqiu was a little shy. Her beautiful eyes looked at Lin Fan. “Stupid Lin Fan, why are you suddenly so concerned about me?”

“You’re my big sugar mommy. Eating braised fish costs money. I can’t even open a small restaurant anymore. I’m just waiting to scam some of your food,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

Xia Wanqiu pouted and looked at Lin Fan pitifully, “Meow ~”

Looking at Xia Wanqiu, Lin Fan couldn’t bear to see her like this.

Women were so good at acting and so pretty. How could men stand it?

It was only Lin Fan who had strong self-control. If it was someone else with weaker self-control, they would have already gone up to eat her up.

“It’s mainly because… you look good.” Lin Fan spoke the truth. After all, Xia Wanqiu had good looks worth 9.9 points out of 10 and was very pretty. Occasionally, she was cute and her acting skills were superb. Her long legs were eye-catching and her breasts were big.

“Really?” Xia Wanqiu became even more shy. Her face was slightly red as she slightly lowered her head and lightly pursed her red lips like a pure and sweet girl.

“It’s fake. How pretty can a piglet be?” Lin Fan complained. If he praised Xia Wanqiu again, he really wouldn’t be able to take it.

“Meow, meow ~ I’ll bite you!” Xia Wanqiu bit down on him. Her innocent and naive image from before was completely gone.

After the two of them bickered for a while, Xia Wanqiu’s face turned pink and she panted heavily.

Lin Fan was the same. The sofa was in a mess.

“When are you going to film a movie? I haven’t seen your work in a year.” Lin Fan looked at Xia Wanqiu and asked.

“Well… there aren’t any good scripts. Some scripts are better, but there aren’t any suitable guys to act in them, so I haven’t acted in a year.” Xia Wanqiu flipped her long hair and smiled gently, as if she didn’t care at all.

“Lin Fan, I remember that you used to write books. If you have time, do you want to write a script for me? Hmm… the kind that doesn’t involve kissing.” Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan expectantly.

“Writing scripts? I can give it a try. I’ve written a lot of scripts in the past, but I’ve never published them.”

“However, without the relationship scenes, it would be more difficult for the script to stand out. After all, the market is more interested in watching the male and female leads’ good looks and relationship scenes. Of course, the plot is also the most important,” said Lin Fan.

“No, I don’t want to kiss anyone else.” Xia Wanqiu pouted. This was her bottom line. She knew that the market was changing as well, but she didn’t want to give her first kiss to other celebrities.

Lin Fan looked at Xia Wanqiu and was very angry. If she didn’t produce anything in the entertainment industry for a few years, no matter how popular she was, she would be forgotten very quickly.

Just relying on variety shows and advertisements could not allow her to penetrate into the memories of the people.

Only works could allow an artiste to stand firmly in the entertainment industry.

But Xia Wanqiu was unwilling to kiss.

Lin Fan understood.

It just so happened that he had the skills of a master writer and a screenwriter, so it was not difficult for him to come up with a good script.

For Xia Wanqiu’s future, if I don’t enter hell, who will?

Lin Fan looked at Xia Wanqiu who was still pouting and patted her head. He smiled and said, “I’ll help you write the script. I’ll act this scene with you. How about it?”

Xia Wanqiu raised her beautiful eyes and looked at the serious Lin Fan. Her smile could topple cities.

“~ ~ ~ ~”


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