I Signed-In For A Billion Dollar Mansion From The Very Beginning

Chapter 23 - It's This Lin Fan Who Cheated My Cabbage?

Chapter 23: It’s This Lin Fan Who Cheated My Cabbage?

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Lin Fan’s words infuriated Xia Wanqiu.

She was so beautiful, and she was even a superstar. She had so many fans, and many people liked her and wanted to woo her.

But Lin Fan asked if she liked him.



Even if she starved to death and jumped out of the window, she would never like Lin Fan.

If she liked Lin Fan, she would be a pig!

“Alright, alright. I was just joking. What if you really become a pig?” Lin Fan looked at Xia Wanqiu and teased.

“You’re the pig. Your whole family are pigs. Smelly Lin Fan, I’m not talking to you anymore.” Xia Wanqiu turned her head and no longer looked at Lin Fan.

“I’m angry. I want to eat something.” Xia Wanqiu spread out her hands as she looked at Lin Fan with her beautiful eyes.

It was mainly because she wanted to eat.

Although she was a celebrity, she was still a foodie.

How could there be a girl who didn’t like to eat? Especially when Xia Wanqiu was a cat type girl. Her favorite food was meat and dried fish.

“Pay up.” Lin Fan said righteously. “I’m not your personal chef who cooks for you every day.”

Xia Wanqiu: “Hmph, I don’t have any money. I won’t even give you my life.”

Lin Fan walked forward and touched Xia Wanqiu’s cat ears hat. He felt a furry sensation and was satisfied. “Alright, this is considered a benefit. I can’t make braised fish for you for nothing.”

“There’s braised fish?” Xia Wanqiu stood up and looked at Lin Fan in surprise.

She brought Lin Fan home. Other than wanting to eat vegetable salad, she also wanted to eat braised fish.

Her favorite dish was braised fish. She had only mentioned it once in high school. So Lin Fan still remembered it.

“No, I’m starting now,” Lin Fan said and started to cook.

He did not make fish for Xia Wanqiu for free. At least he touched her cat ears hat.

It could be considered as taking advantage of her. Furthermore, Xia Wanqiu had given Lin Fan 20,000 dollars. It was not a big deal to make a few meals of braised fish.

Xia Wanqiu’s jade-like hands were resting on her cheeks while her beautiful legs were resting casually. Looking at Lin Fan carefully, she let out a smile.

Lin Fan, who was seriously cooking, was really handsome.

Especially the Lin Fan who made her braised fish, he was even more handsome.

After a series of preparations, Lin Fan poured some cooking oil into the pot and heated it to the sixth level. The pot started to smoke.

First, he dipped the fish head into the oil pot and fried it for a while. Then, he placed the entire body of the fish into the oil pot. After a while, there was a faint fragrance. He poured in the bean paste and quickly stir-fried the bean paste to produce red oil.

Then, Lin Fan added scallions, ginger, garlic, dried chili, and other seasonings. The fragrance assailed Lin Fan’s nostrils. Lin Fan skillfully controlled the fire. By then, the fried fish could already smell its fragrance.

Then, he poured some gravy on the fish with a spoon and finally poured some sesame oil into it. Then, he poured the gravy evenly on the fish.

He sprinkled the scallions on the fish, and the braised fish was ready.

Just by smelling it, Xia Wanqiu had already fallen for it.

The braised fish looked delicious.

“It’s… really delicious.” Xia Wanqiu took a bite and it melted in her mouth. It was tender, delicious, and delicious.

She hadn’t expected that Lin Fan’s Braised Fish would be so delicious.

Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan, her face flushed red.

How could Lin Fan’s food be so delicious?

She couldn’t bear to be angry at Lin Fan anymore.

“The taste is not bad.” Lin Fan took a bite as well.

Thus, after the class gathering, Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu started their real dinner.

Braised fish, a few bowls of porridge, and a vegetable salad.

Lin Fan was used to eating the food that he had prepared. He wasn’t used to having a five-star hotel meal.

Most importantly, the food prepared by the five-star hotel was not as good as his.

After eating and drinking her fill, Xia Wanqiu lay flat on the bed.

Such a life was too good.

It was just that… she’ll grow fat.

“Meow, meow ~ I’ll get fat. Let’s go and exercise together.” Xia Wanqiu pulled Lin Fan who was also lying on the bed.

“Two-person exercise?” Lin Fan smiled.

“Hmph, then how many people do you want?” Xia Wanqiu’s cheeks were slightly red. “I happen to have a treadmill at home, let’s go on a diet together.”

“Then you’re going to lose to me. I train my body every day,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

“I’m not going to lose.” Xia Wanqiu was not to be outdone and walked onto the treadmill.

An hour later…

Xia Wanqiu’s face was flushed red and her body was covered in sweat. She was panting slightly and could no longer speak.

Lin Fan was the same. However, he seemed to be doing well. Lin Fan’s body wasn’t too bad from his frequent training.

After training, Xia Wanqiu fell asleep on the bed.

Lin Fan originally wanted to go home but he was really too tired today. After eating the braised fish and exercising for an hour, he fell asleep.

The two of them slept on the bed without even taking off their clothes.

Unknowingly, it was already the second day.

The first to wake up was Xia Wanqiu.

When Xia Wanqiu saw Lin Fan sleeping beside her, she couldn’t help but be shocked.

Could it be that last night…

After checking, Xia Wanqiu heaved a sigh of relief.

If others were to find out about this, even Weibo would be paralyzed.

Shocked. Xia Wanqiu had actually slept with an unknown man for an entire night.

When Lin Fan woke up, his eyes met with Xia Wanqiu’s.

Thankfully, nothing happened. Xia Wanqiu’s cheeks were a little pink.

“Lin Fan, hurry up and leave. If you don’t leave now, my manager, Sister Yang, is coming back.” Xia Wanqiu’s face was red as she looked at Lin Fan. Although nothing had happened, it was as if she had done something bad.

“If we’re discovered… we’ll be in trouble.” Xia Wanqiu pushed Lin Fan out of the door.

After all, her current identity was special. Although her manager was one of her people, if Yang Qing found out about this, she would definitely nag at her again.

“Meow meow, let’s go.” Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan and pouted her lips. She looked extremely cute.

“Alright.” Lin Fan nodded. He put on his jacket and walked out. Seeing how nervous Xia Wanqiu was, Lin Fan smiled. She hadn’t changed much since high school.

Nothing happened between the two of them in the first place, but if someone bumped into them, it would be hard to explain.

A man and a woman alone in the same room. The key was that the girl was so beautiful and the boy was so handsome.

Lin Fan had just left the staircase when he met a woman in her thirties.

The woman looked at Lin Fan in surprise but didn’t think much about it.

Lin Fan looked over. This woman should be Xia Wanqiu’s manager, Yang Qing.

They actually bumped into each other.

However, Lin Fan was very calm.

Pretending nothing had happened. Pretending to be the owner of the estate.

Wasn’t it just sleeping on the same bed as Xia Wanqiu? Even though their hands had never touched.

In the beginning, Yang Qing did not suspect anything. After all, this was a building. It was normal for the owner to come down.

But when she went upstairs,

Yang Qing finally understood.

Xia Wanqiu was the only resident in the entire building.

Who was that Lin Fan who had just passed by?!

No wonder Xia Wanqiu often went to a certain place alone recently and didn’t let anyone know about it. Yang Qing had always been suspicious.

Now that she saw Lin Fan, she was enlightened.

Could it be… that Lin Fan was the one who cheated my cabbage?!

And… he even slept with her?!!!

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