I Signed-In For A Billion Dollar Mansion From The Very Beginning

Chapter 315 - He Did Not misjudge Her!  

Chapter 315: He Did Not misjudge Her!

“I’m jealous, I’m jealous. Is this how you stuff dog food?”

“Stuffing dog food in public. Who can help me kill Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu?”

“But it’s really sweet. The second season of Joy of Life is already over. I have to say, this TV show is really good.”

“I wonder when Lin Fan will be filming the third season of the Legend of the Sword and Fairy. I’ve been waiting for that day for a long time!!”

“Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu’s relationship is very sweet in television dramas. It’s even sweeter in reality.”


Lin Fan gently stroked Xia Wanqiu’s head. “After I finish filming this endorsement, we’ll go home together.”

Xia Wanqiu nodded. “Yes ~”

After that, Lin Fan went to film the endorsement. Xia Wanqiu found a place to sit down while Yang Qing held an umbrella for her.

Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan with her hand on her cheek and a bottle of mineral water in her hand.

“Qiuqiu, how do you feel?” Yang Qing asked.

“Mm… a little handsome.” Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan and smiled brightly.

It was almost two months before he had to see her father.

For some reason, Xia Wanqiu was looking forward to it.

He wondered when she could meet Lin Fan’s parents too.

Many of the surrounding fans were envious when they saw this.

A male fan in black was a little unhappy. “Hehe, Lin Fan is just a little closer to Xia Wanqiu. Look at his relationship with other female celebrities, okay?”

The other bald man nodded and said, “Actually, Lin Fan doesn’t have much affinity with the opposite sex. After he got together with Xia Wanqiu, the other girls stopped getting close to Lin Fan.”

A female fan at the side said, “Who said that Lin Fan doesn’t have a good relationship with girls? He’s especially popular with the opposite sex.”

The man in black said, “Nonsense. Since he’s popular the opposite sex, why is Xia Wanqiu the only one looking for Lin Fan? Are there no other celebrities?”

The bald man nodded. “You women like to talk nonsense. If Lin Fan is popular with the opposite sex, I’ll eat this pile of sh*t on the spot.”

The man in black nodded. “I’ll eat sh*t too. Don’t you think Lin Fan is out of inspiration now? He only knows how to film relationship scenes with Xia Wanqiu. Why doesn’t he film other scenes?”

The bald man laughed. “Maybe none of the other actresses wanted to work with Lin Fan.”

At that moment, the man in black was dumbfounded. The bald man saw a familiar figure.

The big star of China, Su Xiaoyu.

Su Xiaoyu was here too.

When Su Xiaoyu appeared, she shone brightly.

She was wearing a white dress, and the breeze brushed her long hair. It was lovely and beautiful.

Su Xiaoyu also came to visit Lin Fan.

The female fan said, “Look, this is Lin Fan’s popularity with the opposite sex even Su Xiaoyu is looking for Lin Fan.”

The man in black: “…”

The bald man was speechless.

They were both a little dumbfounded.

Su Xiaoyu was a big star in China. She had so many fans.

Why had she come looking for Lin Fan?

Moreover, Lin Fan already had a girlfriend, but Su Xiaoyu still came to look for Lin Fan…

This meant that Lin Fan and Su Xiaoyu were also on good terms.

After Su Xiaoyu arrived, the two of them saw another big star.

Lin Kexin, the school belle of Beijing Film Academy, also came.

Lin Kexin was wearing simple clothes, but she was very beautiful.

And she had long black hair.

The man in black said, “Damn… Why is even Lin Kexin visiting Lin Fan? Why is Lin Fan so close to so many beautiful girls?”

The bald man looked even more puzzled. “That doesn’t make sense.”

Then two more pretty girls appeared.

Su Muqing and Lin Qianwei were both Lin Fan’s managers.

When they saw so many girls, the man in black and the bald man already wanted to slip away.

The female fan smiled. “Don’t go. You two eat that pile of sh*t first.”

Then the man in black and the bald man ran faster.

They just wanted to show off and mock Lin Fan.

In the end, they were slapped in the face so quickly.

Lin Fan was the last to finish filming because he had handed the most intense endorsements to himself.

“Master, I haven’t seen you for so long. You’ve become more handsome~” Su Xiaoyu looked at Lin Fan and smiled.

“Yes, yes, he’s still so handsome.” Lin Kexin nodded in agreement.

“You must have worked hard. Let’s go home and have a feast!” Lin Fan smiled. He looked at the two girls and then at Xia Wanqiu.

Holding Xia Wanqiu’s hand, Lin Fan and the others prepared to go home.

After filming all the endorsements, Lin Fan also earned nearly 1.5 billion!

In these 1.5 billion, other than taxes and other costs, Lin Fan could earn a billion in profit.

He had made a billion yuan in a month.

If anyone else found out, many would be envious.

After finishing her job as a spokesperson, Lin Kexin’s popularity also increased a lot.

Moreover, the second season of Joy of Life had already ended.

After the finale, countless spectators were even more excited.

Because this TV series… was too good.

It was satisfying. There were many twists and turns in the plot, and the audience was enjoying it.

Comments flooded the Internet.

“How did Lin Fan create such a good script? He’s even the director of the second season of Joy of Life. I only want to use a few words to evaluate this television drama. It’s too good!”

“Lin Fan’s acting is also very good. The key is that no one can see any flaws in this television drama.”

“Especially in the later stages of the plot. The entire TV series’ fights, special effects, and machinations were spectacular.”

“Lin Fan’s TV series is really good. I’ve watched TV series all my life, but this is the first time I’ve seen such a good one.”

“I beg Lin Fan to continue producing other television dramas!”

“Other than Lin Fan’s acting skills, Xia Wanqiu and Su Xiaoyu’s acting skills are also super good. There’s also Lin Kexin. She’s amazing.”

“That’s right, especially Lin Kexin. I finally know how disgusting Huace Pictures was previously. They banned Lin Kexin. Fortunately, Lin Fan saved our Xinxin.”

“Previously, someone defamed Lin Fan and Lin Kexin by saying that they had that kind of relationship. Today, Lin Kexin even went to visit Lin Fan. This means that Lin Fan and Lin Kexin have a good relationship. Lin Fan is equivalent to Lin Kexin’s savior!”

“Lin Kexin’s performance in Lin Fan’s drama is really the best I’ve ever seen her perform. She put too much effort into this drama and didn’t disappoint Lin Fan.”

“Did you know that Lin Fan gave Lin Kexin 35 endorsements? Such resources are absolutely impossible to have in Huace Pictures. Other than her own hard work, Lin Kexin only became popular because she had such a good boss like Lin Fan.”

The comments online also changed from criticizing Lin Kexin to supporting her.

This was because the television series Lin Kexin filmed was recognized by everyone.

With Lin Fan’s support, she seemed to have been reborn.

With 35 endorsements, Lin Kexin’s popularity became even higher.

And most importantly, she had made a lot of money for Lin Fan.

She had only been busy for a month, but she had already earned 450 million yuan for Lin Fan!

If Lin Fan could only get 80%, it would be 360 million!

The contract termination fee that Lin Fan had helped Lin Kexin with previously had all been earned back.

And this was only the beginning but he had already made so much money.

Lin Fan and Lin Kexin had signed a five-year contract. With a big star like Lin Kexin around, Lin Fan could earn more money.

And it turned out he’d made the right choice.

Previously, the CEO of Huace Pictures, Liu Xian, was still making himself comfortable on social media after Lin Fan gave him 200 million yuan in contract termination fees.

In the end, in just two months, Lin Kexin had earned 360 million yuan for Lin Fan.

This was only a superficial income. If she developed in the long term, there was no telling how much money she could make.

After obtaining the recognition of countless people, Lin Kexin’s eyes turned red.

She had worked so hard. It was worth it!

Lin Kexin even posted on Weibo alone.

[Thank you, Boss Lin Fan, for your help, and thank you, fans, for your support. Without Lin Fan, I, Lin Kexin, would not be where I am today. Therefore, I am very grateful to Lin Fan for giving me a chance to be reborn. I will work hard in the future and continue to film beautiful works for everyone.]

After Lin Kexin posted this on Weibo, Lin Fan smiled.

It was precisely because of Lin Kexin’s character and appearance that he gave her such an opportunity.

Now it seemed he had been right about her.

The second season of Joy of Life was just the beginning. More popular dramas and movies could be made later.

He would also make the people at Huace Pictures realize that giving up on Lin Kexin back then was the worst decision!

Meanwhile, the CEO of Huace Pictures, Liu Xian, happened to see Lin Kexin’s Weibo post.

And he knew another fact.

Lin Kexin took on 35 endorsements and earned Lin Fan 360 million…

If she could earn so much in a month, she might be able to earn tens of billions for Lin Fan in five years!

“Damn it…” Liu Xian’s expression was as ugly as it could be.

He felt as if his face had been slapped swollen!

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